Pop Juice

I’ve been making kefir for three months now! Exactly three months today. 😀


And hence today is the day, I set my resolution (what an odd timing though!!! but I can’t wait a month for this!!!) giving every aspect of my life their respectful times.


Getting back into the swing of things~ I love horses!

Thankful much!!

I am so so so thankful for the good Creator has brought, and how Creator has taught and brought me to do good.


We eventually have to grow up.
We eventually have to move.

Pinggles and the Shark

The intrepid adventure of an unknown diver / snorkeler beside a tame but stern shark in the middle of the ocean with crystal clear waters and a sandy undulating seabed has come to a conclusion today.


I survived a year of teaching!!!

Sweet Spot

I am now working towards a more balanced lifestyle where I have enough rest while also having enough time to pursue the meaningful things in life.


Prelude to 2019 having meaningful conversations and meaningful relationships with meaningful people. I anticipate positive dynamics for 2019! ❤


Wow, crossed over to 2019! Wheehee! Instead of having last year segue into this year, I felt I had to interrupt it, almost like a hard reboot.