Discerning Signals From Noise

Today’s healing took place in episodes!!

The pre-waking hours was one filled with confusion. Seemed like I was pretty fixated on a certain wish, and yet not willing to see that I was pushing it in a certain direction. Thus it was just filled with alot of confusion, and alot of questions and some answers, while they were not getting to the point of clarity and light-and-fluffiness. Normally, when I do ThetaHealing work, I leave everything very open up to Universe to show me, and it was always very very clear when we get to a certain point, there is this feeling of ten-dimensional liberation and energies just existing in that clean and expansive mode, that I just feel very light and fluffy.

But this morning was definitely not so. I guess this is very good learning for me as well, this really shows me when I am not reaching that brainwave / seventh plane clarity. It felt very .. hmm … earth-bound. Ah well, it’s good, at least I know that I know the difference. 😀

It was not a waste, because my mind did get into the point (even though it is still earth bound) of “earthly” level of clarity to see certain things. Basically, in human terms, it is that I cleared my mind and did my earthly homework to understand where my earthly mind was stuck at.

Having found that clarity of mind, I actually had a good talk with Dad this morning before heading to work. We chatted on a lot of things – material things that I needed to sort out. I did alot of homework following his questions and my mom’s questions (not questions, but more like her dumping all her unresolved emotional sh*ts and projections on me like it is my problem and my fault not living up to her expectations of what the perfect world should be like in her world). It was pretty good, I was very forthright with him, and openly told him I cannot deal with her and I am going to stay away from her for a while to ensure my sanity. Hehe, it was a huge relief to have that physically come out from my mouth. (Yay!!!!) I guess all the multi-dimensional multi-plane healings still have to culminate in something actualising in this physical plane and reality dimension I live in. So!!! BIG PATS ON MY BACK!!!!

And I hippity-hoppity made my way to office. Oh my, then it was another 2 hours of healing continuing at work. Went though alot of past-life this-life ancestral seventh-plane-questioning and … ah ha! I finally regained that energetic clarity and feeling back all the expansive pearlescent lightness of being.

That final question was, “Creator, what am I learning from this?” and I got … There is so much information out there going on in this world. There is no need to take in every bit of information there is.

You are loved, just as the whole world is loved. Know that there is a lot of noise. You have to accept their existence*. Noise – you know how to accept** and live with their existence. What is important is that you know how to get the signals amidst the noise. Know that you are able to get the full signals amidst the noise. And that you are able to do so without getting frustrated, or confused, or disturbed, or blocked by the noise.

* Alot of this week’s healing was about honouring and accepting people’s (including my own) existence, choices, decisions. And to honour everyone on their own personal journeys.
** The other big learning was on the virtues of acceptance and tolerance. I am working on them. At least now I have a clearer picture and understanding of what they mean … at a higher octave of perception. We are on this earth mastering virtues, apparently I am very work-in-progress with these two.

Note to Self on the interesting dialogue with Higher Self:

“What virtues am I learning from this experience?”


“No, you have already learnt that.”

“Compassion for Self!”

“Nope, you have already learnt that too.”

Charade’s answer is Acceptance.

Funny, it was not Tolerance.

And henceforth, I learnt the (another) difference. (Again)

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