Circle of Familiarity

Life has gone quite a circle, my sis and I used to do these little assignments for our little baby bro, who has now grown up to run these little errands for my sister’s baby son.



Overwhelmed by how innately Aries I am, in the most absurd sense of it – how impulsively I am ramming myself through things and then suddenly feeling the entire weight of the situation when I come around to seeing where I have reached.

Grainy memories

Suddenly recall the grainy photographs of film cameras in the yester-years. I have not tried digging through my cabinets of stuffs to look at old photo albums. Always thought some monster may be lurking inside. Maybe the monster is the shadow side of me – the side I am unsure whether I am ready to…

Sunday Sleep

One guy at the next table exclaimed to another, “omg, I woke up at 10:46”. My heart laughed a little inside. 


32degrees Celsius, 61% humidity.

The Unsuspecting 

But it taught me some hard facts in life: discrimination is deeply ingrained in our everyday life, but because it is so ingrained, they just pass by unnoticed. 

Tender my goodbye

Role of industry leaders would be to lead the industry, isn’t it? If they do not, sooner or later, the masses will overrun them, and then who are these leaders going to lead then?

Whimsical Amusement

A good analogy would be: OCD artist carefully and methodically painting details, leaned back to admire her painstaking work, and in hopped a brash child out of nowhere, took a paintbrush and smeared a few lines. 


This has been such a trendy word in my time. Design really does have some fashionable periods. As I pull myself away from design and the pretty things that my attention always goes to, I start to wonder what really constitutes Minimal. As minimal as it gets would be something  in the strictest sense of…

Little bit of tech

So I went to a tech conference today, you can almost consider it a gatecrash. I have no idea what it this conference about, but the session I  attended was pretty interesting. I have been reading about blockchain, but have nearly really figured whether I know what is going on. But it still falls under…

Rise of the parasites

I had a massive attack by parasite this Thursday, after a lunch with an ex-colleague. It was a horrifying experience – my nose was running non-stop, and my ears were blocked, and I was walking around in a vacuum which felt worse than that of a cold.

Scent of Love

The smell of 4am coffee is my closest experience to the scent of love. At the same time, the opposing scent of unworthiness.