Sunshine and Shade

I have decided to treat myself better amidst the stress for crossing geographical borders during such strenuous times.


Slid the little penguin down the pile of roadside slushie. 


Here is a photo of my favourite street sign / favourite street name.


Nothing enchants me nowadays other than watching the innocence of a little almost-two-year being enchanted by everything in the world.


Inuits believed them to be the frozen embers from the aurora borealis.


Lil’O is the smallest and youngest being this Chinese New Year, and was thus the centre of attention for the huge family gathering.

Kungfu fighting

It’s Chinese New Year and it seems like a costume party galore for the little ones.

Lil’ O

I hardly write about Oscar, so today I shall put in some effort to introduce the other O to the blogosphere.


Babysharkdooodoodododooo. Quite a job. Not sure whether his camouflage is for the baby/mummy/daddysharkfamily, or for the Chinese New Year red packets. Vain boy in winter jacket on the equator. Getting ready for japan!


I normally do not do awards, but since I am still ringing the new year vibes, and today’s RDP happened to be Mystery…


The abstract moment of truth when you suddenly see what it means by DNA and the thread that runs through your blood.