Heidi Hiding

I got into Grindelwald last night. Meant to reach in the afternoon so I can go up the mountains that day. BUT, Bern was just too pretty, I spent extra half a day there than I expected. I might have been able to make it had I not gone out to see the Paul Klee…

Dreams are back!

I just started a new routine! Before I sleep, I would ask the Universe to work on my healing during my sleep state.

Happy 2022!

Happy New Year everyone! I am finally back functioning at 100% in Singapore Time in 2022! Wheehee~

Raising the bar

So I spent my morning at the doc again. This time at the ENT. The biopsy results turned out great, no biggie and nothing to worry about.


Omg omg omg. It’s the eclipse. I’m getting so much feels from small little things!

Blown away

Am I blowing my own horn/trumpet? Or is it acceptable that I find myself being blown away by my own painting?


I believe I can fly, soon. In one month’s time, it will be one full year of being grounded.

Power to 2021

Wresting back power from the blackhole of non-existence.


With excitement about the upcoming semester.

Fantabulous dreams

The even more fantabulous thing about the vivid dream was that it played out in a series!

Pop Juice

I’ve been making kefir for three months now! Exactly three months today. 😀


And hence today is the day, I set my resolution (what an odd timing though!!! but I can’t wait a month for this!!!) giving every aspect of my life their respectful times.


Getting back into the swing of things~ I love horses!

Thankful much!!

I am so so so thankful for the good Creator has brought, and how Creator has taught and brought me to do good.


We eventually have to grow up.
We eventually have to move.

Pinggles and the Shark

The intrepid adventure of an unknown diver / snorkeler beside a tame but stern shark in the middle of the ocean with crystal clear waters and a sandy undulating seabed has come to a conclusion today.


I survived a year of teaching!!!

Sweet Spot

I am now working towards a more balanced lifestyle where I have enough rest while also having enough time to pursue the meaningful things in life.


Prelude to 2019 having meaningful conversations and meaningful relationships with meaningful people. I anticipate positive dynamics for 2019! ❤


Wow, crossed over to 2019! Wheehee! Instead of having last year segue into this year, I felt I had to interrupt it, almost like a hard reboot.


Originally posted on Oh, border!:
On the assumption that life keeps up this momentum, this shall be the view from my office before the end of 2018 ❤

Dreams and Ideals

The sparklet that says we can, and we have to, make this world a better place.


Sometimes these things that we do/did/are doing/will do have a wayyyyy bigger picture than we realise, and by definition of serendipity, you don’t exactly know if this happy beneficial occurrence was by chance or by hard work.


Celebrating the remarkable decision for a comeback.

Flowers of Fall

It’s a weird feeling, not that it tastes good or bad, but it just tastes so darn interesting because I never thought of eating flowers before.


Falalala feeling inspired by my own life.


Posh is such an apt prompt to write to, this recovery weekend with one full dozen of oysters, a honey sake topped with a pretty purple flower, and two premium sushi rolls!


Featherlightheartedness indulging in the meaningfulness and fullness of life, however grubby I may feel with the hair, face, and skin, dry from dusty roads riding in exposed tuk-tuks.


Oh gosh, I’m back (temporarily) into a sane world of normal human pace, and realised I have missed yarn, remember, elder, fluffy, and I shall be early on brio.

Catching up

Time flew past like crazy airplanes! I missed so many prompts that I shall attempt to catch up on them right now.

Passions abide

Reframing and pushing boundaries are way more fun than just sticking to the darn “correct” answers which I had to “abide by” in the previous education system I was in. 


Clear as sky it is eclipse and blood(y) full moon season. Inner child owned the session this evening, and I just gave her the space to.


Time and again.
Time and tide wait for no man.
No time already, kthxbye.

Gold nuggets

It’s raining gold nuggets! Metaphorically~ it appears that wisdom is showering down, and hopefully in terms of material gold equivalent too.


A picture paints a thousand words, and this one says, “Welcome home” x 3.


This is what I’m like if I have to do any presentations extempore. It’s so tough, I am having problem even just spelling it out.


Learnt a new word the past couple of days. Hooyah!
When I first saw it, I thought it was auto-generated translation from Thai in Facebook.

Congratulations Ragtag~

The Ragtag Daily Prompt crossed the one-month Milestone as we now enter July. Congratulations ragtaggers and the ragtag community!


On the assumption that life keeps up this momentum, this shall be the view from my office before the end of 2018 ❤

Project Infect

Here’s to infecting this chaotic world with a frozen moment of zenness. Pause. Reflect. Enjoy the clarity. Peace, you are finally here. ❤

Gaudi-an lines

The most consistently rivuletine lines I have seen are those of Antoni Gaudí. His inspiration from, and mimicry of, mother nature is stupendous.


