Foundation (or Cage?)

She has set the foundation for how we conduct ourselves, yet it is also like a cage whereby we can only be the person within the bounds of what she has set out.

Meaning / Purpose

I am sharing about ThetaHealing on my friend’s Facebook Live channel! It is exciting new territories in my life.

Protected: Cut

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Hm… A word. Letters grouped together that have meaning. Or so we have been taught. A word that makes one think. A word that makes one feel. Is the meaning the same for you? or you? or you? or me? Let’s find out. Today’s prompt is…… REJUVENATE! I dare you to surprise me! You know…

Ragtag Daily Prompt #8: PICKLE

Today is June 8, and the Ragtag Daily Prompt is Pickle. Use it any way you like, link it back to this page and enjoy. To link, copy this:    and then paste it into your post with the link tool. If you put Ragtag Daily Prompt and RDP as tags, it will also…