Genetic Superstition

Interesting homework I got from last week’s class. I finally did it today (one week later!)!

I mentioned about genetic blessing in the previous post. Was advised to go deeper into the genetic superstition, or history (i.e. collective) superstition to unlock the issue I was working on. I finally did it today! I could feel my life shifting immediately after that (friend messaged me to say she’s introducing more peeps to attend my class! Just as I completed the healing!)

I did not really see it as a superstition, but what surfaced was that, “泄露天机会招天谴” which meant that revealing sacred knowledge is punishable by god (literally, leaking heavenly secrets will be punished by god). I am not quite sure if it is genetic as well, but it is definitely a cultural thing – we hear that in all the dramas we watch since young!

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Now that it is written out, it is pretty in-your-face kind of obvious, right? My subconscious for sure does not want to be punished by god, and thus am subconsciously avoiding teaching all these esoteric knowledge. Tada~ I am so thankful so grateful to my instructor who repeatedly reminded about this task/homework during the class!

I asked for Creator’s perspective on this, and I can see why I spent so much time researching and teaching art history (and thus, history). Combining the other belief I was working on during class (i.e. “Science became bigger than God”), I was shown that humanity evolves and is always evolving, and the human race becomes more and more ready for different information coming to us via different channels. Earlier on, knowledge was passed down through the Church, as there required someone to “translate” (like a step-down substation / transformer) the information to explainable terms comprehensible by the masses. When the authority grew powerful, there came science to shift the power to the secular world and reach to more people. In the past decades, as humankind evolves and becomes more knowledgeable and able to read and think for ourselves, access to God became direct, without needing to be filtered by anyone or any organisation. The sacred knowledge is now open for all (nearly, haha!), so there is nothing punishable about that. On the contrary, so many of us (lightworkers?) are here on earth to anchor down the knowledge (actually not just knowledge, but really the way to access the knowledge?) so that everyone knows they can access God directly and that it is their divine birthright to do so. God is Love (not punishing at all).

Short post today, but I feel happy and relieved just writing that out. ❤ Happy weekend yo! ❤

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