Learnt a new word today! Fracas is the perfect word to describe my life back at home this week.

From the corner private ward all alone to myself, and the quiet HCPs (most times), to suddenly back at home with two noisy kids on quarantine and a shouting grandma … It got quite crazy. I think last night my quiet shout in my head brainwaves actually managed to osmosize all the way to the noisy grandma! I don’t remember shouting out loud, but immediately after the brainwave rippled out, the decibels died down! Immediately. I should think loud thoughts more often, since it works so well.

Yay, I am back at home. But as my bro described my hospital stay, it was like a “staycation”. I suppose we really have to be careful with what we wish for. Things were getting quite rowdy at home, and I was already planning a staycation so I can finally get some proper sleep. Wow, now that I have typed this out, I guess we really need to sit my mom down to have a serious talk with her about her noise level. Sis tried to hint a couple of times already, but we were placing it in the context of the new neighbours, the lady owner who happens to be pregnant.

She was very adamant that we are all living in HDB flats (public housing here), and that the new neighbour should just get adjusted to her noise level. Danggggg… This is quite a ridiculous argument, but because she has been the boss all our lives, we just rolled our eyes and left her to be. I guess we have more important things to do than to end up stirring into a big fracas with her, that it is easier to leave her be. But it is terrible, right? I was just choosing the easier route all these while, but I suppose now that I have blurted out the above (which I did not recognise its impacts prior to the blurb), it would only make sense to talk sense to her about being considerate. Not in the context of the neighbours, but her own children she is living with. It is one excuse to say that she is loud because her grandchildren are loud and naughty and screaming, but they are calm when she maintains her calm. It’s a very simple logic, and it is a simple applied logic because this morning was a good example – she thought I had class, and so she kept the volume really low.

I have been able to avoid all the noise by retreating to office. Guess maybe, in part, Universe was driving me to deal with this instead of avoiding it. I was still feeling weak, so I had to work from home, and OMG. It is really frustrating to have this extreme level of decibels throughout the day. I have to either talk to her, or I will just have to tell her I have class every morning so that she can maintain a sane level of noise. Tsk.

I am feeling okay already, and able to tolerate things a little better. But, I don’t think that it is the plan. So yea, it is time to deal!!!!! Just have to pick the fight at the right time, maybe when my siblings are at home too. 😀


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  1. That’s a “cowboy” word. So having grown up in the western US, it’s a part of the vernacular here.

    Hope you’re feeling well. And good wishes to you!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      OH!!! Right!! I’ll go look more into the contextual usage of it. It’s the first time I heard of it, it even sounds happy. 😀
      I’m feeling better now, but I think my body’s still trying to acclimatise to this new healthier version with sufficient blood and all. 😀

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      1. I’ve been picking up some northern-midwest American vocabulary lately that’s left me just as “ferhoodled”, and I’m a native speaker.
        The first image in this is exactly what I was picturing. Made me laugh.
        youtube[DOT]com/watch?v=vv-57OgpDu4 (replace the [DOT])

        Glad to hear you’re feeling better. I live at high altitude. We can tell the tourists up from sea-level… heavy jackets while the locals are in T-shirts. Takes awhile to build up the extra blood volume. I’ll get a reminder what it feels like whenever I return from Japan and go for a run.

        And thanks for fixing the typo! (ツ)b

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      2. leapingtoes says:

        The first image is how my family looks like when the kids get into a scuffle!! I’ll find a photo to put up!
        I’m definitely the tourist (from the equator), always bundled up.
        (I think WordPress automatically fixed the typo, I didn’t even notice~ )

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  2. Ping, I missed your previous post. I hope you are getting your strength back. As for your mum, might she have a touch of hearing loss?

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Hi Tracy! This week is a little bit of a rollercoaster, I was totally knocked out again over the weekend, but should be fine after sleeping two whole days. 😀
      Good point about the hearing problem, something to ask at her next checkup.
      I think it could also be a cultural thing – the older generation likes a family to be very merry and lively. When it’s quiet (which to me is Calm and Peaceful), she finds it cold and empty.
      But it’s all good now, communication seems to work. 🙂

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