Fear versus Love

I see now, I see how every decision or action or consideration in life really just boils down to two polarities – fear or love.

The Body

So the Gate appears to show me the Crossroads I did not see.

Jet lag

The worst part about jet lag is probably waking up at 3am feeling hunger right to the deepest core of existence.

This Full Moon

This savage full moon tore me to shreds. It was so intense I was unable to sleep at all last night. Tossed, turned, feeling like I could tear myself out of my body unconstrained. Maybe that is how a werewolf feels on a full moon night.


Oooooooph, I feel crispy now! The water is a whole different climate from the air!  It’s cold!!!!! Brrrrrr. Solidly, icingly, cold! Now I know why we rinse lettuce in ice cold water if we want them crispy! The same with noodles! And I scampered a little up the pebble beach. Ouch!


Sun, sand and sea. Breathing in every bit of the torquoise around me. 

Judging books by their covers

Inside, is a view of a row of books in hands right down the aisle. Lovely, isn’t it? I hardly see anyone reading books these days, mostly seeing iPads and iPhones in hand. 


A short span of ten days and I have collected quite a few of “made in France”.

The Unsuspecting 

But it taught me some hard facts in life: discrimination is deeply ingrained in our everyday life, but because it is so ingrained, they just pass by unnoticed. 


The constant reminder to exercise her energies, helping me to surf through it and maintain my inner peace. 

Tender my goodbye

Role of industry leaders would be to lead the industry, isn’t it? If they do not, sooner or later, the masses will overrun them, and then who are these leaders going to lead then?