That Box

Another weekend of healing work! This was a mind boggling course but extremely enjoyable and profound healing.

I was getting slightly self-congratulatory* about maybe I am finally getting to the end of clearing old stories from my past, and then … this weekend, Creator was kind of poking me in the arm, pointing to this box quietly collecting dust in the corner of my psyche, “hey, I think you are ready to start looking at this box over here.”

*congratulatory to myself, but not in a complacent manner.. I was joyously feeling I deserve major pats on my back!!

There are some things in life that you pass by everyday, but chose to close an eye to decades ago, and over time, you just forgot its existence. Even when you still pass by it everyday.

And that box is not an item. That metaphorical box is a person. And that person is (fortunately or unfortunately) not my mom. (Finally!!!)

But it’s good. 🙂 It is good I am ready. It is good that I am going to solve, resolve, and dissolve it. Solve the mystery, resolve the conflicts, and dissolve the coldness/distance. It means that I am ready to grow my heart bigger. (I thought my heart was quite big already, but it feels good to know that there is still room to grow even bigger. 🙂 )

Yes, it is a satisfying weekend. I love healing weekends. I was so zapped that I didn’t even have time to whinge in the middle of it, and only get to blog about the nice loved tingly feels at the end of it.

Have a great week ahead! Sharing the ❤ ❤ ❤

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