First Stop: Munich

Singapore airport was very busy when I left. Busier than my last two short trips. Guess this is what happens when operations are confined to one terminal. It is also nice to see that activities have significantly ramped up. But will probably take a while to get everything up to scratch at the clockwork efficiency of pre-pandemic.

Funny how I missed my connecting flight (because of heavy air traffic at Sg) and I can still feel glad (even happy) about it. Guess pandemic has taught me appreciation for the amazing pre-pandemic things that I used to probably whinge about ( #firstworldproblems ).

I am really a very different person. I normally would be jittery / frantic if things do not go according to plan. It is amazing that I just find myself settled into the lounge and settle the next steps (instead of going crazy about all the missed steps). Funny what a two-and-a-half-year reset does to people.

I still have a good two and a half hours to go before the newly booked flight connects me to Geneva. What else shall I do other than – eat, nap, shop, or write?

Ah well. I guess I shall shop in a short while after I zone out a little bit more here. Breathe~


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  1. Airports are an interesting social phenomenon. I used to have occasional couple-of-hour layovers at SeaTac (Seattle). That’s when I first started writing online articles (at a defunct site called “Gather”), mostly just to fill the time.


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