Happy 2022!

Happy New Year everyone! I am finally back functioning at 100% in Singapore Time in 2022! Wheehee~

It has been a whirlwind transition from 2021 to 2022. I assure you that Universe always delivers! 100%, every time!

Essentially, I am stepping into 2022 with a brand new perspective, brand new me, and pretty much a brand new slate of health. Woohoo! Life’s good!

Since my last post, I have completed three instructor courses, two practitioner courses, and another separate offline course. The two practitioner courses were absolutely Godsends, they were last minute deliveries into my schedule, and the Creator is the best project manager/scheduler ever!! I managed to fit in three shifts in three different timezones – in-person in SGT, online in MST, and .. hurhurhur, offline in EEST (meaning, I get to catch up with the class a week later).

The miraculous one was a three-week practitioner class that I have been wanting to attend since last year but never got a chance to (two cancellations over last year). SO! It became an online course last month, and wheehee~ I got to attend pretty much immediately after the announcement! Amazing amazing scheduling by the Creator, because had it not been the earlier cancellation, I would not have been able to fit in all the other courses I managed to attend, and I would also not have scheduled in my surgery!

I am so so so so so grateful for the amazing timing and scheduling, and I would really like to affirm that it helps to TRUST in God’s timing for everything, even when he shifts things out of the way, it is for our highest good. It is not cliched positive messaging, but FOR REAL, He really shifts things out of the way to pave for better things to come. I am absolutely stoked. I love love love love love the class I attended, I totally adore the instructor, my classmates, and all the learnings and practices in those three weeks. I am so filled with gratitude for how things have panned out. Perfect people, perfect timing, perfect place too (I’m house-sitting for my bro, which gives me absolute control over my MST in SG weirdass body clock).

Timing was so so so perfect that I still managed to go for my surgery immediately after the last day of class. I would not have scheduled that it if the Universe hasn’t slotted this whole roundabout re-scheduling. I had been trying to avoid that for the longest time, with any excuses to not go for it, but .. well… trust Divine Messages… every step of the way that put me in place for the surgery while still managing to slot in all the classes. Oh My. Just pure divine interventions all the way.

YES. So I am out of hospital and perfectly up and about now! Time zoomed past pretty quick. I only remembered being super hungry (fasting since midnight till my surgery at around 5pm?) and everyone showing sympathy, “oh my, you must be hungry”, and me asking the anaesthetician whether I get food when I get back to my ward. 😀 Priorities! I was sitting up at the operating table with different people putting devices on me, and then lying down, breathing oxygen (one anaesthetician saying, “this is just oxygen, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out), then another anaesthetician injecting the anaesthetics and telling me that I will be drowsy and zone out within a minute or so.

And the next moment, I drowsily awoke, and hearing the second anaethetician and two other doctors calling my name. I just whined, “very sore!” as though I forgot I just underwent an op. 😮 He very nicely said, “it’s normal, you just had an operation.” I barely kept awake, but kept hearing them calling my name. And when I woke up (still super drowsy), I was back in the ward (it’s a super long winding journey from the OT to the ward… but I was totally knocked out and cannot remember). The nurses made me lift myself onto the ward bed, and told me alot of instructions when I was super drowsy and couldn’t think straight.

I totally overestimated myself, I was expecting to just go collect my meds and head home myself after. 😀 I was shocked when I found myself in such a drowsy state, but the nurse told me I’ll be okay in abit. She’s perfectly correct. 😀 Haha, after the porridge, I became more coherent, and could make better logistics planning for my travel home. I had like another 3 hours of rest in the ward while my bro-in-law dropped by to pick up my meds and send me home.

Yup. So here I am, properly and fully into my 2022 one week after it started. Yay!! Wish everyone great health and great year and years ahead! Bestest Wishes!

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  1. Happy 2022 to you! Good thoughts and wishes your way!

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