Journey to the Lost

The thing about deep meditation is that it can uncover very deep-seated emotions that we (or rather, our conscious minds) have never experienced or remembered. But our bodies have got so much more information stored in there.

I journeyed back to Atlantis again. The story I happily thought had concluded. Well, I suppose my ties with it had, but not the profound emotions that still linger in my energetic fields. I cannot believe that my body is so adamant that “Atlantis had to be sunk”. It was a very strong statement, but I have no inkling where that came from.

There was alot of grief and sorrow that unearthed during the meditation. I (or my subconscious or soul) kept saying Release. Release. Release the grief and sorrow. I was coughing non-stop and could hear my lungs rattling out little balls of grief and little balls of sorrow. Amazingly, after the meditation, the coughing stopped, in fact, my chest and nasal passages felt all clear after.

My previous post wrote about fears of success and failure. Last night was about fear of Leadership. Sadly, it was about fear of myself as the leadership. The body remembers. Tragically. πŸ˜₯ I cannot believe I am still crying even as I am writing in my conscious persona right now. It is very impactful because I fear leading humanity to ruin (cos I led humanity to ruin πŸ˜₯ ). And that fear still lives. BUT, I am very glad that there is a whole team of Light beings guiding me through this process. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So, drama aside, here is my sharing of what I learnt.

What I felt last night was Grief. and Sorrow. I tried to release Guilt, but there was no guilt to speak of. I was absolutely certain and adamant that Atlantis has to be sunk. It was a very clear, still, solid statement that there is to be no two ways about it. It was not out of Pride. It was not out of Ego. It was not out of Spite. It was really the best solution in that circumstance. (Or at least from my position at that point in time.)

I asked about Leadership. What kind of leader would lead their people to their deaths? The deaths of an entire race. The destruction of an entire civilisation. What leadership is there to speak of?

Divine showed that where there is rampant confusion and sense of loss, it is a gift to the people to have someone holding everyone together, holding the space, holding the energies. It takes a guiding light to let them know, “hey, you are taken care of”. “Hey, you are not alone”. “Hey, we are all in this together”. Energetically, it holds the pieces together, rather than fragments so fine and so all-over-the-place that they can never be recovered again or made sense of, ever again. Divine showed that I should be proud of myself that I stepped up to do the work. I stepped up to do the inglorious work. The benevolence of leadership – this phrase kept repeating throughout (even now). The benevolence of leadership guided us to choose the best solution from the Highest perspective. Not from the perspective of a person, a community or a civilisation, but really for the Highest good and need of everyone.

This is as much I can put into words at this moment. I told my Light Team that I will step up again, it seems like a Resolution which is going to guide many more nights of journeying and healing.

Thank you Universe. Yes, I will step up again. It is done, it is done, it is done.

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