Wild and Free

That was the time I understood that wild life is happy out in the wild, and that human beings should not always be so selfish in wanting to domesticate them.



This beat and movement is going to stick around in your head for a bit. hehe. AND that feeling of achey-shoulders. #sorrynotsorry
Have a great day~

Family ride!

After a grand 3-year hiatus, our family finally gets to ride together again, now that Babyboo is old enough to join us. Our new 2-year-old member now rides with us for our journey to breakfast and a morning stroll around the park. The yuge park that we grew up around since we moved into urbanization. …


We went karaoke-ing last night after dinner, and it was great fun! Dinner was wonderful, we had steamboat, which I have not had since moving back from Shanghai. The mega plus point is that I felt really safe eating the steamboat here. 😉 in a good class restaurant in Singapore. Sang our hearts out! Could feel…

Versatile Blogger Award

Wheehee~ Got my first blogger award nomination! I have gone public with my outerworldly musings only three months ago, and it is such great encouragement to be nominated by Sheryl and lodgerofarabica. Thank you so much, I am honoured. ❤