I’m taking the RDP as a photo challenge today! It is a busy weekend, and there is little hope for me to blog anything thoughtful today. Maybe tomorrow though! Here is a photo of my favourite street sign / favourite street name. Name of the street, not the street itself (it’s a drab bus terminal..)…

Asian squirrel

Corniest of all corn in the world:
Q: Why is this an Asian squirrel?


I can smell the lemony / vinegar-ish zest of the perspiration on their hair, just from looking at this picture!


Unrequited love it was, I really do not like cats.

Fiddler on the roof

It was really hot up there on the zinc roof. I remember them pirouetting and singing “hothothothothot … where are my slipperrrssss”.


A picture paints a thousand words, and this one says, “Welcome home” x 3.


This is what I’m like if I have to do any presentations extempore. It’s so tough, I am having problem even just spelling it out.


For a while, I lived right up in the clouds. ❤