Firsts of the Year

First book of the year goes to The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton! It was an easy read, and very intriguing. He puts ideas across very simply, or maybe it is because I am already (and I have always been) brought up in that frame of mind. Guess what it taught me is that this platform I’m on today is really built of the shoulders of many people who swam real hard against the tide to get their ideas across in a landscape that was so rigidly formed and fixated.

First show of the year goes to Squid Game, I finally watched it! Everyone was discussing movies which didn’t quite interest me all that much because I really have no wish to be in a dark movie theatre in the middle of a pandemic. So, I tried searching for Dune and Matrix on Netflix (just trying my luck!) but nothing, not even the old ones. There were many Superman ones though, but Squid Game being so alphabetically close, the remote control swung towards that instead.

I watched it in a single sitting! Haha, much like every other K-drama binge-athon. It’s not very long, a little like watching a season of Kingdom (Korean zombie show) which was so short I watched two seasons in a row over a weekend. 😀

I am pretty satisfied with the first week and weekend of 2022! Cheers to all the joy and hope to come for the year.

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