Raising the bar

So I spent my morning at the doc again. This time at the ENT. The biopsy results turned out great, no biggie and nothing to worry about.

But it showed me a lot of things about life – how with my change in perspective about life, so too does the quality of my life, and it really is an upward spiral in all aspects. I looked back at the last time I was at the ENT ten years ago, and all the series of health scares and concerns and attacks in the years before that. It is all different now!

I remember the image of my last scope ten years back, everything was blobby and wobbly. I did not know what inflammation was then, because I never had enough non-inflamed days to make a compare and contrast. The ENT doc then sent me through yet another test of what was causing all that swollen-ness and liquid flood in my nasal cavities. They never really resolved until my naturopath pointed out the root of the issue (through more series of tests) and how to strengthen my terrain (the physical body) and have it function better.

So, today! Happy day. It was happy for me, really. I had my scope and biopsy last month, and my follow-up this morning. I have been feeling amazingly healthy and energised (since there is ample oxygen feeding me with all that clear breathing!!!), so amazingly healthy that I thought I would give myself some treats that I have not had for a long time. Haha! So, I had a few cups of cappuccinos over the past month (made for my clients, thought I should enjoy some myself too!!!), had a few onsen eggs with my Japanese lunches over the past month, and last night, I was so brave that I ate half a slice of Swiss roll.

Well, I am intolerant to gluten, eggs, dairy (and other stuffs as well), but thought since I am so healthy now, I can afford to start taking them in tiny quantities now. Usually I get either sleepy (drowsy), bloated, or sometimes headache, but with my extremely clear nasal cavities now, I can sense the changes when I ingest these. And with the scope today, I can SEE the changes on-screen.

My current ENT doc was shocked when she saw the inflammation today, “what happened?!” I told her about my little adventures with the foods above. 😀 She was very kind and explained alot of things to me. I asked her if I should go totally clean with my eating before I see her again next month, but she said I can (and should) still test and experiment to see what affects (but not too much! Since now it is very obvious how much is too much).

I told her that it is very surprising to me, because I am currently probably the healthiest I have ever been.

Mucous was such a common thing to me up till ten years ago, I had never experienced clear breathing before I went to my naturopath. So seeing the mucous today (it’s a tiny streak …) and exclaiming disappointment, and going all out to solve that (look at my packs of meds), is really showing me how my quality of life has risen by a whole huge platform altogether.

It showed me how I have raised the bar as to how I want to live my life – the highest quality ever possible and in all aspects – and that it is possible to create a life that we never knew before and could never have imagined. And now I know, this is what a healthy life looks like, and it can be mine. In fact, it is mine now! ❤

❤ Thank you Universe for all the abundance and blessings in all areas of my life, thank you for bringing to me the highest and best, beyond even what my human mind think is possible. Thank you for showing me miracles and realising that in my life! ❤

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