Yikes, I got Covid again. Actually I am fully recovered but just waiting for the ART to show up negative.

Perception | Projection

“What (do you think) happens when unconditional love meets a viewpoint of conditional love?”


I have been so deeply immersed in feeling alot of deep profound stuffs that I have not gotten my head around.


I have the gumption to start my own ThetaHealing practice. I think the context of this sentence ticks everything on the checklist of what the dictionary says. 🙂

Strange days

Today is the strangest day of this strange year, yet not atypical of 2020.


Having bloodsuckers around us is more than them taxing our blood and breath.

Passing time

I have been un-stuck! Today is my 15th day in Singapore.


The tiny blunder to kick myself over was that I threw out my stash of N95s just last week, during spring cleaning.


I can’t focus when my mom is free!


Surprise, I’m back at ohborder! Will probably be posting everyday for the next two weeks!

May the

… pingbacks start working again.


I am more like melt…ing. It’s crazy hot in Phnom Penh.


I am seeing the ripple effects of incidents from last week. So I want to send out positive ripples instead.

Mercury dance

So Mercury retrograde has shown its face very early this round.


My clock was thus pretty messed up, and I could not slumber through the flight the way I usually do.


It is very interesting to observe the evolution, or creeping in of adulthood, in our family chats.

Baby bucket list

Oliver suddenly asked me about Shanghai this morning. What a strange strange strange bucket list to start.

Vaguely blue

I feel vaguely blue today. Vaguely because I don’t exactly know why I feel blue, and totally bewildered with big “Huhhhhhhhsss? What’sss goingsss onsss?”


There’s a saying, “if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him“. Ouch. And maybe a high-five.

Reduced to reflection

Sorry to take you this far with no conclusion of any kind. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, it is just a long long rant post.


My life came to an abrupt standstill last night, it was rather creepy. I was feeling really stuffy in office, with a throbbing headache, and a sore back like a million needles went through it.


Some memories are cherishables, while some are perishables. Nostalgia definitely falls under the former.

Silent treatment

Made it in time for my hair appointment today! Pretty happy that my hair got its fair share of pampering. The hairstylist asked about cutting it short, but I did my curls just half a year ago! Ah well, he cut it as short as he needed to keep it healthy, and I shall go…

Inner outer child

Babyboo was already asleep when I got back today. I had promised him this morning that I would come home earlier so he can chill in my room and show me (my) things.


Do you have days when life just feels like too much and too much of nothingness that you want to hide in the cocoon for an infinite amount of time? Maybe till the storm blows over, or till things have sorted out enough internally to emerge as a butterfly, or maybe just simply, fossilise.

Write and Ramble

Angels woke me up at 3:33 this morning. I rolled my eyes and then rolled back to sleep. Then at 4:44, I was woken up again.

Sweet spot

The best place in time is having the sun on your face, hair and back. With a strong enough breeze to rack the waves up into a symphony as they beat rhythmically against the beach. Freezing fingers warmed by the chai tea latte. Nothing more perfect than this. 🙂 Lovely day. If only I had…

Eggy time

Time travelling is like walking on eggs. I feel myself in a slime of an egg white as I checked in online prodded by the midnight SMS.

Moon behind the clouds

Full moon is as full moon does.
I can hear the waves thunderously crashing against the land. It was creepy at first, I had never lived so near the ocean before.

Fluffy diet

My diet constraints are turning out to be a whole load of fluff nowadays. More a matter of restraint or a lack thereof.


Melancholia is a very dangerous and contagious state of being. 😦 We watched Loving Vincent today and … I should really stay away from Vincent Van Gogh for a while. I have sunk into that deep hole too many times before, and it is really not a good place to be in.

Circle of Familiarity

Life has gone quite a circle, my sis and I used to do these little assignments for our little baby bro, who has now grown up to run these little errands for my sister’s baby son.


Overwhelmed by how innately Aries I am, in the most absurd sense of it – how impulsively I am ramming myself through things and then suddenly feeling the entire weight of the situation when I come around to seeing where I have reached.

Grainy memories

Suddenly recall the grainy photographs of film cameras in the yester-years. I have not tried digging through my cabinets of stuffs to look at old photo albums. Always thought some monster may be lurking inside. Maybe the monster is the shadow side of me – the side I am unsure whether I am ready to…

Sunday Sleep

One guy at the next table exclaimed to another, “omg, I woke up at 10:46”. My heart laughed a little inside. 


32degrees Celsius, 61% humidity.


Sun, sand and sea. Breathing in every bit of the torquoise around me. 

The Unsuspecting 

But it taught me some hard facts in life: discrimination is deeply ingrained in our everyday life, but because it is so ingrained, they just pass by unnoticed. 

Tender my goodbye

Role of industry leaders would be to lead the industry, isn’t it? If they do not, sooner or later, the masses will overrun them, and then who are these leaders going to lead then?

Whimsical Amusement

A good analogy would be: OCD artist carefully and methodically painting details, leaned back to admire her painstaking work, and in hopped a brash child out of nowhere, took a paintbrush and smeared a few lines. 


