M – what?

Tuesdays are my art history days, and they are (almost) always very fun. I always feel that God brings me around the world for a reason, which I normally do not know why when I first embark on the journey. Now that I am teaching art history, I realised that my “pilgrimage” to view masters’ works are to set me up for classes today. ❤ Every time I explain paintings to the students, I either exclaim out loud or quietly to myself, “I saw that in person and it is soooooo amazing! You can see the [fill in the blanks] [point at certain detail in the painting] and oh my, you really must go see it in person when you have the chance!” And for those that I have not seen in person, I would go, “oh my, I can’t wait to make a trip there myself ASAP”.

That probably explains the Tuesday prompts in recent weeks. 😀 Anyway, yesterday was funny. I was showing them interesting video clips to hopefully make art styles and their characteristics more memorable. I shall paste them here too!!! (Yesterday was on Baroque!)

I showed them this clip on The Night Watch! Although most students are pretty fluent in the English language, it is after all not their native tongue, so I normally use different ways to express certain ideas to help them understand. With the Night Watch, I was trying to explain the subject of civic militia (and corporate photos.. haha) to them, and the first word that came to mind was The Musketeers (ha ha!) … but they did not look like they understood, and so I went, “hmmmm….. mafia !!” and they figured what I was talking about. After class, I did more in-depth research (aka more Googling), and found the difference between these three! Pretty interesting, but since I did not find a better word to explain, I shall leave it as that.

❤ I love teaching! ❤


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  1. anne leueen says:

    Love the Rembrandt flash mob! What an amazing production.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yes, it is so fun! They even brought a hen!


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