Shoulders (to stand on?)

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”
Where there be no giants, we can build human-towers standing on one another’s shoulders.

This could be what took my brain travelling into somewhere far far away that I lost touch for the past month! I was thinking very hard about this whole idea of ancestral line – the blood line, the DNA that flows through us, even emotions, traumas trickle down to us. Where we are today, how we view the world today, we have been hoisted to this point of view by the long web of ancestors, that is how we get to our level of seeing. We are standing on the shoulders of a whole load of people whom we may or may not know, most of whom we have never seen before.

I remember doing family constellation, and at times, the facilitator would line up people behind us, sometimes even adding hats to represent the ancestral line, and she would remind us, “remember the strengths of the ancestors that came before you”, and that we are supported by long line of strength. To me, it was very healing. So often, we forget.

The flip side of the coin says that we also bear the pain of those who came before us.

Certain traits hurt the older generations as well as the new generations and future generations to come. To no fault of anybody’s but purely because it was passed down generations to generations. Sometimes, someone (or the enlightened one) has to be the “bad” one, and cut the traits from passing down to future generations. It probably hurts, but yet, it also heals. It heals all the generations before, and stops the pain to the generations after.

If this sounds too mystical or cryptic, one good example (and that which boggled my mind for the past month) is the “Mother Wound“. It is so hard to explain, or worse, to provide an overview on what it is all about. I have come to terms with it internally, but I still find it hard to put it to words. Which basically also means that I have not truly come to terms with it, or even feel ashamed or guilty talking about it. Well, part of this ancestral / cultural thing is that Asians are big on certain ideas of certain virtues (e.g. filial piety), but it weighs very heavy on everyone. Thinking otherwise is just “unfilial” and “bad”.

Let me let what I just wrote sink in a little, and then I will just write out all the badness I have in me. Next post after dinner! I must catch up with the lost time of not blogging.

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  1. The deep hole of ancestry holds many a mystery. Maybe that’s why so interesting. Good post.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      True that! It is interesting to uncover the mysteries, and realise why we behave in certain ways!
      Thank you~

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      1. Sure is. I’ve never delved into my past. Only helped a friend research. I reckon I’ll be related to Shrek or something lol.


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