Air Hugs

I was not in the greatest of moods today, but was delightfully greeted by an air hug from my wild brahminy kite while moping at the curtain wall / glass window. It is very assuring, for I had already seen them swooping a-round (literal circles in the air) on my way to office, and to have one swoop right inches from my face (albeit across a glazed window) and then turning away before it hit the glass panels, oh my oh my oh my. How magnificent an experience. (Second time it happened!)

Featured image photo by Rajukhan Pathan on

Yesterday I had gone to the doc, and on this amazing island here, everything just goes into the electronic realm of information. I had to collect one pill for the afternoon to be consumed immediately, so that went without a problem. After going back to the doctor in the afternoon, I was given three days medication which the doctor verbally told me to get from the pharmacy (it is perfectly normal, as we would in any other hospitals here). I was caught in my own thoughts about stuffs, and headed off, passing by TWO pharmacies. It was only when I got to my destination, I remembered, “damn, I forgot my meds”. I remember dad collecting his meds from different branches in the system (different hospitals, polyclinics, etc but all sharing the same system), and called to see whether I can do the same! Mehhh, turns out it works only when there is a paper prescription. She offered to deliver my meds but will only arrive on Monday. Mehhhhh, my three-day dosage need would have ended by Monday. I asked if I could just get it from the other hospital (which is smack in between my home and my office) but she said no, but can pack it aside for me, ready for collection when it opens the next day. The interesting thing was, due to the covid situation, circulation (routes around the hospitals) are very strict, and she reminded me that I can only collect from the xxx pharmacy at the medical centre. I asked whether that was where I collected my afternoon med, or the “other one” (remember, I passed by two of them on my way out). She replied, “you took from yyy pharmacy this afternoon, it’s not from this, it’s not from the main one either, you you have to go to the medical centre pharmacy.” How attentive!! I was not sure what she was talking about, but yea, I made another trip early in the morning and paid really close attention to which one she was talking about. Ooh, totally different building all together. I am so so so grateful that she explained so much to me even though I had no idea what she was talking about.

So I got what I needed, what I should have gotten from the evening before, and all is solved, although with a little bit of detour.

Yea, the above was not at all what I wanted to blog about. HAHHAHAHAH. I guess writing more high vibrational gratitude stuffs puts me in a better position. The angst has kind of dissolved, I will write about the issue that really irritated me, maybe later today, or maybe it is just too low-vibrational to be worth a mention. We shall see.


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