I squiggled a giggle when someone texted me happy birthday! It’s always fun to receive old school communication – who uses SMS nowadays? We do! At one point this decade, we even ICQ-ed each other, with that signature Uh-Oh! and green spinning petals. We used to Trillian each other too! Do people still use that?…


This has been such a trendy word in my time. Design really does have some fashionable periods. As I pull myself away from design and the pretty things that my attention always goes to, I start to wonder what really constitutes Minimal. As minimal as it gets would be something  in the strictest sense of…

Little bit of tech

So I went to a tech conference today, you can almost consider it a gatecrash. I have no idea what it this conference about, but the session I  attended was pretty interesting. I have been reading about blockchain, but have nearly really figured whether I know what is going on. But it still falls under…

Rants always help

It’s all clear now. After the exasperated post earlier, which sent steam fleeing, I am now vividly seeing the purpose behind.

Rise of the parasites

I had a massive attack by parasite this Thursday, after a lunch with an ex-colleague. It was a horrifying experience – my nose was running non-stop, and my ears were blocked, and I was walking around in a vacuum which felt worse than that of a cold.

Scent of Love

The smell of 4am coffee is my closest experience to the scent of love. At the same time, the opposing scent of unworthiness.

The Taste of Confusion

These past two days had been really really spacey for me. The day before, I was just in a whole whirlpool of things I cannot understand. It scares me, really. I can usually understand something when I put my mind to it. It probably takes three to five times longer than others (other people more familiar…

The Unsuspecting Marathon

As most would have noticed, I started using the equilibrium and quintessence since a week before Christmas. I have been diligently using them daily and had been clearing lotsa issues nightly too. Unknowingly, I had run a marathon of shedding my past(s) for exactly a month. Sounds like a really good deal – one month of…

Weirdest Christmas

It has been a very intense one week, in the energetic sense. At the physical level, it is taking a huge toll on my physical body (and mind). I have been soo tired since Monday (been googling what is the deal with the 19th Dec onwards ~ no idea when the end is!) and every…

Wheel of Fortune

The wheel of fortune spun a little faster today. Morning was (for once, in a long time) peaceful and un-rushed, and I had a tiny bit of time to spend with Babyboo. And also for once, in a long time, he did not play hard-to-get. He asked to come into my room when I stepped…


Relax?! What an inspiring and aspirational prompt today. Extremely appropriate for a full intense Monday. This Monday is filled to the brim with lessons – lessons after lessons, hour after hour. I did not even dare pick any cards of the day!


I have not seen this word in two decades, I had to check the dictionary for its meaning. First thought – a panoramic layers of whatever. Second thought – it has to be something broad, and something in a spectrum, while at the same time, depth through layers of meanings. My guess turned out to…

Elicit | Illicit

I love words that sound so alike, yet have vastly different meanings. It makes me think twice and thrice and more about the “what?!” and the “why?”. Just like Elusive | Illusive.


My kind of stylish, in the most awkward manner from the outside while effortless from the inside, is looking up at the sky “Ooh, ultramarine and white”. I have no idea why I feel it is stylish, maybe that smoothness of thoughts of deciphering the world in colours?

Little Luxuries

It is such a luxury to be able to write – the ability to, and having the time to. How do other people vent and relieve the stress they meet and accumulate in their lives, I wonder?

Repressed Emotions

I dreamt of a toilet. An urban toilet in the wild. A clean tiled toilet until I flushed it and it overflowed.

Discharge to Recharge!

Friday was 9-9-9 (Sept 9, 2+0+1+6), the astrological representation of endings and a time of clearing out the old so the new can emerge! Woohoo~ and so it did, so many brilliant new things appeared yesterday.


Life is so different now from my childhood days. We are now eighteen storeys aboveground, with less than a square metre of outdoor space to hang a single lantern, carefully watched over because of its open flame.


We share sidewalks, not homes. Cultivate your own space and soul, and find your own identity within. You cannot find what is yours in someone else’s.

My Miniature World

Dream big, I have always been told. But do remember, we are shaped by our view of the world.


With ease, Grace and countless blessings!

Pokemon No

As with all trendy-people-wannabes, I started playing Pokemon Go.

What gives?

Just had the most unconnected meditation in my life. Yet there was someone who verbalized so many insights for me, and another with the same overview. Hmmmm. Must have a hidden lesson somewhere.

The hands that built

Two mentors, one on each side – I am so blessed. And three whiskeys later … Here I am ~

Tools of the Trade

I feel so grateful to have been exposed to energy healing – not just for the perspective it brings me, but all the tools that come with it. Do you know that #gratitude is a really good tool?

Terror, you besieged my heart

News of attacks again. I have been steering clear from reading reports on terrorist attacks, but decided I am ready to look it in the eye again. So I took a peek at one article, and it got me in the jitters.

Laziness breeds creativity

This has been a guiding principle through a large part of my life. It still is, and I think it may have been the greatest (productive) value my parents instilled in us. My dad takes great pride in keeping to minimal steps to get anything done.