Meaning / Purpose

Facebook Live is tonight! I am sharing about ThetaHealing on my friend’s Facebook Live channel!

It is exciting new territories in my life – I have not been much of a social media person other than reposting and liking posts. Territories in the plural form because there is so much to Facebook, and it is not the easiest to navigate. As I ranted to a friend, “I have been crawling all around facebook trying to set things up but it’s like a maze that is disjuncted and takes me into another maze and i have to crawl back in … and … repeat.” And that “i struggle everyday trying to find a button .. by the time i find the correct button, i forget what i was trying to do.” And this is just the “backend” work. I am doing the “frontend” work today of appearing in person!

Naturally, I had been nervous about it. Creator was very kind, and reminded me, “do you remember why you chose to put yourself through all these?”

“Yeaaaaa… there is this tool that can help people see past their pain and suffering, and I really want to let as many people know about it as possible.”

Cannot quite remember the rest of the conversation, but it felt like a reminder (or remembrance????) that when we are here to serve people as the goal, there is really nothing to be nervous about. All the other worries are human notions. We are here to help, so just do the job, and stop worrying! Get the job done, don’t worry about the outcome.

One of the other question posed in the conversation was, “were you chill about the low numbers in your social media? Why and why not?”

I was not exactly chill about it, but it really just felt like I have to do my human part of the work. I would call that a “bridge” – pretty much “build that bridge for people to cross” kind of feeling. The human part of me was not quite keen about doing such work that churns poorly numbers (KPIs run my humanly mind). Yet, I was chill about it because I felt very comforted everytime I was just guided to “just lay the groundwork”, and always so kindly told that, “we know you are doing your best already”. The guidance is real. I crossed so many personal thresholds over the past few weeks. My closest friends would know and applaud me everytime I cross that threshold. (Many others just think I’m that naturally brilliant. Hah hah hah!)

Yes, so I was shown every step of the way. All the little nitty gritty things, “set this up first”. Then a few days of clearing my conditioned beliefs. Then, “alright, let’s get this set up too”. And then another few days of clearing deeper/other beliefs. And then repeat. ( It’s probably not a big deal to the natural extroverts and naturally brilliant extroverts! *introvert me filled with admiration* )

Today was different! The encouragement was like “hey yo! You are getting there, we are getting there!” And then clear but warm reminders of why-the-heck-I-am-putting-myself-through-this other than my just loving to tackle new challenges and unexplored territories (in my world).

So! Today’s theme is Unconditional Love! I am here to send unconditional love. There is so much Love up there for us to tap into. Nothing else matters for now. Remember the bridge – I am building it, paving it, stone by stone, crystal by crystal, each piece with full unconditional love from above.

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