Me reads:
Kerfuffle = covfefe (curvefurfur); or
Kerfuffle = covfefe (coffeefeefeeefEEee *on a caffeine-high*) + wahffles (high on sugar).


Glutenny | Gluttony

Here are foodie pics of the yummy toxins fed into my body, they are sheer indulgence for my heart and soul.


Wow, I didn’t know that cataract also means downpour, shower, waterfall, etc! I was waddling in a series of different cataracts today.


What difference is that from unrequited love, and how does one differentiate that from real but unspoken deep connection with another?


I broke out into laughter the first time I saw these twisted cauliflowers.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

I have been following the entries for many of Cee’s Challenges, and finally mustered my courage to participate instead of merely watching from the sidelines!

Urban forest

Taking the urban forest concept a little too literally. Here we have the Avatar trees~

Mentors and teachers

Coincidentally, I very recently rewatched Tim Minchin’s UWA address from five years ago. I love his speech for the humour of course, the poetic rhythm, the wit, the wisdom, and the existiential realist he is.

Parisian lines

This is Musée d’Orsay. Its steel arch structure with glass arch ceiling casts amazing shadows on itself as the light filters through.


The elaborate colour palette of mother nature meets (wo)man. Matchymatchy!


In a parallel universe 14,000km away in the other direction, is yet another Alhambra, and another Granada.

Arabian nights

So many crevices for Genie to hide. So many nooks and crannies for multiple genii to spring a surprise.


The glorious academic plans were thwarted by an offer to develop a huge-ass farm in SzeChuan.

Rise / set

I woke up at 3am to make it in time to watch this sunrise at Angkor Wat, Siem Reap.

Selfish or Selfless?

Originally posted on One day at a time:
To call someone selfish is quite vague. There are several ways in which the word selfish can be defined. Depending on the context of the word, it can be considered derogatory or positive. Degrees of each kind of selfishness also vary widely from person to person, some…

Literal shadows

I’ve always had a fascination with shadows. The latest observance being what I would consider white noise.

Time lag

Have you ever considered premonition being something happening in real-time, and it being a “a strong feeling that something is about to happen” is because that was how long information took to reach us?

Progressive imagination

My meditation started out as a form of “imagination”, then to “visualisation”, and now “witnessing” His wisdom.


Last night closed with a very touching youtube video clip I was watching, and I went to sleep with the thought, “It’s good to be loved. It’s profound to be understood.” Yup, it was Portia’s pressie to Ellen.

No compromise

I never liked the word compromise, it feels like there’s some negative vibration hanging onto it.

Courage | Strength

The immediate association with Courage in tarot-speak is VIII Strength. However, I see Courage as only part of what Strength is about, while at the same time, Courage also speaks for more than what Strength is about.

Warm snow

I started this one because I wanted to experiment with different colours projected on white, i.e. the snow.


If inkling be a sound, it would be the sound of happy ink pitter pattering on happy things. Just like wind sparkling.

A curved edge

Some things we see all our lives, but never notice until someone points it out. Ever notice that the horizon is curved?


Presenting the most static object ever photographed. That is me in a state of zen, after a magnificent Christmas dinner, yet still managing to squeeze in some durians some hours later.

Call of the wind

As I sit in my room and space out into nothingness, I could only hear peace and harmony sparkling in the wind. So that’s how wind-sparkles sound like.

Associative thinking

Coincidentally, both my sister and I focussed on babyboo learning Mandarin this past week. His pronunciation is not as crisp as how a native Mandarin speaker should, but he has got most of them right. Pretty much still sounding very English.

Sun sets

When the sunset changeth the world into an ambient orange glow.  

Air you can see

The scale of pollution in China is visibly clear (irony + oxymoron! *slow clap*) from this photo of a national park that is 9,500sqkm in size.

Imagination vs Truthfulness

I got carried away by my own imagination and decided to extract snippets of his truths, unsure whether I have taken them out of context.

A world of Everything-ness

The veil is getting thinner and thinner, and it is surprisingly easy to live concurrently in different dimensions.

Light | Shadow | Balance

It’s autumn equinox tomorrow! The time of the year to examine the balances in my life – that between darkness and light.


Self-centredness and narcissism are starkly different. Self and Centredness are in fact positive qualities of balance – and I still hope that the world strives for that – to be Centred and aligned with our Self (not self).


My life today, on a wonderful Friday, all revolved around project delivery deadlines. This sentence alone suffices in holding my breath to a still.