Inner Child Woes

My dream-reality time-space are all super warped at the moment.


When given the space, beings get to truly grow and bloom.

Accepting Miracles

The Cosmic Code is like Sophie’s World for the realm of quantum physics! Heinz Pagels really made it so easily readable and comprehensible.

Air Hugs

I was delightfully greeted by an air hug from my wild brahminy kite while moping at the curtain wall / glass window.

Brain in denial

It was a groggy week, and we were doing extraordinary exercises which totally got my brains fried.

Jenga Layers

The one last night – I wouldn’t exactly call it a dream, cos it affected me so hard that I woke up, sat up and worked through it.

Eclipse Season

My short-term memory is currently very eclipsed, “where the heck did all the time go?!”


Mentally and emotionally preparing for class really helps!

Flares III

Good things come in threes. Of course I need a third one.

Flares II

(Flares … continued) Apparently I am meant to just blog this as a separate post.


I have been so deeply immersed in feeling alot of deep profound stuffs that I have not gotten my head around.

Discerning Signals From Noise

There is so much information out there going on in this world. There is no need to take in every bit of information there is.

That Box

I was getting slightly self-congratulatory about maybe I am finally getting to the end of clearing old stories from my past.

Fairytale Island

We live on an island, a very safe one, and a very comfortable (if not, luxurious) one.

Imposter Syndrome

I must have been living under a rock. It was only this weekend that I heard / read / watched about Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes!


This is a recurring theme percolating through every human life.

Shoulders (to stand on?)

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”
Where there be no giants, we can build human-towers standing on one another’s shoulders.

Successes and shadows

Have you achieved something so great in your life that you find it impossible to do better than that?


Back at home with two noisy kids on quarantine and a shouting grandma.

Bobba no more

The tightening of measures mean that bubble tea is taken off the list of essential services.


This virus we are dealing with is such an opportunist.


I had assumed life at home would be alot of spare time to write and to think, but apparently not.


I am unofficially on a Stay-At-Home stint, due to my last return from Cambodia on the 12th March.


Maelstrom sounds like the feeling in my gut right now.

New … World ?

I am having very mixed feelings about this New Beginning as we enter the first week of the decade.


My favourite candle is from WoodWick, the mint leaf and basil is very fragrant and fresh, yet light enough to not overwhelm.

Childhood Firsts

Originally posted on Sgeoil:
the markers of childhood are filled with firsts rights of passage to be celebrated, first birthdays first tooth lost first knee scraped first day of kindergarten if you are lucky born on the right side of freedom and make it to your first birthday for some the markers of childhood contain…

Intangible markers

When Universe leaves us invisible markers that feels and clicks, as guide posts along the way.

Grasses galore

I have to cross many of them on my way to work, because my office is surrounded by empty parcels of land.

Mont Saint Michel

Why are abbeys always built into such breathtaking naturalistic elements?


Almost all the cities I have planned has river(s) running through them. Those that do not, are cities directly fronting the sea, bay, but not the ocean though.

Rains pours

I have been very quiet lately because it was pouring crazies. The week started out really brilliant, but got much worse along the way.


My favourite walk thus far is in a cemetery – a former jungle, battleground, necropolis – so much history and heritage.

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge

So here is my rendition of (foot)Steps – the happy feet stepping on happy tiles. The tiles did come in black and white, and so did my shoes that day.


Mobility is a huge freedom, and there are so many layers and aspects we can zoom into and examine why it means freedom.


Unrequited love it was, I really do not like cats.

Eclipse Challenge

Heck. It has been one full week, and I am still on the Eclipse like it is a never-ending story. Bear with me, I’m sure today’s the last post about this latest pair of eclipses. Tsk.


The eclipse put a black shade over my life this weekend, and time flew past without any productive accomplishment, and it scares me.


For a while, I lived right up in the clouds. ❤

Walking contradictions

Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is Open, and I guess the easiest to write about would be keeping hearts, minds, arms, eyes open.


In the nerdiest of ways, I flipped a page (my mindful dart) from Thich Nhat Hanh’s Reconciliation: healing the inner child.


