The cackling fires

We have to keep burning away the karma and keeping the lessons, and that flame goes on and on until the day we are done and dusted. And yay, we then rise back home – the Light we are, rejoining the Light that is.

Making Sense

So I suppose, the authenticity here is, to not just project what is “acceptable” to the society (or to myself), but to project the “truth”, as long as I properly address it afterward. It is good to surface these questions, so that I can look for the answers.

Voices of Various Types

Yikes. Now I understand why I got Two of Swords yesterday – the helluva debate between the heart (in this case, the Self) and the mind(Ego). It is so important to be able to discern which is speaking and which to heed.

Doing God’s Work

Started the day with a meeting at the embassy. I overslept this morning, and took a taxi there but got there early instead. What better thing to do than to send love and healing to the meeting prior? So I did, but felt so darn sick. The ground spun beneath my feet, I could feel pressure at…

Sleepy Friday

I love writing meditation stories, it just gets more and more exciting.

Discharge to Recharge!

Friday was 9-9-9 (Sept 9, 2+0+1+6), the astrological representation of endings and a time of clearing out the old so the new can emerge! Woohoo~ and so it did, so many brilliant new things appeared yesterday.


Plop goes my heart! Or maybe plop! went His heart. I got into an estranged bout of crying which arose from my feeling so touched and honoured by His love on one hand, and that disconnect between my mission and my current state of affairs on the other.

Melody of Advice

Sometimes they assure, sometimes they hurt, sometimes they are rudely abrupt. Sometimes they flow from one to another, sometimes they are played staccato. All in all, they are meant to strike a chord, a certain chord in the heart.

Intelligence From the First Plane

Been spending too much time up on the Seventh, finally exploring and getting to know the inhabitants of the Fifth, working (physically) on the Second, and obviously living on the Third.


Woohoo~ the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together. Clarity on granularity ensues!

Sturgeon Moon

Full Moon meditation tonight was very different. This time it was flighty pricks of chaos at a very fine scale. It was the most distracting chakra balancing class I have ever attended, myself being the biggest distraction.


This word had been ringing in my head for the past few days. I had to google it, and to my surprise, it had been given such a bad name here, and applied only in its negative notion.


Some beliefs are like stubborn stains, no matter how many times you scrub at it, or how long you leave it to rest before scrubbing again, or how long you soak it, they just rise to the surface and remain.


Today is an eventful day. Accidentally chanted two rounds of protection mantra in the morning, should have taken it as a prelude to how the day unfolds.

The Profundity in Us

God has created us to be profound beings, as with all His other creations. There is so much magic in all of us, and so much magic in the journey of exploring what is within all of us.


I have seen them with my naked eyes, and felt their wings on my physical skin before. Such fine energies, such fine vibrations. Earth feels so coarse and brute in comparison.


I enjoy a sabbath once every month, and it’s a great way to recharge.


There must be a reason why God wants me to stay at home today.

Fussy versus Carefree

My fussiness is starting to surface. It is such a good example of the earlier-mentioned spiral of rising consciousness.

Is Depth analogous to Abyss?

Maybe the diff lies in the bottomlessness. There are some things so deep you just do not know where or whether it ends. Yet there are also some things so deep that you cannot reach it, but you know it ends somewhere.

Soul Mate

Just bought a moonstone ring from a white-shirted burly guy with rolled up sleeves, sharing a conversation on universal laws, stones, energies, and and the physics / science behind them.


Universe throws messages in our face when we do not pay enough attention. I got the same message three times yesterday, and one more time this morning.