Firsts of the Year

First book of the year goes to The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton! First show of the year goes to Squid Game, I finally watched it!

Forgotten Childhood

My primary school memories were collecting dust in my brain storage!! They have just been swept back up from under the carpet, and it is very enlightening.

Foundation (or Cage?)

She has set the foundation for how we conduct ourselves, yet it is also like a cage whereby we can only be the person within the bounds of what she has set out.

Meaning / Purpose

I am sharing about ThetaHealing on my friend’s Facebook Live channel! It is exciting new territories in my life.

Protected: Cut

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Hm… A word. Letters grouped together that have meaning. Or so we have been taught. A word that makes one think. A word that makes one feel. Is the meaning the same for you? or you? or you? or me? Let’s find out. Today’s prompt is…… REJUVENATE! I dare you to surprise me! You know…

Ragtag Daily Prompt #8: PICKLE

Today is June 8, and the Ragtag Daily Prompt is Pickle. Use it any way you like, link it back to this page and enjoy. To link, copy this:    and then paste it into your post with the link tool. If you put Ragtag Daily Prompt and RDP as tags, it will also…