Power Animals

I’m heading back to Singapore tomorrow! This trip has been amazing. Class finished two days ago, and I learnt so so so much and had so so so much fun!

One of the fun-and-games-plus-a-little-bit-of-stress was drumming to find our power animal! OMG. It’s so fun!! I must really have been half asleep, or maybe too strictly following instructions – I was finding my Power Animal and spoke only to it, and ignored all the other animals that appeared. 😀 During sharing, I unfortunately was the first, and I really just spoke about the Power Animal. Classmates after me shared about so many animals they saw!! Hahahaha and *that* was when I realised, it’s really just sharing about any animals that came, no need to be so specific to the point.

Anyway, it is fortunate that I took notes, plus I have an elephant memory. My power animal is the panther. We were told to look in all four directions – if they appear on all four, that is our power animal. The panther was just stealthily walking around me, so whichever direction I looked at, it was just there quietly looking at me with its fiery yellow eyes. Oh my, it feels so regal, yet at the same time, so ninja. As I spoke to it, it shared with me its qualities (by feeling, I could feel all the descriptions) – calm, cool, collected, stealthy, extremely extremely focussed, yet very very calm and fully in the present. It suddenly sprung up and hunted down what it was after (I didn’t see what it was though), very very sudden, yet very accurate in its strike. WHAT AN AMAZING LEARNING.

Right before this one (in a separate exercise), I was speaking to an ascended master, and was reminded to fully in the present, to learn to garner the power of the present. Great reminder, I have the tendency to look ahead to pre-empt things, so when there is “nothing” (visible yet) to pre-empt, I feel very unsettled. Yet, full power is really ultimately in the present. Plus with all this psychic abilities trainings and stuffs, it only makes perfect sense to tune in and see/feel/sense what it is in the present for me to tap into (rather than turning myself into a nervous wreck anticipating things that ultimately depends on what I do now).

Ya, so, back to my power animal – that was exactly what the panther did. He being calm and collected and not doing anything does not mean he is just being lazing around and wandering in a world of loss, but rather it was tuning into the present moment to see what the present world has to offer for him. Once it arrives, he aims for it with full focus and intense determination to lay its paws on it. There we go – he has it!

Well well, other animals I saw but did not quite talk to were: a big bear and a baby bear, a snake, an owl. There were a few others but I couldn’t make them out (they were in the background), and I was too focussed on my panther. We have other totem animals too, and depending on which traditions, we can have up to seven totem animals.

What I found amazing was how I even know it’s a panther. I am the kind of person who would paste bookmarks on my Facebook that pictorially highlights the difference between different animals (e.g. seals versus sea lions). To me, panther is just one of the big cats. I’m nonchalant about their differences because I am not going to remember the best way to run/hide/fight even if I know which one they are, and I probably won’t run into them in any of the places I visit (other than the zoo)! So, I did have questions in mind about – how the heck would I know if it’s a leopard or a cheetah or a jaguar or a puma or a cougar or a panther?! All I saw was a black cat with its sleek sheen of fur that shines even in the dark (we were emerging from a cave in that drumming), and yellow sharp focussed eyes that glow in the dark. Oh my, that look of focus* is unforgettable. Then there just came a knowingness, “Panther”. At that point in time, I didn’t even relate the word panther to a big black cat, there was just no neural connections made in my brain. It was only after the drumming session, that I googled what a panther is (!!!!) and oh, perfect match with what I saw, and the qualities described were exactly what I found in the power animals descriptions too. Wow wow!!!!!! ❤

* Sometimes I do wonder if I’m overly focussed to a fault (e.g. look for POWER ANIMAL .. and ignore all other amazing animals that came) and when I am focussed on a goal, I am so determined to get it done that I choose to close one eye or sacrifice other things (that may be deemed super duper important to many other normal people e.g. $$) and just zoom right in and score it (the “other things” can be regained after). I guess this is a very affirmative learning that I am on the right path and right approach. Phew. 🙂

More wow wows came in Zurich. It is so funny. I was strolling sleepily down the river (lake? canal?) and saw a bird flew past. “Ooh, stork!” was what came to mind. Then the second-guessing started, “why stork? why not crane? how would you even know the difference between stork and crane? Are you sure there are even storks in Switzerland?”. I do have this super weird affinity with birds – other than the brahminy kites in office, I have also seen a pair of hornbills crash into a curtain wall in front of my face when walking down Orchard Road, followed by a whole dozen of huge-ass hornbills flying towards and land right beside the restaurant I was eating at in Phnom Penh, plus an oriole came home with dad one day because it dropped into his bike. Tsk. Ya, so seeing a stork or having a stork step on toes would not be at all surprising if it really does happen. I was not quite ready to google “Stork versus Crane” as I was to keep my phone battery in reserve, and I was way too sleepy to think or to type. And then, believe it or not, I just walked slightly further down the street and … omg, there is this huge figurine/sculpture about a storey high on the second floor of this building that matched exactly what I saw (remember I’m an architect, so my sense of detail on proportion, form, shape, are pretty darn accurate). Right beside it were the big big words, “Hotel zum Storchen”. That is the Universe answering my (super insecure) questions right there! Isn’t it amazing?

Today, when up in the mountains, I saw eagles!! I saw one first, and then few minutes later, it was joined by another. They are so amazing!!! So again.. hahahaha. my brains .. tsk!!! “how would I know if they are eagles or falcons or kites of vultures? They are so high up in the sky!” Hmm. well, I really don’t know, I cannot even take photos as they are soaring so high up in the sky. But they still look huge anyway, so they must be eagles.. I suppose?

Haha, the anecdotal story at the start of this trip : I (thought I) saw eagles when in Geneva, but they didn’t *feel* quite like eagles. When I went up the mountains and saw birds flying high up there, but now that I’m up that, I can see them close up, and .. hahaha, they really were not eagles, but just black birds that are very elegantly soaring (one nearly bumped into me … tsk!!! I think I got it on camera) and they are not like the scary ravens / crows / magpies kind of birds, but really just nice looking birds that were just doing their thing up in the snow.

Yups, so I guess my “other senses” really hold a lot of peripheral knowledge and super accurate at ID-ing things my cognitive mind does not even know I know. 😀

Ah well, gifts. I like. Bring them on, Universe. ❤ Flow them in~

Featured image credits: Photo by Louis on Pexels.com

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