Heidi Hiding

I got into Grindelwald last night. Meant to reach in the afternoon so I can go up the mountains that day.

BUT, Bern was just too pretty, I spent extra half a day there than I expected. I might have been able to make it had I not gone out to see the Paul Klee museum. BUT, hahaha, firstly it’s Paul Klee, secondly (or firstly too), it is by Renzo Piano. So I still went anyway. There was only a tiny section open as they were preparing the other exhibits. Silly enough, I was rather relieved it is only a small section. Paul Klee is one artist that I find really hard to understand, but I thought his works are pretty cute – kiddy kindda kewt. Yup, so I ventured around looking through his works, and it definitely confirms that I cannot understand him. πŸ˜€ I can teach theories and histories about works, but this is one guy I really cannot comprehend. Even Kandinsky was easier. Ah well, maybe sometimes it just takes an aesthetic pleasure of looking at art works without the pressure of understanding the artist’s intention. Shrugs!

Maybe it is not a bad move to come in so late, the weather looked greyish and cloudish, so very different from my day in Rochers-de-Naye. I had a good sleep last night, chilling out, contemplating nothing, and then woke up to this gorgeous view, but still cloudy. It’s cold here, not to the point of freezing, but so different from my two sunny days in Geneva and Montreux! Yes, so flexibility rules. I had planned to go up early in the morning, but it’s already half past nine, and grey clouds are still lurking, so I decided to still hide out a little bit more in the cosy balcony of the hotel room. I’ll just do some writing here (oh my, it’s an amazing place to write .. even though I am just blogging nonsense, but this place is sooooooooooo niceeeeeee), check out of the hotel and then go up into the mountains.

The super ambitious me thought I’d go to Grindelwald first, come back, and head to Jungfrau. HAHAHAHAA. It’s funny how I have that magical ability to cram things in, and then get cold feet, and decide to just chill and get back to original plans. πŸ˜€ I do intend to do more courses here, so yea, leave Jungfrau for the next trip. There’s a Chinese saying about 留点遗憾 下欑再ζ₯ (literally, leave some regrets, come again next time).

There is also some other funny thing. In class, we always do exercises about reading the future and divine timing. I had always thought what I saw in mine (multiple times) was Netherlands, BUT now that I am immersed in this place, OMG, maybe it is Switzerland. I guess this is also why it is important to travel, my mental imagery of Netherlands had been closest to what I saw in the future readings, there were times I thought they looked like Germany too, but now that I am here in Switzerland the image feels like a total match. All the tiny teeny wildflowers scattered on the hillsides and the mountain ranges and the alpine trees, and THE LAKES. Omg. Yes. Perfect match. Then again, the earliest reading had tulips and windmills, so that probably was Netherlands. But everything else really felt a lot more like where I am now!

This is fun, watching life unfold. Thank you Universe. Bring it on, I am ready! ❀ Bring on more Courage too, thanks. πŸ˜€


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