I’m supposed to be doing earthly work from 3hours ago, but the words from the “top” are still coming down. 


Our Angels

The angels from his place somehow hung out at my place last night. It was so strange, but definitely welcomed. I recognise the incessant chatter, and the vibration of it, and they were more excited this time.


My alarm clock started working again today. As with good weather. 😀 Some traits just run in the family.

Menacing dreams

Nights of weird dreams are back: the marine version of having gremlins in the house.

Do you believe?

I am (still) half-hearted about whether I believe in divine intervention. I remember this topic very vividly when I packed and ran away, and it turned out to be true-er than true how the divine has intervened to put me in the right place for my highest good.


Ah well, I guess we are on different leagues, and who am I to call it superficial. There is, in fact, so much complexity to the way their prices are determined.

Barrio Santa Cruz, Sevilla

Natural light played such an important role in the theatrics of our exploration. We wandered in the tiny dark lanes devoid of light, and then “surprise!” the sun lights up the very intricate facade of the corner house.

A different dimension

I start to feel the vibrational space around me. It was a finer kind of vibration, much like when the angels wrap their wings around me. Although beyond that was a harsh, cold vibration of “bad news”, which I am still not sure of what yet. 


Today, as ‘prophesied’ in yesterday’s post, I was feeling the complete emotion of living life. Here. and. Now. and. Painful. and. Drowsy. and. Overwhelmed. and. Indescribably Fallen. Definitely a sign of autumn. Fall.

Justice is Served

Took a few years, but well, justice does get served. Just a matter of time. It is probably not the full course yet, or maybe it really is just the appetiser part.

In Different Forms

Release comes in different forms; healing comes in different forms; guidance comes in different forms. Intent only has to start with a focused one.