Surrogate for denied emotions

Thank you for opening me up to the world of emotions – the scary “iffy” part deeply hidden within me that I never dared to even brush against. It was only through you, that I finally allowed myself to feel the emotions so denied of existence.


Astro Marathon

I cried last night. It was for no reason at all, and i thought “oh, full moon again?”. So I googled around for astro calendars and it’s apparently not full moon until two days later.

In Different Forms

Release comes in different forms; healing comes in different forms; guidance comes in different forms. Intent only has to start with a focused one.

Dealing with Meltdowns

Woke up this morning to a barely-three-year-old having a meltdown. It was not the usual “no, no, no, I don’t want you” when he clearly knows what he wants (or not). He was crying and screaming for no reason. Although, I suspect it was because my Mom went off for a health check this morning…

Tranced out

Universe leaves no room for complacency. Now I understand why the Universe has its own realm of Wheel of Fortune, the Total Solar Eclipse being one of its little workings. I feel like He has just flung the carpet up high, and now the dust previously happily swept under has been swung from underneath. I…

Total Eclipse of the Heart

My entire soul last night was engulfed in the energies of the upcoming eclipse, its invisible governance of how my life gets absolutely upturned, and all shadow aspects swept right up the surface.

Jiggly out in a Jiffy

Was not exactly jiggly, just really shady grey dotted with black.
I had my wisdom tooth extracted today!


So it’s National Day today.

Fear versus Love

I see now, I see how every decision or action or consideration in life really just boils down to two polarities – fear or love.

Jet lag

The worst part about jet lag is probably waking up at 3am feeling hunger right to the deepest core of existence.


Oooooooph, I feel crispy now! The water is a whole different climate from the air!  It’s cold!!!!! Brrrrrr. Solidly, icingly, cold! Now I know why we rinse lettuce in ice cold water if we want them crispy! The same with noodles! And I scampered a little up the pebble beach. Ouch!


A short span of ten days and I have collected quite a few of “made in France”.