Power to 2021

We are in our fifth day of the new year. As the old year pretty much disappeared into a blackhole, it was of such non-existence that I forgot (?!) to make resolutions for 2021. Then again, it is never too late, we have 360 more days to go, so here I am. * Wresting back power from the blackhole of non-existence *

First and foremost, I am going to resume writing. Yippee! I love this thought so much! I will blog at least two posts a week, but I am aiming for alternate days of posting. Well, it is not that I stopped writing altogether in the past year, but I was writing very academic stuff that it does not fit into contents here. But! I! Shall! Write! OhBorder! Stuffs! Now!

Secondly, I shall be more focussed in my blog (rather than drifting in the winds of my whims fancies and RDPs). As you know, I have been doing alot of belief work, and I see my latest trends being along the lines of power and leadership. Previous trends had been on fairness and justice, but it seems that they still linger in my energetic fields. Last night, I was looking through all my old worksheets from years ago, and there had been so many jottings of fear of exercising my own power which I do not even remember. I only started really examining it in the recent two years, but have been in a more contemplative mode about this topic, than being able to write it down expressly. Guess it is time to write them down here, so that I can examine them as expressed words rather than just ideas in my head.

Thirdly, I will continue to be daring in my ventures. Following my instincts and intuition have proven to serve me really really well all these years. Yet, there is always that unsettling feeling when I step into that unknown space (in spite of that leap of faith always proving right). The jitters. Yet that solid step that I always land on when the angels catch me by my wings (or ponytail) and place me solidly on that Higher platform. Trust and faith, led by that Higher purpose… yet not as material and substantial as the rumbling sounds of nervousness in my stomach.

So I suppose, to support the Third, I should really have the Fourth as more focussed meditation so I can continue getting very clear messages and directions.

Fifthly, I shall maintain an open heart and an open mind, that everyone in this world is born different (and unique!), yet we are all in this together. No judgement (less judgement is more realistic), and more support. We are all struggling in our own ways big and small, so we should help one another out where we can.

Sixthly, also the basis for the Fifth, I shall ensure and enforce boundaries, and not overstep nor allow others to overstep into mine. That thin fine line we are all learning. 😀

Seventh, I really want to take the Teacher’s Course. Covid stole it from me last year 😦 . Not sure if it fits into the list of Resolutions, because I can resolve to do it but circumstance may not allow. BUT. I. REALLY. WANT. TO. DO. IT. ASAP. I’ll just fit it into the list, and turn it up to the Universe (thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done. ❤ ).

Eight! Eight is the number for Prosperity. I wish for a prosperous year of good money and flow of abundance into my life! As a resolution, I will open my arms to receive very graciously all the abundance that Universe gives.

Whee! This is easy. I am sure I can write as frequently as I used to. 🙂

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