I am not a religious person, and have only started getting acquainted with many terms just very recently. It is embarrassing to let leak my ignorance here, but I guess we all learn something new everyday.


The Compass within us

I now understand the “current map” a tad bit deeper. Why it is current, and also why time is not linear, is because there are millions of us involved in our own respective story lines, and everyone has Free Will.

Resuming normalcy

Yappadappadoo~ just finished a presentation today. 😀 Life has been pretty intense since I got back to Singapore.


I am a neophyte to human relations! Lady Nada’s words really hit home yesterday, and I am starting to understand the pattern of survival versus love as a choice, and how I always chose to run away each time.


Ah-ha. I was not the only one who googled “is gratitude an emotion”. I was also not the only one who googled “is gratitude a virtue”.

Saints Sinners and Slaves

Understanding life / live(s) really takes many layers of peeling, getting in touch, understanding, and then a next deeper layer of peeling, getting in touch, and another level of understanding.


Feeling very at Home today. This pic is the perfect description for how I feel about today’s session, and also how I love the comfort of my yoga group. ❤ Kthxbye!

The Thinning Veil

While at Frances, I remarked how the bottles that now draw me are the ones that are similar on both layers, both hues and shades. It is interesting in that the last time I was there, what called out to me were those whose colours were distinct but very balanced and harmonized. She explained that…