Not sure what is wrong with these two days. So much dirt being pulled out from under the carpet again.

Come, come

Here goes another Chinese proverb, “既來之,則安之”. It originally meant when people come from afar, settle them down and help make them comfortable.


Posting pics of zen gardens brought me back to the memories of my silly venture into zen-ness few years ago. The level of zen can be viewed at different scales of how a person does/sees/thinks things.


It feels very iffy to be navigating life with this intangible compass. However, this intangible compass has proven to be extremely reliable, even at times when it sounds extremely ridiculous to be following it.


The biggest one for me would be the butterflies everywhere – on the ground, along the walls, hovering the colourful flowers.

Rural Redux

Welcome the rural life redux and here I am back in the farming scene for a breather.

Missing Grid

It is strange when the clock strikes twelve (or whichever time depending on whichever location) and there is nothing to look forward to, cos time has come to a standstill on 31st May.


The finality of things. Today is the last of Daily Prompt. Ouch!


Of the (not many) years I spent there, I only attended one prayer ceremony once.

Guilty (or not)

Do you know that we can hold guilt in us unconsciously (or subconsciously), even though sometimes it is by no fault of ours?

To the Daily Post Community: Thank You!

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
Almost seven and a half years ago The Daily Post opened its virtual doors to the blogging community. It’s been an incredible ride, and incredible rides, too, sometimes come to an end. As of the end of this month (and 2,000 Daily Prompts, 380 Photo Challenges, 260 Community…


Originally posted on Oh, border!:
Today is not a busy intense day. Neither was it a smooth day. It was like a tipper truck dropped little gravels all my path, and I was tripping over them one after another. How annoying was that! Needed to find something more interesting to make up for this lack…

Liquidity of existence

I have very lucid dreams of being in my natural habitat of an infinite waterbody all the time, almost like an escape from the land-locked world.


Manhandling the thorny hard husk into breaking open; acknowledging that it really stinks at the core of the matter; finally tasting the sweet (or just) desserts after.

The Bench

There is a place in the world where I have absolutely no business to be in, yet it feels so solidly comfortable, some place where I feel I belong.

Mentors and teachers

Coincidentally, I very recently rewatched Tim Minchin’s UWA address from five years ago. I love his speech for the humour of course, the poetic rhythm, the wit, the wisdom, and the existiential realist he is.

Tide over time

Life changes; roles change; environs change; tides turn, over time.

If there are seasons

The freezing cold scare last night brought back the warmth of a song from decades ago. I think being brought up in the equatorial belt is cool , with so much room for romantic concepts like this song / musical.

Lively song for a sunday

What better way to end an enjoyable Sunday than to share a lovely lively song that is so loveydovey. Here is a song about eloping to the moon!


Glimmer of the setting sun from behind very old trees. I accidentally lived right behind an ancient Roman gladiator amphitheater for a week!


Well, I really explore all sorts of weird things. Here is one of them: ever wondered what a carrot flower looks like?


Today’s prompt Incubate brings to mind two things – the fat chickens we reared who gave us fresh eggs everyday; and what Eckhart Tolle wrote in Stillness Speaks.

Written in the stars

Some things are written in the stars. Yet it takes so many different conditions and factors for the life to play out as astrally-scripted.

Why I write

As I type, I understand more about myself, and the world, and life, much more than I started out scraping the surface with each post.

Breaking free

Dance like no one’s watching. Dance like the human feet can’t.

Coral sea the blues

One of the most poignant lines was 爱深埋珊瑚海 – how the love was deeply buried in the coral sea.

Theme Rodin

Here is my favourite series of photos, which I have used many of them independently in my posts, and this one puts them altogether as variations on a theme. Theme Auguste Rodin and my favourite Burghers of Calais.

Memorable Moments

At the rate life buzzes and bustles us by, silent moments are extremely precious. Knowing smiles, or acknowledging smirks, speak so much of connection and how intimately one knows another.


