I really love Ragtag Daily Prompt. They always come in the perfect order of what I need in my life. After the massive rant in the previous post where I was frothing in the mouth from anger, I now feel all clear and ready to write about the happy things in my life and recount the happier occurences in my life.

I have hardly been writing here (which could be why there is so much pent-up energies), because I have been spending alot of time writing academic papers. Alot of time spent on academic research, yay! It feels so good to be buried in papers and thoughts and philosophies of conflicting and contradicting thoughts, yet no one fights, no one has to fight, because everyone is just battling in thought and in word (only on paper). No one gets hurt, except maybe an ego bruise somewhere somehow that no one really knows or cares about. 😀 😀

I will be teaching art history next year, and I have been frothing in my mouth from happiness, and from drooling over the rich strokes and thoughtful structures and perfect blend/contrast of exciting palettes of masters and masterpieces.

It is amazing how everything has come together now. I had a terrible history with art, because I had to attend art class when I was little (Asian kids…. ) when I could be sleeping at home. When I had to teach art and drawing two years ago, it was effectively a healing journey for me. I came to terms with my childhood issues, and finally saw how it has served me then and is serving me now. ❤

I spent a few years of life travelling in order to decide what I want to pursue for the next stage of my life. That period brought me to museums after museums after museums. Sometimes for the museum architecture, sometimes for the magnificent museum pieces, and sometimes for the art masters. Sometimes I hit one place and realise that the piece I want to view is on exhibition in the other side of the world.

Now, as I prepare the lecture notes, I see how that journey has served me. Standing in front of the actual pieces, I could feel and understand alot more about what the work was trying to achieve. Standing in a double-storey height piece of work in awe, is something that cannot be described or understood looking at even a full A4-page print, and most times they appear as thumbnails in our textbooks.

As I work on the analysis of the paintings now, they still come back to me in their humongous life sizes, and positioned as how I would view them as a participant in their museum space. It is so much easier to remember art works this way, than memorising them from history books.

Also by coincidence, I saw Martha’s deck of cards (Famous Paintings) on her blog. Whee~ guess what, Dad bought the same deck of cards for me, as I was ranting about my worries of how boring/intense it may be for the students, and was racking my brains to create games to make it more interesting (and easier to remember) for them.

I am so thankful for all the lovely people in my life and for all the beautiful coincidences that magically appear to put me onto the path of least resistance. 😀

It makes me very happy. But more importantly, I hope that it will make the students happy to (while reminding myself to temper the expectations because not everyone is that excited about art …)


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