Passing time

I have been un-stuck! Today is my 15th day in Singapore.


The tiny blunder to kick myself over was that I threw out my stash of N95s just last week, during spring cleaning.


I can’t focus when my mom is free!


Surprise, I’m back at ohborder! Will probably be posting everyday for the next two weeks!

May the

… pingbacks start working again.


I am more like melt…ing. It’s crazy hot in Phnom Penh.


I am seeing the ripple effects of incidents from last week. So I want to send out positive ripples instead.

Mercury dance

So Mercury retrograde has shown its face very early this round.


My clock was thus pretty messed up, and I could not slumber through the flight the way I usually do.


It is very interesting to observe the evolution, or creeping in of adulthood, in our family chats.

Baby bucket list

Oliver suddenly asked me about Shanghai this morning. What a strange strange strange bucket list to start.

Vaguely blue

I feel vaguely blue today. Vaguely because I don’t exactly know why I feel blue, and totally bewildered with big “Huhhhhhhhsss? What’sss goingsss onsss?”