Growth is when one realises that being comfortable in her own skin is akin to not worrying about how unglamorous one looks on the surface. Or how sad or unhappy or troubled one appears when one really is truly in that mode.


n. the habit of forgetting how important someone is to you until you see them again in person.


n. the amniotic tranquility of being indoors during a thunderstorm, listening to waves of rain pattering against the roof like an argument upstairs, whose muffled words are unintelligible but whose crackling release of built-up tension you understand perfectly.


“I don’t do this-and-that because it is not me.” Is this valid? Do we know this for sure because we know this part (depends on context) of ourselves so thoroughly and innately that we are affirmative it is beyond us?

Inner glow

An inner glow manifests itself in the outer world. All flowers look extremely cheery these days.

The weekend has been an immersive sense of peace and presence. The feeling of being very very present and being very very willing to be present is insanely powerful.

Surrogate for denied emotions

Thank you for opening me up to the world of emotions – the scary “iffy” part deeply hidden within me that I never dared to even brush against. It was only through you, that I finally allowed myself to feel the emotions so denied of existence.

Astro Marathon

I cried last night. It was for no reason at all, and i thought “oh, full moon again?”. So I googled around for astro calendars and it’s apparently not full moon until two days later.

In Different Forms

Release comes in different forms; healing comes in different forms; guidance comes in different forms. Intent only has to start with a focused one.

Dealing with Meltdowns

Woke up this morning to a barely-three-year-old having a meltdown. It was not the usual “no, no, no, I don’t want you” when he clearly knows what he wants (or not). He was crying and screaming for no reason. Although, I suspect it was because my Mom went off for a health check this morning…

Tranced out

Universe leaves no room for complacency. Now I understand why the Universe has its own realm of Wheel of Fortune, the Total Solar Eclipse being one of its little workings. I feel like He has just flung the carpet up high, and now the dust previously happily swept under has been swung from underneath. I…

Total Eclipse of the Heart

My entire soul last night was engulfed in the energies of the upcoming eclipse, its invisible governance of how my life gets absolutely upturned, and all shadow aspects swept right up the surface.

Jiggly out in a Jiffy

Was not exactly jiggly, just really shady grey dotted with black.
I had my wisdom tooth extracted today!


So it’s National Day today.

Fear versus Love

I see now, I see how every decision or action or consideration in life really just boils down to two polarities – fear or love.

Jet lag

The worst part about jet lag is probably waking up at 3am feeling hunger right to the deepest core of existence.


Oooooooph, I feel crispy now! The water is a whole different climate from the air!  It’s cold!!!!! Brrrrrr. Solidly, icingly, cold! Now I know why we rinse lettuce in ice cold water if we want them crispy! The same with noodles! And I scampered a little up the pebble beach. Ouch!


A short span of ten days and I have collected quite a few of “made in France”.


Everytime is the right time. Every moment is the right moment.

Facing death

I died today. It was scary. Extremely fearsome. That moment of facing Death, made me think hard about what really matters.

Rekindled love

So I sat at the bench, ruminating on my mutton briyani. It tasted delicious, I found myself finally re-acquiring my taste for glorious Indian food after a good eight years.

I hear thunder

I hear the rain. I hear the torrential downpour, what my dad described to be pouring buckets. I hear myself. I hear my thoughts, I hear my heart skip a beat.

Infinite Nothingness

The infinite bigness of unconditional love. The infinite knowledge out there for us to discover. The infinite lessons and identities we have to pull away before we reach the true Us. And then we find out this Infinite-ness is in fact Nothingness. I have a feeling we are being taken around on a wild wild…


Carl Jung said/wrote, “The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.” That is why we have all sorts of grudges and resentment towards people outside of us, who in fact serve only as mirrors to what we do not accept of ourselves. Very fundamental perspective which I have accepted since embarking on this journey….

