Yay! I’m done with the class! So happy!! I feel so mighty pleased everything I complete a Theta class! It is not just a matter of “oh, I completed a course!” but more like a matter of “oh, I just went up one rung higher on the journey of life”. The sense of fulfilment of gaining new insights into an aspect of life feels really like playing in a computer simulation and levelling up, and then unlocking the next level. I can hear the “ding ding, achievement unlocked” ringing in my ears. šŸ˜€ I feel light and fluffy now!

One new clarity I gained was regarding projections. I have probably written so much about projections before. About how the outside world is actually reflecting / mirroring the depths of our suppressed issues because we were too scared to explore it or see it as part of ourselves. The clear portion for me has always been that we will draw people into our lives to show us what we have not dealt with and seriously need to deal with (instead of running away). And when we know where that shadow is lurking, we can expel it out of our system.

This time, I see much more clearly the other aspect of projections, in that other people may be doing something that scares the sh*t out of us, and we would cringe and remind ten thousand times that no way are we ever going to do that in that situation or allow ourselves to be in that situation. Imagine the repeated pattern another ten thousand times, and the projection of our fears on that situation turns out to be re-projected inwards and we overcompensate or we avoid it altogether. We forget that it is/was their situation and that they have their own issues to deal with and their lessons are not ours. We forget that we can do things differently, and that what is their truth is not our truth.

You would probably say, “shouldn’t there be just one truth, if it really was pure truth”. Hmm. Well, there is Universal Truth (I always use the capital T for this, because it is unbendable and it applies to all), and there is individual/personal truths (the small t ones). The big T is that we are all here to learn out lessons and guided by the big universal Love in this world of duality. The small t is that in this world of duality, we are learning both sides of the coin and to learn that balance, and therefore you and I may be on the opposite sides of the coin, and therefore our t may be to gain closer understanding of either direction.

For example, I get crazy scared of my mom blabbering to everyone about us – the good stuffs included, but what she sees as good may be something we are super uncomfortable with being put out in the public eye. She is speaking her truth from her understanding for sure. The higher lesson for her case could be to not go too extreme into voicing her opinions or “positively gossiping” about us. Projection for me in this case is that I get so darn scared about her outward expression that I project the fears and outcomes into my own life, and then overcompensate it by holding myself back from speaking about anything at all. Because I am so damn scared that whatever I say will backfire or be misconstrued by others. See the two sides of the coin that we are learning to get closer to the Middle Way?

I have seen this “other direction” of projections in sessions before, but I never put my head to it or around it. This time round, because it repeats in different facets over all four evenings, it is like Creator shining a torchlight on it and refusing to let me switch it off. So yea, that’s my bigbig takeaway this time!

I really enjoy Theta classes. Covid is a blessing in disguise. I now have access to online classes with other teachers, and it is so fun to have exposure to different styles of doing things! It is accelerated learning too, there is a new found freedom of not having to rely on one single person to advance my own journey.

ā¤ Thank you Creator! ā¤

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  1. bushboy says:

    Glad you havce achieved what you set out to achieve Thanks for joining in šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thank you! Good prompt and great timing. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

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