The Tramp Life

The disheveled tramp painfully clung on to his ribs as he took his last steps.

The Crown Prince

Once upon a time, there was a crown prince who was always told he would one day be King.

Healer Boo

Booboos and boohoos to that. Writing about past lives is actually quite fun. I shall document one more story that came up in that last class.

Jenga Layers

The one last night – I wouldn’t exactly call it a dream, cos it affected me so hard that I woke up, sat up and worked through it.

Consistent Success

I can, and I am worthy of achieving success again and again and again, and it is possible to still do better each time.


So I went through all kinds of thinking and strategising, in absolute determination to “exhaust all possibilities”.


Past live adventures get more and more interesting. An elephant king of the herd (first time! an animal!).

Life’s knowns and unknowns

I saw the animal, it was a very beautiful, majestic hoofed animal, looking much like a humongous deer with gorgeous antlers.

Pinggles and the Shark

The intrepid adventure of an unknown diver / snorkeler beside a tame but stern shark in the middle of the ocean with crystal clear waters and a sandy undulating seabed has come to a conclusion today.

Targetless maybe

There are times in our lives where we are target-less. Or maybe I have just relinquished control to a higher wisdom up there which has managed every day of my past two weeks of travel.


Life is fairly simple to deal with at its two-dimension, or three-dimension. Throw in the fourth and the fifth dimension and it gets into a whole new level of complication.


Now I know it is an apt word to use to describe my latest inspiration: I shall riff about my past life love stories as they unfold in my journey!


Lady Nada spoke to me this morning. She introduced me to the energy of Faith, explaining it is a light blue ray which is not only an Archangel, but also a Quality – a cosmic vibration.