Accepting Miracles

I am nearing the end of The Cosmic Code! It is like Sophie’s World for the realm of quantum physics! Heinz Pagels really made it so easily readable and comprehensible.

I asked babybro over lunch about how high his levels of physics went (he took it till ‘A’ levels, I took only till ‘O’ levels), because I never imagined myself to be interested in physics and always found it too out of my world of understanding. I was like, “is what we were taught in school outdated?” He explained to me in very simple terms (my language), that the classical stuffs are still applicable and useful for our day-to-day life, and that it goes bonkers only when things pass the speed of light.

SO. It makes sense now because I know the crazy things we do in theta class are definitely not “day-to-day-life” stuffs, and thus I had been guided to look into this new world that Mind was not able to comprehend before. Mind is pretty convinced now -even the clever scientists that spent their entire lives investigating into these in detail do not have the answer- that Mind is okay to not be able to grasp how it works, and accept these miracles instead of getting into the chaotic spiral of “it does not make sense”, “that is not possible” denial mode.

I am pretty happy with my state of being now. Mind can now accept the mutability of matter, virtual quantum and nonlocal causality! Hahah. Mind – Body – Heart – Soul are now happily aligned and harmonised in moving forward. Wheehee~ Yay yay yay. Yes, we can now move on, move forward, as one!

I am making it a habit to write at least an article a week to post on my FB page. Momentum was broken last week because I was travelling (Yay yay yay to the travelling!!) and so, I had been asking Creator for inspiration to write. I tried to re-use my personal post to generate new ones, but to no avail, not even after two days. So I asked again, and I got an article in my feed, which felt like, “okay, re-post this one instead (of writing my own).” FB algorithm is totally spamming me with quantum weirdness stuffs, but it’s pretty good for the message that is so useful for my Self as a reminder.

“Our senses and experiences are a good guide toward an intuitive understanding of how objects behave in the world. But this same guide led us horribly astray when it comes to understanding light. Light behaves like both a wave and a particle, a fact that our brains cannot really grasp.”

Yay, it’s really not just mine brains. hehe. The more important message though, was this:

“What we can be sure of though is that the world is far weirder and more interesting than that little physics laboratory in our heads — the ones based on everyday experience — would have us believe.”

Yes, my dear Mind. Thank you for your hard work eschewing and going through all these experiences and trying to find and extrapolate a pattern from what you know through life. But the world is far more magical than what we can comprehend based on the visualisable world we experience in the everyday. Even the top scientists are working hard all focused in their area of the microcosm trying to figure this out. Give yourself a break, it is okay. It is okay to accept the Miracles that we experience everyday. Without figuring it out. (And yes, I know we are getting incredible loads of miracles flowing in these days. Chill~ )

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  1. cindy knoke says:

    I was just thinking about physics and I love your ideas about miracles.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Took me more than a month to get to this point!! 🥳


  2. Fascinating. Ironically, at the bottom of my last post, I’ve been engaged in a pokey back-and-forth with another physicist who’s from Cambridge that started with the nature of “qualia” (pure experience sans any definitions). It’s wound its way through the emergence of time from statistical processes, the implication of “light” (electromagnetic radiation) to the nature of “Now” (as capitalized by the British physicist, Julian Barbour), and free-will. These are the kinds of conversations that can go on in the back room when nobody’s looking. Physicists are humans too. 😉

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      I can’t find it in your last post …

      I’m now reading by Dawson Church… really going deep down into a different rabbit hole now. “String theory requires a universe with 11 dimensions, not just the 4 required by classical physics.”
      Guess we can only purely experience the other 7 dimensions for now… It’s good to have such back room conversations … but personally, I don’t even feel like I have any vocabulary for it. (My vocab so far: quantum weirdness, synchronicity, magic.. hahaha. but mostly, “ehhhhh???” and “how the hell??”)

      *tiny whisper* I’m kindda confused right now, cos I managed to move stuff by just thinking about it…

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      1. My apologies for the slow (and long) response… unusually busy.
        My conversation with “estebang”. The article was about music, and in it I’d mentioned “qualia” with regard to the personal experience, which lead to a discussion of the *realness* of emergent phenomena (“weak” emergence vs “strong” emergence). We tend to discuss two things at once, and much was sheltered in oblique references… “Grandma”, “gravy”, “recipes”, and names that we’ll mutually recognize. I was also taking the stance that “time” emerges from the *experience* of statistical mechanics, while the mechanics themselves are timeless. (Not an original idea, BTW.) These are the kinds of discussions generally not had within mainstream academic circles… at least not in public.

        As a disclaimer, I’m an “applied” person, not a theorist. And likewise, “estebang” has produced actual working devices from his research. I think this causes a slightly different approach than with academic *theorists*, where some degree of insular dogma is encouraged by the nature of the system.

        At its core, all science is merely descriptive. Even if you have the vocabulary, it gives information only about how things work when observed and measured. It tells nothing of the source or substrate from which all of “this” emerges. And while it’s made “real” (experienced) in the space between our ears, figuring out how that works remains one of science’s greatest mysteries.

        Can’t say I’ve ever moved anything just by thinking about it. But I’ve been winked at by a fertility goddess. (ツ)v


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