Beachy weekend!

Maybe Universe is really reminding me to get a beach holiday?


My fugacious desire to sing has arisen again when this music video popped up on my YouTube feed while I was busy catching up on 2020 horoscope readings.


We eventually have to grow up.
We eventually have to move.

Songs of/from Home

Some are songs dad used to sing to us, probably even as lullabies. He still sings them to Oscar, Oliver and Ruirui!

(Video!) On fleek

There are so many things we lived with all our lives without questioning, “is that right?”, “is that acceptable?”, “is that fair?”. Or maybe I was just too busy following the “rules” to keep myself as safe as I possibly can.


I like the sound of today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt Zing! The entire suit of Swords came to mind, Ace of Swords – Zing! Two of Swords – ZingZingggg!


The beauty of these mandarin ducks are their colours, but I guess having them in b&w brings out the interesting patterns which would otherwise be overshadowed by their gorgeous attractive colours.

If there are seasons

The freezing cold scare last night brought back the warmth of a song from decades ago. I think being brought up in the equatorial belt is cool , with so much room for romantic concepts like this song / musical.

Lively song for a sunday

What better way to end an enjoyable Sunday than to share a lovely lively song that is so loveydovey. Here is a song about eloping to the moon!

Coral sea the blues

One of the most poignant lines was 爱深埋珊瑚海 – how the love was deeply buried in the coral sea.

Oh my beloved

We come to this world guided by a purpose that appear not as an earthly “to-do task list” of being an architect to build the most amazing building in the world or a planner to take care of all humanitarian needs or a chef that innovates a new definition to eating.


It is never too early to take the first step, neither is it ever too late. But to capture the best timing, know yourself, plan your time. 

Percussive words

Here is another song that blew me away. Yup, still harping on the youtube marathon that extended till the rest of today. I love this song for the very strong, almost percussive, rhythm of the words.


There is this one thing I really miss about being in China – their massively popular and extremely rousing singing competitions.