Whassssup Universe

I am feeling nervous. I have been feeling nervous since Saturday. It’s an empty queasy uneasy feeling, but it is not the “bad” kind of feeling. I have no idea what is up and hence I am just blogging all these down for documentation sake. Rationally, there could just be travel anxieties or maybe even…

Naive Realism

“If God has made the world a perfect mechanism, He has at least conceded so much to our imperfect intellect that in order to predict little parts of it, we need not solve innumerable differential equations, but can use dice with fair success.”

Weird Dreams Collection

Woohoo~ the best part of the eclipse season arrived last night – a compilation of the weirdest dreams that make no sense but cool AF.

Flares II

(Flares … continued) Apparently I am meant to just blog this as a separate post.

Baby’s Shark

I cannot understand the obsession and I do wonder if I met them in Atlantis.

Soaking it all in

This evening, I learnt that I have been basking in esoteric bodies of knowledge.

truth and Truth

I share the same thought with Christine about “what is the truth about this menace that has so totally disrupted our lives”.


Guess this is Universe still-ing our monkey minds!


Looking out of my backdoor – RDP Photo Challenge! I don’t have a backdoor where I live, because if I do, it will open up into 18 storeys of plain atmosphere.

Pinggles and the Shark

The intrepid adventure of an unknown diver / snorkeler beside a tame but stern shark in the middle of the ocean with crystal clear waters and a sandy undulating seabed has come to a conclusion today.

Bread monster

I recently discovered we have a bread monster in the house. 

Brace for the ride

Something weird is happening. I cannot get my head around it, and the angels keep nudging me to write.


I am already knee deep in trying to understand the natural world, so I have never looked into this other new realm of robots before.


“Does this fall under the category of 没关系?” This Chinese term means “does not matter”, and in the context of what we were discussing, “fungible” would be the perfect word which I did not know before this RDP.


Life is fairly simple to deal with at its two-dimension, or three-dimension. Throw in the fourth and the fifth dimension and it gets into a whole new level of complication.


Manhandling the thorny hard husk into breaking open; acknowledging that it really stinks at the core of the matter; finally tasting the sweet (or just) desserts after.

Accidentally in love

Originally posted on Oh, border!:
I had a timeout during the Cannes/Nice weekend, and hopped off to visit Musée Matisse up in the hilly suburbs. I had been repeatedly advised (i.e. reminded) by my dearest mentor LTK to pay a visit. I did, and indeed, I loved it. What was more magical was that I…


Squeezing a micro thought into a micro window of time before I get back to swimming in a macro pool of words in so many different languages. 

Grasping the line

When some event pops up (let’s say an unkind bully surfaces) that makes you feel angry or resentful, do you ever wonder what Universe intends that to be?


Here is one of my favourite drawings. It is unsigned and undated, so I have no idea how many decades it has been. Each time I look at it, Sarah Mclachlan’s Angel starts playing in my head.


I’m supposed to be doing earthly work from 3hours ago, but the words from the “top” are still coming down. 

Our Angels

The angels from his place somehow hung out at my place last night. It was so strange, but definitely welcomed. I recognise the incessant chatter, and the vibration of it, and they were more excited this time.


My alarm clock started working again today. As with good weather. 😀 Some traits just run in the family.

Menacing dreams

Nights of weird dreams are back: the marine version of having gremlins in the house.

Do you believe?

I am (still) half-hearted about whether I believe in divine intervention. I remember this topic very vividly when I packed and ran away, and it turned out to be true-er than true how the divine has intervened to put me in the right place for my highest good.


Ah well, I guess we are on different leagues, and who am I to call it superficial. There is, in fact, so much complexity to the way their prices are determined.

Barrio Santa Cruz, Sevilla

Natural light played such an important role in the theatrics of our exploration. We wandered in the tiny dark lanes devoid of light, and then “surprise!” the sun lights up the very intricate facade of the corner house.

A different dimension

I start to feel the vibrational space around me. It was a finer kind of vibration, much like when the angels wrap their wings around me. Although beyond that was a harsh, cold vibration of “bad news”, which I am still not sure of what yet. 


Today, as ‘prophesied’ in yesterday’s post, I was feeling the complete emotion of living life. Here. and. Now. and. Painful. and. Drowsy. and. Overwhelmed. and. Indescribably Fallen. Definitely a sign of autumn. Fall.

Justice is Served

Took a few years, but well, justice does get served. Just a matter of time. It is probably not the full course yet, or maybe it really is just the appetiser part.

In Different Forms

Release comes in different forms; healing comes in different forms; guidance comes in different forms. Intent only has to start with a focused one.

