Computing class!

My mom is going for computer class tomorrow! I am so impressed. All her life, she has never used one, not even the iPad to get to Youtube for Oliver. She has amazingly never really used a remote control before either! Her exerting control remotely is by “hey, channel 8 please” or “hey, channel U…

Facing death

I died today. It was scary. Extremely fearsome. That moment of facing Death, made me think hard about what really matters.

Breaking the curse of Asian values

Had a brief but deep chat with my cousin after the ancestral healing session yesterday. During the time that our family line was clearing, she could also feel that same buzzing in her left brainosphere, and the pain in her right ankle. The exact same sensation I had. We chatted about the concept of filial…

The Audacity

So. I raised my voice at my ancestors of 4 generations ago. I cried, and raved, in exasperation of the deadlock we were caught in. A deadlock that I still see in my dad’s generation, my granddad’s generation, and of course my generation too. Not so sure about the next generation yet. I just burst into tears and angry words.

Symptomatic Ego-bloat

I have been shunning away from spiritual practice and people, or maybe the other way round, and wanted to focus on integrating spiritual practice in earthly work. Well, I want to be like Thich Nhat Hanh who takes his daily life, every second of it, like a meditation.

A rose by any other name

Will still smell as sweet. Isn’t this a very known term? Or do I store too much peripheral information in and around me? So I re-started my yoga lessons again. With a small little baggage on my shoulder, I continue on my journey again. What a difference spiritual work makes! Just two months away on the ground,…


I squiggled a giggle when someone texted me happy birthday! It’s always fun to receive old school communication – who uses SMS nowadays? We do! At one point this decade, we even ICQ-ed each other, with that signature Uh-Oh! and green spinning petals. We used to Trillian each other too! Do people still use that?…

Little bit of tech

So I went to a tech conference today, you can almost consider it a gatecrash. I have no idea what it this conference about, but the session I  attended was pretty interesting. I have been reading about blockchain, but have nearly really figured whether I know what is going on. But it still falls under…

Spring is Coming!

So I had my first celebration for this year. ❤

In a country of 365 days of summer (outdoors, and winter indoors), I know *when* spring arrives.

Rekindled love

So I sat at the bench, ruminating on my mutton briyani. It tasted delicious, I found myself finally re-acquiring my taste for glorious Indian food after a good eight years.

Rants always help

It’s all clear now. After the exasperated post earlier, which sent steam fleeing, I am now vividly seeing the purpose behind.

Rise of the parasites

I had a massive attack by parasite this Thursday, after a lunch with an ex-colleague. It was a horrifying experience – my nose was running non-stop, and my ears were blocked, and I was walking around in a vacuum which felt worse than that of a cold.