Counting down

Our achievement is not pegged to the achievement of fellow competitors.

Tarot wideSpread

Just did a superduper extensive, and pretty much impressive (at least to me) spread of tarot. 😀 Look at it!

Inner world

Here is a glimpse into the place in my inner world, which you can easily enter by viewing the A Card A Day I did in January.

Patience, my dear

I got a little annoyed one day, when a few different decks gave me the same answer. So I thought to myself, “maybe it is imperative for every deck to have a Patience card”.


“As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without” is a phrase that calls to my mind the 1 Magician. We already have all the tools to guide and direct us in our lives.

No compromise

I never liked the word compromise, it feels like there’s some negative vibration hanging onto it.

Courage | Strength

The immediate association with Courage in tarot-speak is VIII Strength. However, I see Courage as only part of what Strength is about, while at the same time, Courage also speaks for more than what Strength is about.

0 Fool

I found this boy 0 The Fool setting out on his journey to see the world! I like how he appears to walk with a little swagger, almost like a blind confidence in the new/future world he is partaking in.


The Goblin wants to lead you astray and whispers the negative spell of fear, anger, resentment, self-righteousness, arrogance, selfishness, greed, glutton, procrastination, and addiction.


Being unforgiving also has alot to do with judgement. Based on the past, we have a pre-judgement of how person will react / respond, and all the negative, unreal situations start playing out in our head.

Oh my beloved

We come to this world guided by a purpose that appear not as an earthly “to-do task list” of being an architect to build the most amazing building in the world or a planner to take care of all humanitarian needs or a chef that innovates a new definition to eating.

Luminous inside-out

All your strenuous seeking and effort can be released while the Love-Light in your being floods into an incandescence.

More than mates and twins

Twin Flame covers the spark-split at the beginning of Creation [we are one]; Soul Mate covers the significant player of the Soul Family this life-time [we are family]; and Karmic Relationship covers the im(balances) we accumulate / resolve over many lifetimes [we are living beings].

Profuse flows

The deeper connotation seems to be to not artificially hold ourselves back, and that we should see this from a higher perspective of care for others, and not be so “selfish” and “deprive” them of what we could actually be giving.

Soul mate

While ‘soul mate’ sounds romantic and all, the concept of the soul mate is not exactly what teenage / women magazines portray them to be.

Super blue blood moon

Today’s card is in sync with all the hype about the super-blue-blood-moon-full-lunar-eclipse-what-a-mouthful-of-words. I feel like I am in a very different full-moon-phase today, very happy and almost hyper.


Are you feeling stifled by the unbearable meaninglessness of life?

Dystopian elven journey

Pages are always very fresh-faced and youthful looking, but this one looks like a 2-dimensional pale-faced woman who found a coin in her back garden.

Identifying silhouettes

You’re qualified and ready to take the steps toward your desired outcome. You have what it takes to fulfil your dreams and your life’s purpose.

Flower Power!

Spend time with flowers and flower essences to increase your personal healing power.

Heightened state

Ecstasy? I don’t really think so. Heightened state of emotion? More likely. The dominant emotion being one of despair and helplessness. 

Maybe too candid

Your spirit’s food is personal; only you know what your spirit hungers for.

My prayer strategy

My strategy is to pray for the guidance and wisdom every moment to live to my highest potential, and that I correctly understand the wisdom and execute the guidance in a timely manner, with ease and grace. #lifehack

Don’t Blink

Your Creator wills that you be happy, healthy, secure, and that all your needs will be provided.


This card signifies the possibility of a deep spiritual initiation, partnership, or union is taking place at this time or is manifesting for the future.

Agility of Angelish

Although there might be some temporary hard work or turmoil, this will soon be replaced by a lightness of spirit akin to gently floating on a summer breeze.


Archangel Gabriel, I call upon you now. Thank you for guiding me in the expression of my inner truth and wisdom. I ask that you watch over me in all that I say and write, so that I may clearly convey my inner messages. 


My first meditation with XVI Tower was it crumbled, foundations and all, and what was inside was a very alive, robust, and wise tree. Not soft, but not at all cold and hard. 

The Sword and the Scales

Whichever decision you are making, remember there is no “right” and no “wrong”, but only the best choice you can make at that juncture. Wield the sword of Truth within you; Weigh it up, balance logic with intuition, the scales are in your hands too.

Carving an end and then a start

Minor Arcana takes us from starting fresh with the Aces and building up on the day-to-day growth journey to completion of the cycle with the Tens and then it starts afresh again with the Aces on a different journey.


I asked Universe for an undulating card today, and picked this Knight of Wands. Dang. not pleased at all, what’s undulating in this to write about? I asked for another one, and picked this card again. The most undulated element I can find are his wildly tousled hair.

Six Chalices

Considering that a complete set of Tarot features life as a soul journey (Major Arcana) and the day to day vicissitudes (Minor Arcana), I was wondering how the heck a sexual perspective can be applied to the entire deck.

Forlornity of my genius

This Dali-nian Seven of Swords dabbles into the philosophy of the outer personality and the inner being (the sketchy red blood figure on the left that has separated from the solid figure).

More Faeries!

The journey through Faerie land is like embarking on a quest, with the goal of not getting distracted or misled by the shady characters along the way, while gainfully attaining wisdom from the guiding characters.

Winsome lovelies

Roses, with their thorns, blossomed and budding; myrtle, also periwinkle, pistils and pollen twinkle!

Pots of gold await

There are days I feel allergic to life in general. It is especially annoying when I feel unaccomplished in the day, and then the problems start floating in in bits and pieces at night. Gosh, high time to establish some boundaries.

Separation anxieties

I have babyboo to myself tonight! His mom is outstation again, and I just met his dad downstairs. Seems like he has outgrown separation anxieties already!


The angels seem to be harbouring some great news today. My heart always leaps a little when this unicorn rears into my space.

Keeping up

Day 2 of resolution and I am already falling asleep while picking the cards. Blame it on the full moon, whispers a voice inside. 


I thought of a new resolution for 2018. I shall write a blog post everyday!!! A blogpost a day keeps all blockages away. 😀


It is past midnight, so I was looking forward to bed after a strenuous workout this evening. However, there was a nagging feeling to write, even though there was nothing much happening to blog about at this evening’s yoga class.


My sis came to me yesterday evening and said “do you remember the psychic we went to who gave us a cassette recording?” “Do you know she said I will be working at a place where the world meets?” GASP!

Deer me

“And remember… never mistake gentleness for weakness in yourself or others.”