Today, I am back in office, after a hiatus from a week of coughing fits. Suddenly recalled I may have dropped the very precious rhodochrosite necklace at the massage place a week ago.


Sun, sand and sea. Breathing in every bit of the torquoise around me. 

Masses | Messes?

Not sure what to make of this, but the world is really different today. All around the world, and in my own backyard. Whether it is good or bad, that is how things shall churn out, we will just have to learn to live in this new world.

Inner Child

I woke up this morning to see babyboo holding a stick and instructing ‘飞’ (‘fly’ in Mandarin) while waving the tag around at the balcony. He is watching a babybird learn to fly!

Tuning in

Oops, I did it again. I think I ‘accidentally’ channeled again today.

Beautiful skies

The skies have been amazing these few days, with a glow and luminescence that I did not manage to capture with my phone, but with my naked eyes I did. As pearlescent as pearly gates can be.

Sh*t happens

Storehouse is closing! I had to pack my bags and find a new site to park myself at. I wonder what lesson Universe is showing me this time.