The delight from community development lies in the partaking in joint efforts to manifest from nothingness to many-thing-ness. ❤ The most precious reward at the end of the day – fulfilled hearts, and a fine sunset. ❤

T’oh Quartet

Messy music was what we played. We are the T’oh Quartet, conducted my Tiger Mom, and run by Floor Manager T’oh. 

Here spring the cheery blossom

I cannot really call it a cherry blossom when it has yet to blossom to that point. More of a cheery blossom, I even added sparkles!

Off-grid Connection

Having a 3G modem was enough to maintain sanity, and I was happy to go off-grid on everything else.


“I just can’t stop thinking about waffles.” Bawls my soul, as expressed by this poor little girl. I feel you!

Any surface

I am so random when it comes to painting that I just take any surface and mess around with them. Sometimes I draw on my hand, sometimes on my leg. Strange habits, tsk.


Astrally speaking, we are all stardust and wherever we are, what matters are not our physical locations but the frequency we are vibrating at.


Yikes! I forgot to get Dad a birthday cake. My last minute scramble to get one by pulling strings was nowhere close to success.


This one here is a cherry blossom that has yet to be completed. It is just short of a few strokes of the brushes, but I have no idea what is holding me back.

Roll flamingo

My dream is to paint a full-sized wall mural of sunset filled with wild flamingoes in the foreground, and the glitter of setting sun merging with its rays at the horizon.


Yippee! Happy New Year! Time and date with such a definitive cross-over may be a man-made concept, but it is after all something wonderful to celebrate.


2017 is coming to a close! I managed to finish reading my favourite book again! I read it every year and eschew the concepts at a different depth each year.

Sweet lil’ rain

Extravagance is: paying ten bucks for a black coffee and a stick of fairy floss. The fairy floss is not even pink!

Finding Depth

I notice my proclivity to hide in the ocean – dreams of that magical smooth place somewhere deep into nothingness, where there is no form, no structure, no border.

Mild counts to year end

They say that being grateful for what is in our lives at the moment puts our attention on what we like, and thus we get more of it (Law of Attraction~).


I have been writing about paintings and art and artists and painters. Honestly, it can sound like a lot of fluff (at least to myself) as I have never posted any of my works before.

Love in the first degree

I realise that the worst unrequited love anyone can experience is with oneself. This would be the ultimate Love in the first degree.

Sunrise on the mirror

In front of his bed hung a circular mirror, at the precise angle to capture the sunrise every morning through the eastern window!

Windows into a colourful soul

The windows altered the space. You may not see them, but they changed the natural light as it entered, and added colour and flavour to it. Exactly like the people and situations in our lives, isn’t it?

Revisiting Deeds

As I picked cards one after another, the past stories flowed into my consciousness one after another. My glaring selfishness starred me in my face, one realisation after another. 

My life on a leaf

Eons ago, a monk in a temple wrote predictions of fellow mortals on bundles of palm leaves.

The Body

So the Gate appears to show me the Crossroads I did not see.

Radiating Love

I am glad to see how I could scale up from humanitarian / development work to youth leadership workshops of today.


I used to think I am indifferent to being alive or not, as my aim is to do my best for my highest good every day (and every moment possible). But yesterday, I was immersed in joy of being alive!

Computing class!

All her life, she has never used one, not even the iPad to get to Youtube for Oliver.

Hopeful New Year

So. 2017 has arrived. Or, secretly crept in. I took a breather, and it sprung right up from behind me, and well, so it’s here to stay. 2016 flew past, a really fast year, I don’t even remember counting to twelve.  I remain hopeful that the year will be a better one. Heart wanted to…

Fishing for inner peace

I finally had my aura soma reading today! My Higher Self has her way of luring me into doing things. It is so roundabout today that I am really impressed by her ways. So, she nudged me very early on the in the morning not to go for yoga, but spend sometime doing work for…

Travel Bug Itch

Someone sent his greetings from the far away land of *ahem* Malaysia. I wanted to ask if 外国的月亮比较圆 (translated to be “is the moon really rounder overseas?”), very similar to the pasture on the other side being always greener.

Wheel of Fortune rolls again

Indeed, there is a time for everything. Precisely as described by the Wheel of Fortune. Which is why it is so so so important to live in the present. Because the present really is a gift that life presents to us every single moment.


Plop goes my heart! Or maybe plop! went His heart. I got into an estranged bout of crying which arose from my feeling so touched and honoured by His love on one hand, and that disconnect between my mission and my current state of affairs on the other.


My sis came to me yesterday evening and said “do you remember the psychic we went to who gave us a cassette recording?” “Do you know she said I will be working at a place where the world meets?” GASP!

Inner Child

I woke up this morning to see babyboo holding a stick and instructing ‘飞’ (‘fly’ in Mandarin) while waving the tag around at the balcony. He is watching a babybird learn to fly!

Oh, border!

dissolving lines in the world through understanding them