I have tonnes of work to do today, but seems like Universe wants me to write. I have no idea what I am going to write about, because I have been so deeply immersed in feeling alot of deep profound stuffs that I have not gotten my head around. Or maybe that is why Universe wants me to write. So as not to waste all the learnings that have been churning and burning and probably now ready to rise out into this world. So we shall see.

I have no idea what happened to Time last week. Guess it is a result of too many US timezones in Asian workday (same ol’, same ol’). I would say I am really seeing a turn of tide in my new endeavour. It is not exactly new per se, we all know I have been doing ThetaHealing since forever, but the new part is that I am taking it to beyond just myself and friends and family, and to serve it as a business to the larger community. The newer part is that Universe is prodding me to a bigger world than my human eyes could see, and so the acceleration has been amazing. Before I know it, I turned my head around and oh my, I have moved way beyond what I started with. AND I LOVE IT. I am so so so so so amazed that accepting Universe’s guidance can really take me way beyond. I am taking His guidance towards a much bigger world (than this already amazing journey) and I guess writing this out is really to remind myself that Yes, You Will Get There.

Guess the above paragraph has already unpacked and verbalised a huge chunk of deep scary whirling emotions I was swimming in the past week.

Let’s now solve the other spectrum of the whirlpool. I can see why the Universe is a wormhole. The other spectrum of the whirlpool comes right back and relate to what I wrote above.

So. I was feeling very impatient and lamenting why am I doing this, what is bringing me to? ( <– I will unpack this part of the learning in a separate blog post.) Do I really lack direction like what the numerologist told me? (Public Service Annoucement: gentle (but strong) reminder to everyone to beware of healers or spiritual/occult readers who tempt (=hook) you into their services through fear.) I don’t think he meant it this way (he seems like a kind and goodhearted person), but I suppose sometimes it is really the way they are taught. And probably also because communication skills weren’t that great. Haha, but this was a great exercise, I learnt to lean into the support of the people around me – people who say things as they see from a Higher Perspective, not from what I prefer/want/hope to hear, yet also not from the perspective of fear/right/wrong. I am so lucky, the episode (of inner questions… luckily did not turn into turmoil) lasted just a couple of hours and I snapped right out of it.

Just because the numbers I was born into says I have a horrible temper, and I lack direction, does not mean that I cannot learn to be zen and curb my temper and find direction and learn to know what I want and learn to formulate a direction. The good part of this episode is that I saw for myself how much I have grown and evolved. Yup, those numbers were very accurate for the younger version of me, I would not say he/they are wrong, but that I have outgrown them.

I was not exactly pleased when he told me about 30% cancer probability blahblahblah like it is a great big deal and can be fatal and that I have to be careful. I explained very nicely and clearly, but he repeated that a few times. Which was not very nice. This was when I knew I really do not want to have any collaboration with this modality. (I am keeping possibilities open to working with other people on other things, because I think the world is a web and working together can help in greater magnitudes than working alone or with just one modality.)

I don’t like it not because it sounds like a curse or that it is bad news or that “I don’t like to listen to bad stuffs”. I don’t like it because emotions and fears creates illnesses. For myself, I can snap myself out of it because I have the tools to do so. Imagine if he tells it to someone who is perfectly healthy, or may a little weak on a certain body system, and then this person comes in and keep harping on, “you have a high possibility of getting cancer on this this that that”. WHAT THE HECK. Imagine the havoc it is going to wreak in the person. Although he says, “but it’s okay, don’t worry about it, there are remedies”. That is totally out of my way of doing things. If positivity comes with/at separate price points, then you are selling by fear and it is NOT HEALTHY. It is not how I would want to serve anybody around me. AND IT IS NOT BECAUSE “I don’t like to listen to bad stuffs”. (Caveat: I don’t fault him for doing so, because maybe there are people in this world who needs fear as a motivation to take action. But I prefer to work with people of a different vibration from them.)

OOooh. Nice. I just solved another part of what I was swimming in. Haha!!!!! The clarity I gained is that, “Universe, I am open to all your possibilities. I love it. I love how you are continuously opening my eyes and world. I am now very certain that I will only work in the energies and vibrations of LOVE.” Yay. Happy dappy me. I will not accept any work that taps into (focuses on) and makes use of human vulnerabilities of fear. In all events and circumstances, there holds lower vibrations, and it is not that we are avoiding it, or that we are ignoring it, nor suppressing it. But that, when we focus on the energies of Love, we can see and clear and release and resolve those lower vibrations. THANK YOU UNIVERSE! ❤

There is more to unpack on other topics. I’ll hold the thoughts and let them simmer a little bit more before serving them out to the world. Thank you all for being part of my world. I ❤ you.

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