Percussive words

Here is another song that blew me away. Yup, still harping on the youtube marathon that extended till the rest of today. I love this song for the very strong, almost percussive, rhythm of the words.



There is this one thing I really miss about being in China – their massively popular and extremely rousing singing competitions.

Menacing dreams

Nights of weird dreams are back: the marine version of having gremlins in the house.

The story that never came to pass

Another weekend passed. Not a drop of juice written on the past life love story. I made several attempts, but body refused to budge. I guess Soul still has not gotten over it. 😦

Resuming normalcy

Yappadappadoo~ just finished a presentation today. πŸ˜€ Life has been pretty intense since I got back to Singapore.


Now I know it is an apt word to use to describe my latest inspiration: I shall riff about my past life love stories as they unfold in my journey!


I am a neophyte to human relations! Lady Nada’s words really hit home yesterday, and I am starting to understand the pattern of survival versus love as a choice, and how I always chose to run away each time.


Lady Nada spoke to me this morning. She introduced me to the energy of Faith, explaining it is a light blue ray which is not only an Archangel, but also a Quality – a cosmic vibration.

Write and Ramble

Angels woke me up at 3:33 this morning. I rolled my eyes and then rolled back to sleep. Then at 4:44, I was woken up again.


n. the habit of forgetting how important someone is to you until you see them again in person.

Sweet spot

The best place in time is having the sun on your face, hair and back. With a strong enough breeze to rack the waves up into a symphony as they beat rhythmically against the beach. Freezing fingers warmed by the chai tea latte. Nothing more perfect than this. πŸ™‚ Lovely day. If only I had…