I’m pretending to be a local enjoying the Parisienne spectacle. Pretty bad at that, I would say! I cannot bring myself to face the dusty roads as I sip my cocktail, my eyes more on my glass fearing the sprinkling of fairy DUST all over my precious ice cold drink.  A short span of ten…


Everytime is the right time. Every moment is the right moment. REALLY?? It is tough to buy into that theory. But then again, that is precisely why I’m not in ultimate ZEN mode yet. Imagine, if we were to crystallize all these worldly spiritual teachings, it just boils down to the fact that every moment…

Facing death

I died today. It was scary. Extremely fearsome. That moment of facing Death, made me think hard about what really matters.

Rekindled love

So I sat at the bench, ruminating on my mutton briyani. It tasted delicious, I found myself finally re-acquiring my taste for glorious Indian food after a good eight years.

I hear thunder

I hear the rain. I hear the torrential downpour, what my dad described to be pouring buckets. I hear myself. I hear my thoughts, I hear my heart skip a beat.

Echoes in the rocks

Yay, I brought my newest tool / toy out of the closet today! I shall call him Libby for now. Sometime two weeks ago, I was led / called to a lovely Libyan stone, also known as the golden tektite or desert glass, which I have happily brought him home with me after two days apart.

Energy bodies

My soul was really happy at today’s class! I should have known, it was soul that has been so badly wanting to attend. What we learnt in class are not exactly new to me – chakras, energy bodies – I learnt the former through chakra balancing meditation (and also reiki ten years ago), and the latter…


This mythical world I live in. It has been extremely enjoyable writing about the existence of energies that surround us, that which we are made of, yet at the same time, that which we are unaware or know so little about. They are so factual yet so unexplainable. There is so much untapped information in each…

The cackling fires

We have to keep burning away the karma and keeping the lessons, and that flame goes on and on until the day we are done and dusted. And yay, we then rise back home – the Light we are, rejoining the Light that is.

Eerie no more

I think the last few months of training have done me a lot of good. I am now totally zen about clearing entities and spaces. I no longer find it eerie nor annoying!

Existence in the Multitudes

I have visited many psychics in my pursuit of figuring life and the hurdles presented. Past life readings help in this case, as they present a broader perspective of what lessons behold at that point in time.