Inner outer child

Babyboo was already asleep when I got back today. I had promised him this morning that I would come home earlier so he can chill in my room and show me (my) things. Yikes, there was so much going on today, I did not manage to make it back early enough. 😦 oh dear oh…


Do you have days when life just feels like too much and too much of nothingness that you want to hide in the cocoon for an infinite amount of time? Maybe till the storm blows over, or till things have sorted out enough internally to emerge as a butterfly, or maybe just simply, fossilise.

Write and Ramble

Angels woke me up at 3:33 this morning. I rolled my eyes and then rolled back to sleep. Then at 4:44, I was woken up again.

Sweet spot

The best place in time is having the sun on your face, hair and back. With a strong enough breeze to rack the waves up into a symphony as they beat rhythmically against the beach. Freezing fingers warmed by the chai tea latte. Nothing more perfect than this. 🙂 Lovely day. If only I had…

Eggy time

Time travelling is like walking on eggs. I feel myself in a slime of an egg white as I checked in online prodded by the midnight SMS.

Moon behind the clouds

Full moon is as full moon does.
I can hear the waves thunderously crashing against the land. It was creepy at first, I had never lived so near the ocean before.

Fluffy diet

My diet constraints are turning out to be a whole load of fluff nowadays. More a matter of restraint or a lack thereof.


Melancholia is a very dangerous and contagious state of being. 😦 We watched Loving Vincent today and … I should really stay away from Vincent Van Gogh for a while. I have sunk into that deep hole too many times before, and it is really not a good place to be in.

Circle of Familiarity

Life has gone quite a circle, my sis and I used to do these little assignments for our little baby bro, who has now grown up to run these little errands for my sister’s baby son.


Overwhelmed by how innately Aries I am, in the most absurd sense of it – how impulsively I am ramming myself through things and then suddenly feeling the entire weight of the situation when I come around to seeing where I have reached.

Grainy memories

Suddenly recall the grainy photographs of film cameras in the yester-years. I have not tried digging through my cabinets of stuffs to look at old photo albums. Always thought some monster may be lurking inside. Maybe the monster is the shadow side of me – the side I am unsure whether I am ready to…