Veils we hide behind

We are all treasure chests of talents, big or small, to bring gifts in our own ways to this world. There must be a reason why He created us, and why we are created the way we are, into the circumstances we are in. I had a great soul realignment reading from dearest Karin, the…

Echoes in the rocks

Yay, I brought my newest tool / toy out of the closet today! I shall call him Libby for now. Sometime two weeks ago, I was led / called to a lovely Libyan stone, also known as the golden tektite or desert glass, which I have happily brought him home with me after two days apart.

Energy bodies

My soul was really happy at today’s class! I should have known, it was soul that has been so badly wanting to attend. What we learnt in class are not exactly new to me – chakras, energy bodies – I learnt the former through chakra balancing meditation (and also reiki ten years ago), and the latter…


This mythical world I live in. It has been extremely enjoyable writing about the existence of energies that surround us, that which we are made of, yet at the same time, that which we are unaware or know so little about. They are so factual yet so unexplainable. There is so much untapped information in each…

The cackling fires

We have to keep burning away the karma and keeping the lessons, and that flame goes on and on until the day we are done and dusted. And yay, we then rise back home – the Light we are, rejoining the Light that is.

Eerie no more

I think the last few months of training have done me a lot of good. I am now totally zen about clearing entities and spaces. I no longer find it eerie nor annoying!

Existence in the Multitudes

I have visited many psychics in my pursuit of figuring life and the hurdles presented. Past life readings help in this case, as they present a broader perspective of what lessons behold at that point in time.


The words that came, “Nothing. And Everything.” The world would cease to exist if nothing descends. Yet, it is also *still* Everything. And if there is no ascension, then everything will still be One, as with Everything. Which also means it is Nothing.

Parallel Existence

Having fiddled with so many different modalities of healing, I am more and more sure that we are living many lives in parallel, and that the dynamics between them are in a constant state of flux.

Sleepy Friday

I love writing meditation stories, it just gets more and more exciting.


It is past midnight, so I was looking forward to bed after a strenuous workout this evening. However, there was a nagging feeling to write, even though there was nothing much happening to blog about at this evening’s yoga class.

Energetic House-cleaning

Today’s was easy. I guess it was just someone who was in transit and needed to be shown the Light. Or maybe it is just a matter of getting used to the house-cleaning.


Sometimes a masked truth is better than the true truth.

Intelligence From the First Plane

Been spending too much time up on the Seventh, finally exploring and getting to know the inhabitants of the Fifth, working (physically) on the Second, and obviously living on the Third.

Poetic Synchronicity

3 KRs learnt KR today! Haha it sounds so good I had to write this down even though it has nothing to do with me.

Cosmic Dark Humour

This morning, finally, I stepped out of my room, my place. And walked in the sun. And suddenly realize I am healthy! I am not sick at all. It is madness.


Wisdom resides within us!


Today is an eventful day. Accidentally chanted two rounds of protection mantra in the morning, should have taken it as a prelude to how the day unfolds.

The Profundity in Us

God has created us to be profound beings, as with all His other creations. There is so much magic in all of us, and so much magic in the journey of exploring what is within all of us.


I enjoy a sabbath once every month, and it’s a great way to recharge.


I wonder if people think about turning back the clock. And how often?

Is Depth analogous to Abyss?

Maybe the diff lies in the bottomlessness. There are some things so deep you just do not know where or whether it ends. Yet there are also some things so deep that you cannot reach it, but you know it ends somewhere.

Another human notion

Unpredictability is a very oxymoronic concept. If life abides by the law of cause and effect, how unpredictable is that? If humans be co-creators of the lives, how unpredictable is that?

Senses and sense-ability 

The title got me there. I did a quick google on the well-known literature to have a refresher eyes on the storyline and characters. No recollection of it, it is time to go back to the books!

The vessel I walk this Earth in

As I experience more planes of existence, I can finally appreciate how so many learned teachers explain the benefits of having a physical body this life. And the importance of honoring it.

Beautiful skies

The skies have been amazing these few days, with a glow and luminescence that I did not manage to capture with my phone, but with my naked eyes I did. As pearlescent as pearly gates can be.

Sh*t happens

Storehouse is closing! I had to pack my bags and find a new site to park myself at. I wonder what lesson Universe is showing me this time.