I love the prompts, I am learning another new word today!


guhmp-shuhn ]
noun Informal.
initiative; aggressiveness; resourcefulness:
With his gumption he’ll make a success of himself.

courage; spunk; guts: 
It takes gumption to quit a high-paying job.

common sense; shrewdness.

I have the gumption to start my own ThetaHealing practice. I think the context of this sentence ticks everything on the checklist of what the dictionary says. 🙂 You can view (and like!!) my website here and my Facebook page here !

It has been an unnerving one month, over many different things. So far, I think I am surviving. ✌️

I planned to take the entire foundational series of the ThetaHealing instructor course. However, after 5 days of a topsy turvy time zone, I decided my body cannot take another week of that, and stopped. I will continue the next few courses when they are being taught in either Taiwan or Japan. I was attending the course at Mountain Time, and I still continued my advisory work at Singapore Time, and I still continued my classes at Phnom Penh Time. Luckily, it spanned over the weekend, so I only had to juggle a little bit. I learnt that jet lag may be tiresome to deal with, but zoom lag is way way worse. It is weird to be out of sync with my physical world!

My physical world turned even more topsy turvy when I emerged from the proverbial mountains. A close colleague got a quarantine order, which freaked us out completely. It was a weekend of anxiety – where was it? when was it? how are her swab test results? It kind of resolved when all the information clarified. BUT, following that, was a whole series of further scares on a larger scale. My app notified me of possible exposures. Then it appeared on the news. The news and the ministry had differing instructions (not a biggie, but I was still stressed and confused). Sis got ministry notification, but she had already gone through the whole exercise because of the scare at the other end of the country. I had nothing, I suppose my possibility of exposure is lower. It is interesting, we have a whole comparison of which SMSes for which level of contact. 😀 That was another stressful week passed.

The latest? The malls are closed. I am waiting for The SMS for further instructions on what to do next.

Instead, I got the other SMS for happier things (I don’t like to use the word Positive these days!!! haha) I got vaccinated (my first shot!) over the weekend. It was very fast. I saw the news that it was my age group’s turn, so I registered, and I got a slot the very next day. I was worried at first (allergies, intolerances, etc), but the people were very assuring, and the person inoculating me distracted me from the needle, and next moment, I’m done! The next half an hour of waiting was cool, calm, and peaceful. Just a little bit of soreness at the jab region. I was good to go!! The next day was not so great. I slept the whole day, my deltoid felt like it had lifted a car the day before. And, I’m all good as new again today.

I did not think I would be so proactive about getting the vaccine. I thought I will try to skip it if I can. But no, somehow the whole chain of events just led me to getting it, and I won’t be surprised if I am one of the earliest in my age group category to take it. I am glad I did.

There is further scare today. But we shall see what SMS comes through my phone this upcoming week.

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  1. Good on you for getting the vaccine, Ping. It may not be perfect, but it will reduce the chance of spread. Congrats on your new business too. That is exciting.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thank you Tracy! ❤

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  2. I was going to ask about the availability of vaccinations in Singapore. After suddenly being offered the opportunity to be vaccinated with the very first wave in the US, I was glad that I decided to go with it. Saved a lot of later stress, if nothing else.

    Stay safe and well!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      The availability is there (we have Pfizer and Moderna to choose from), but the take-up rate was not great. But recently, there is a sudden spike, I believe more people will be getting their vaccines.
      Guess it is timely in a way … it would be such a waste if they expire (like what’s happening in Hong Kong now..)

      You stay safe too!!

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