The bar for my perception of normalcy has been lowered to a new level.

Quiet is scary

Quiet day on the news front! No news is good news, says the positive side of me.

Orange Jive

Our DORSCON got raised to the same level as SARS now 😦 apparently because there was some untraceability in the new cases.

15 Days of CNY

It takes so many decades for me to realise we celebrate 15 days of Chinese New Year!

Macro angpow

Happy New Year! The perfect macro pic for Chinese New Year greetings! 鸿运当头、花开富贵、双双对对、十全十美.


New word in my vocabulary! One thing I am very fervid about is language.

Suburban Paris

So we moved to Triel-sur-Seine for the final weekend.


My Mini Me joined me in Paris!

Tokyo II

Ahh sooo sooo sooo is the commonly recognisable phrase I hear in the izakaya.


Tokyo is not at all what I imagined it to be. Even where Godzilla was probably was not where I am staying at.


Delays for every public transport service I planned to take!