Lost (Again)

Gosh. This is unbelievable. I lost my moonstone ring. I cannot believe it.

Revisiting Deeds

As I picked cards one after another, the past stories flowed into my consciousness one after another. My glaring selfishness starred me in my face, one realisation after another. 

This Full Moon

This savage full moon tore me to shreds. It was so intense I was unable to sleep at all last night. Tossed, turned, feeling like I could tear myself out of my body unconstrained. Maybe that is how a werewolf feels on a full moon night.

Soft heart versus Weak heart

That thin line between “right” and “wrong”. Between fairness and firmness. Between softness and weakness. I am thankful. 

The Audacity

So. I raised my voice at my ancestors of 4 generations ago. I cried, and raved, in exasperation of the deadlock we were caught in.

Arid Exploration

Karin’s soul alignment reading was very useful, in a very practical sense. I have made my tangible goals – my dosage of spiritual medicine!

Reason to believe

I have every reason to believe that Universe has my back. All the weirdo occurrences I wonder about, when the time comes, the whole picture emerges. “What use is this info!!” I always exclaim, when I get told vestiges of seemingly useless info – the uselessness stemming only from my guilelessness.

Cleansing rain

It never rains on my parade! Unless 1. I have yet to complete what Universe wanted me to do; 2. the next destination is not for my highest good; 3. the timing is not right yet. Which is why I never carry umbrellas with me, cos I hardly get to use them!


So yea, I took the slow, comforting winding road, and Self had to take the leadership to pushing Ego past comfort zone. I am trying very hard, and I am gifted with mentors and guidance on how to push them that comfort frontier a little bit further each time.


Maddening is the stalker butterfly who hovered around me today. Mad is the me going “please go away” repeatedly, and loudly, and in public. Maddened is my bro who went “can you just focus on your food and pretend it’s not there?”. The butterfly went away, and came back after awhile, relentless in his stalks, and my brother laughed. He was the one who told me i was thinking too much when I asked him “do you think the butterfly came for me?”


Such a vivid dream last night. The weirdest of dreams, but I can remember the scenes – places on earth but I have never been before, people I ‘know’ but most I have never met before. Well, the only one I have met was Pam. There was a party group of around thirty people of…

Part of a Whole

Have you ever wondered if there can ever be part of a Hole? I have been thinking about the Hologram. And also about Uncle Johnson’s reminder to not be so playful in seeing / differentiating the different light forms.

Parallel Existence

Having fiddled with so many different modalities of healing, I am more and more sure that we are living many lives in parallel, and that the dynamics between them are in a constant state of flux.


Urghs. The agony of tuning in to a half-told secret. It is like being to told jump and then stopped at the trajectory point before freefall.

Silence in my heart

So a big piece of rock was lifted and crushed to pieces and thrown away. Then I hear and feel the long silence in my heart.


Moonstone rock meets moonstone ring.

Discharge to Recharge!

Friday was 9-9-9 (Sept 9, 2+0+1+6), the astrological representation of endings and a time of clearing out the old so the new can emerge! Woohoo~ and so it did, so many brilliant new things appeared yesterday.

Pray for the World today

Alright people, let’s send our prayers to the world and to Mother Earth who has so unconditionally been taking on our crap.


Human eyes are blinded by norms and standards, that we look only for what is familiar to us, but absolutely missing the obvious straightforward method.

In Conversation

Now I truly get it – how life is not about the destination but the journey.

Rainbow Sparks

From the dull stones that I brought to her place, dormant or sleepy, they are now clear and bright with rainbow sparkles as I turn them in the light.

Anxiety Pangs

It is so silly to get anxiety attacks from being worried about miscommunication, when it is really obvious that there can be no way it can be mis-read unless the other party is an utter idiot.

The Profundity in Us

God has created us to be profound beings, as with all His other creations. There is so much magic in all of us, and so much magic in the journey of exploring what is within all of us.


There must be a reason why God wants me to stay at home today.

Feast on the full moonlight

It is the full moon again! Beautiful glowing ball of light in the sky, nestled in an iridescent halo. Matches my moonstone perfectly.

Soul Mate

Just bought a moonstone ring from a white-shirted burly guy with rolled up sleeves, sharing a conversation on universal laws, stones, energies, and and the physics / science behind them.


Universe throws messages in our face when we do not pay enough attention. I got the same message three times yesterday, and one more time this morning.

Heart Song

Tried to make my heart sing, but it came out in chokes. What the heck!


Just got home from a really long meditation session. But a good insightful one. Shared with the big class today (11!!) and also caught up with Shirley and told her about all the magical things that happened after the horrendous week of solstice+fullmoon+manyotherplanetaryalignmentstuff.