Baby’s Shark

Little o has turned out to be like his big O brother in their love for ocean animals. Maybe in a more obsessive manner. 😀

I never bothered differentiating between different sharks, whales, or dolphins, until these two boys started looking into them. Now I can tell which are the great white sharks, hammerhead sharks, saw sharks, reef sharks, whale sharks; the blue whales, humpback whales, killer whales, beluga whales; dolphins (I still can’t differentiate them other than the colours); stingrays, manta rays, eagle rays, baby rays (so cute!!). I cannot tell between barracuda and barramundi, and am just very proud that I know such long words. 😀

I cannot understand the obsession and I do wonder if I met them in Atlantis. haha. Oscar has tonnes of whales sharks and dolphins figurines/toys on standby, and just like his brother, he remembers every one of them. Oliver used to always have a car in hand, and we have McQueens on standby so if one goes missing, there is another one for him to hold. Oscar has many Orcas on hand, and he holds one to sleep, and he holds it closely and tightly through his sleep. One day, ah-gong got him a new toy, and I passed that to him instead of his orca. It was very interesting to watch him pause and consider between the new toy and orca (and another whale shark thrown into the mix to further confuse him!). Ultimately, he decided he will have the new toy and a killer whale – one in each hand. And leave his school bag etc to my dad (ah-gong) to carry.

This obsession has been incredibly long! Compared to all his older brother and cousins! I do wonder if he will outgrow it. Or is it going to persist like how the whale and the shark in my dreams accompany me throughout my childhood to adult life in dream state!

We shall see!

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  1. Sweet. It’s fun to watch what holds the attentions of a child.

    My wedding ring was made by a First Nations artist in Canada, with two spirit animals carved into the gold. One is an Orca.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      I’m learning all kinds of trivia about sea animals because of them. 😀 Do you know that stingrays (or any other rays) are “flattened” versions of sharks?! 😀 Now that they mention, I can see why!!

      What is the other spirit animal on your wedding ring? Sounds really exotic.

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      1. I knew from a Mekong fisherman that rays have cartilage “bones”, like sharks. It didn’t occur to me that they are related. Just learned something new!

        The second animal is an eagle… what both of our rings have in common. My husband also has a bear.

        I worked in Vancouver in Canada for about a decade, how I became acquainted with the artist who’s Kwakwaka’wakw from Vancouver Island. Each animal has a meaning, and they were chosen for us according to tradition. This is how he explained them to me (replace the “[DOT]”:


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