When given the space, beings get to truly grow and bloom. What an apt metaphor the Universe delivered physically to my eyes last night.

I have been scantily re-potting my baby gloxinias, and each time I repot it, it looks like its size multiplied instantaneously. My latest re-potting last night turned this baby pup into the size of its mom. The “mom” has cloned itself, and you can visually divide the plant into too (see featured image left). I will be physically doing that division after the mom has bloomed (you can see a ready bud and two tiny buddies right now). It grows by a tuber system, so I don’t really want to deprive my lovely future flowers by accidentally injuring their food stores.

Why the apt metaphor? So I got myself into a pit hole again over the re-potting. Hahaha. The minute it happened, I could sense my eyes metaphysically rolling, “why the heck did I subject myself to this?” I forgot! Hahahahah. I have not been hanging out at home for a long time, guess life had been amazingly peaceful that I forgot what it was like to do just about anything at home. 😀 So my dad lovingly helped me prepare all the stuffs I needed – a big enough pot, the charcoal/wood pieces, the soil mix – and then he stood there to watch me repot. He probably offered to help me do the whole procedure, but I was like, “nooooooo….. baby gloxinia needs care….”. Anyway, yea, so he stood by and watched. With his hawk eyes.

“Do it at the sink, you can just flush the whole sink when you’re done.”

“Why are you putting in the soil first?”
“Why don’t you just repot it first, then fill the space with the soil?”

“Make sure it’s centre.”

BREATHE. In as respectful a manner as I could, I told him, “你走开。” (Translated literally, it means, “you go away”.) Imagine me repeating that with each “discussion” above. After a while, I was like, “you are blocking the light, I cannot see, you go away.” I suppose my family’s very logistical and logically driven, that he finally went back to his room. All these while I was profusely perspiring away, still dressed in my corporate attire.

I actually don’t know if I pissed him off or offended him in anyway. Will find out when I get home tonight.

As though that wasn’t enough …. the second round came after he went back to his room. Mom came out, “are these flowers?”

I pretty much had enough, so I just headed straight back in my room. After she was done with her peering around and went back to her room, I made my way back out to complete the entire repotting process.

Funny dynamics, right? It definitely called for alot of ThetaHealing belief work after that. Just looking at it with plain eyes, why can’t a normal person just nod and say, “yea, it’s a flower” or “sure, I’ll have it centered for sure” in very normal matter-of-fact terms? So I spent this morning cleansing myself of all the pissed off chaotic “why can’t you just leave me alone”, “why can’t I do it my way”, “it’s my flower, not yours” energies from my system. OMG. It’s super load of sh*ts from childhood, and I discovered alot of childhood dynamics that I forgot about.

Connecting that with the zoom call I had before returning home that evening, the moral of the story is that we all really need the space to full grow and bloom. If we stay with the constrained space we are in, the limitations are many. Not just physically, but also mentally, and spiritually, and emotionally, and in every aspect possible.

So the question would be, are you giving yourself the space to fully grow? To be in full expression of your self? Or are you too bogged down by sh*ts from the past?

I am pretty convinced Universe kicks us down the dark hole to force us to face the old skin we had grown too comfortable into, and to have us break through it to a fresher spaciousness we never knew (hence never even knew we wanted). It’s not the first time. I pray for smoother transition in future. With clear knowingness (without the friction and angst!)

Well well well, after a whole morning of belief work to work through this (seemingly very mundane and mediocre) episode, I can see the break through in other (very important) aspects of my life. Woohoo~ Thank you Universe. Trust and Faith. Trust and Faith. Trust and Faith. Universe has my back. Yay.

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