Counting down

Today is the first day of the final week of the final semester. Wheeeeheee~ It’s a packed and intense week, but I am amazingly feeling very happy about it.

There is something satisfying about joining design competitions. I am not sure why. Maybe it is the competitive streak in an Aries? Maybe I had a whole year of purely working on competitions in my younger days and it is now something that is in my blood? And that the passion is now being re-ignited?

Earlier in the semester, I agreed to join (or rather, have the students join) the competition. The last time I did that I regretted, and so the year after, I refused. And then this year, again, I impulsively agreed… just because .. shrugs.. it is really probably already in my blood. After I agreed, I regretted again. Tsk!! But since I have agreed, we just have to push through with it. It is actually really not a big deal, but the competitive streak in me does not allow anything going unaddressed.

I suppose the good part about this kind of international open competitions is that we really do not know who we are up against, and it really does not matter who we are competing against, because that is really “none of our business”. Our achievement is not pegged to the achievement of fellow competitors. The only person we really know as a competitor is the previous version of ourselves. That probably applies to many sports too, but I guess in this case our design entry is probably just a drop in the ocean, so we only aim to be a better drop than we were.

I was a little stressed, because I know where the students are falling short. BUT, if we talk about challenging the earlier versions of us, they have way way wayyyyyyy excelled past the old version of themselves. I am very happy to see that. And I know that once they have crossed this threshold, they will only get better. No one will consciously allow themselves to not do as well as they previously did. GOOD JOB GUYS, I’M SO PROUD OF YOU. I said that to them last Fri. We still have another 3 more days to go. I am now just gently nudging them from behind, “remember you still have to address this [highlight, box]..”

I am happy I survived this semester. It started with a bang, and some regrets, and then undoing and redoing to get everyone on the same page, and then life carried on. Sometimes we go slower in front, but that sets us a good foundation and then we rapidly catch up in the later stages. REMINDER TO SELF: patience and trust in the process.

On another transitory note … …

To count down to the end of this #@(*$&@#*$&@(#*&$ 2020, I have started gazing into the space of 2021! Looking good this time.

2021 !!!!!!!

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