Public service announcement~ here is the link to the Global Peace Meditation starting in half an hour.

Energy bodies

My soul was really happy at today’s class! I should have known, it was soul that has been so badly wanting to attend. What we learnt in class are not exactly new to me – chakras, energy bodies – I learnt the former through chakra balancing meditation (and also reiki ten years ago), and the latter…

Taming the Monkey Mind

SO. Now that my conscious mind is back monkeying, I am wondering why they asked me to bring my rose quartz to the meditation. Is it to balance the masculine energies? Is it to open my heart, to give and receive Love?

Voices of Various Types

Yikes. Now I understand why I got Two of Swords yesterday – the helluva debate between the heart (in this case, the Self) and the mind(Ego). It is so important to be able to discern which is speaking and which to heed.

Sleepy Friday

I love writing meditation stories, it just gets more and more exciting.


Urghs. The agony of tuning in to a half-told secret. It is like being to told jump and then stopped at the trajectory point before freefall.

Little Luxuries

It is such a luxury to be able to write – the ability to, and having the time to. How do other people vent and relieve the stress they meet and accumulate in their lives, I wonder?

Pray for the World today

Alright people, let’s send our prayers to the world and to Mother Earth who has so unconditionally been taking on our crap.

Feast on the full moonlight

It is the full moon again! Beautiful glowing ball of light in the sky, nestled in an iridescent halo. Matches my moonstone perfectly.