Seven Days Seven B&W Photos Challenge #7

This challenge is to post seven black and white photos, no people, no explanation, of everyday life for seven consecutive days. Challenge one new blogger each day.


Rants always help

It’s all clear now. After the exasperated post earlier, which sent steam fleeing, I am now vividly seeing the purpose behind.

Gift of Giving

Just bought two tins of pineapple tarts and I feel extremely happy. Satisfaction from the continuous whiffs of rich buttery and egg-infused tarts with the sweetness of natural pineapples and their fibrous textures. I loved it! There were different kinds on sale, so I asked the sales ladies what the differences are, and one pointed…

Little rewards

The Universe rewards honesty in little little magical ways. I found a little error and thought we were overpaid for a certain thingy. A part of me wanted to just shelf it, but that really wouldn’t be my style. So I raised the issue and .. *drum roll* turned out that we were underpaid for…


Carl Jung said/wrote, “The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.” That is why we have all sorts of grudges and resentment towards people outside of us, who in fact serve only as mirrors to what we do not accept of ourselves.  Very fundamental perspective which I have accepted since embarking on this journey….

Veils we hide behind

We are all treasure chests of talents, big or small, to bring gifts in our own ways to this world. There must be a reason why He created us, and why we are created the way we are, into the circumstances we are in. I had a great soul realignment reading from dearest Karin, the…


Such a vivid dream last night. The weirdest of dreams, but I can remember the scenes – places on earth but I have never been before, people I ‘know’ but most I have never met before. Well, the only one I have met was Pam. There was a party group of around thirty people of…