Radiating Love

Radiating love, ideals, and all that stem from Love. After exactly a week of rest, I have finally regained consciousness and back to reality, and now eschewing all that had happened in the one-week-whirlwind of executing the past half a year of planning. More than relief, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Not that I…


I used to think I am indifferent to being alive or not, as my aim is to do my best for my highest good every day (and every moment possible). But yesterday, I was immersed in joy of being alive!

Hopeful New Year

So. 2017 has arrived. Or, secretly crept in. I took a breather, and it sprung right up from behind me, and well, so it’s here to stay. 2016 flew past, a really fast year, I don’t even remember counting to twelve.  I remain hopeful that the year will be a better one. Heart wanted to…

Fishing for inner peace

I finally had my aura soma reading today! My Higher Self has her way of luring me into doing things. It is so roundabout today that I am really impressed by her ways. So, she nudged me very early on the in the morning not to go for yoga, but spend sometime doing work for…

Travel Bug Itch

Someone sent his greetings from the far away land of *ahem* Malaysia. I wanted to ask if 外国的月亮比较圆 (translated to be “is the moon really rounder overseas?”), very similar to the pasture on the other side being always greener.

Wheel of Fortune rolls again

Indeed, there is a time for everything. Precisely as described by the Wheel of Fortune. Which is why it is so so so important to live in the present. Because the present really is a gift that life presents to us every single moment.


Plop goes my heart! Or maybe plop! went His heart. I got into an estranged bout of crying which arose from my feeling so touched and honoured by His love on one hand, and that disconnect between my mission and my current state of affairs on the other.


My sis came to me yesterday evening and said “do you remember the psychic we went to who gave us a cassette recording?” “Do you know she said I will be working at a place where the world meets?” GASP!