Strange days

Today is the strangest day of this strange year, yet not atypical of 2020.

I am writing from the hospital bed. How I got here? It’s all so so so strange. A very routine checkup returned very low blood count, it shocked me enough to go to the clinic almost immediately. I was not anxious or anything but just never saw this kind of number before and wanted to know what is going on. I ate a corn on the cob before popping out of the house.

I am glad I did not wait till Monday. Well, logistically, I have morning classes on Monday, so it actually made more sense to rush down before they close for the weekend than when my schedule is all packed with classes in the first three days of the week.

The doc was very insistent that I go to A&E immediately, “because you cannot be walking around with this level of Hb”. He said the most I can do is to go home and pack my things and I have to be at the hospital within the hour.

It is extremely puzzling, because I feel perfectly normal and healthy. Only the numbers look horrifyingly poor on paper. Doc says, “this is what asymptomatic means”. Ooohhhhh.

Anyway, I spent the next five hours at the hospital waiting for tests and then waiting to be admitted. I am now admitted but waiting for the doc to come by. I am starving, by the way. If I do faint, it would be from hunger. My bro-in-law is dropping by to pass food to me, so I should be good by then. 🙂

Everyone seems to be worried that I’ll faint. I was wheeled to the hospital bed even though I knew I am perfectly capable of walking over. I’m apparently not allowed to walk around and have to press a bell if I need to get off the bed. Gasp. And there are Fall Risk labels and info everywhere. It looks scary!

So here I am blogging, because I am sooo sooo bored.

This short ordeal taught me a few things I never thought deep about. This is what asymptomatic means, and I personally find it important to listen to the HCPs (even though I don’t quite feel the way the number showed) because I am not medically trained and science shows these numbers. It would be absolutely silly if I said, “it’s my body and I feel healthy, and therefore, I can do whatever I want”. And I’m not even a threat to anyone else’s health. But I do feel that I should not trouble or get the nurses in trouble if I go gallivanting around, faint and then inconvenience everyone.

Doc is finally here!! I’ll continue later!

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  1. Ron. says:

    Posvibes coming your way.

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  2. Take care, Ping and keep us updated. Sending you hugs.

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