Gold nuggets

It’s raining gold nuggets! Metaphorically~ it appears that wisdom is showering down, and hopefully in terms of material gold equivalent too.

I am starting to see my blog as a wishing well. Not sure if the words come as Creator’s way of mustering me for the upcoming journey, or the blog is the magic mail portal for “letters to God”. Or that it is the tuition teacher guiding me in the crafting of a clearer letter to the Above, so that the good can be delivered in a more precise manner.

By some weird twist of focus, the light was shone onto Southeast Asia again. By some even more bizarre coincidence, an offshoot of a conversation brought in the name of a place I have even forgotten about. Phnom Penh was the last destination before the most dramatic change in my life, and it was also where I took the call, to move to China. In a way, I have forgotten about the place, other than the beautiful Angkor Wat (and that is in Siem Reap, not PP).

My itching heart and lightfootedness was again led into hovering in the space of “what am i doing with my life”, and I remember writing a few times “Universe is sending reminders”, and I think I am more ready now to grapple with the conflicting aspects inherent in this thing called Life. So I guess, it is no surprise that a lightbulb is blinkering in my face right here right now, “follow me, the path has shown”. Or maybe, “you daft little one, you have finally asked”. Ask, and it shall be given to you. I asked for gold powder, and Universe dropped a gold nugget.

Moral of the story: words and thoughts hold much more power than we can ever imagine. Think good thoughts, speak (or write) good words, because Someone Up There is listening!

❤ ❤

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  1. Phnom Penh… got my attention. I’m curious when? Changed greatly since I was first there… both myself, and the place.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      I was there in 2010 (OMG, time flew). My bro had been doing his stuff there, so I joined him for a month. If all goes well *fingers and toes crossed*, I’ll be there in another three weeks. 😀
      Will definitely be different in terms of physical landscape… I’m pretty nauseated by how the real estate there has developed over the years. (But that field is no longer my circus, no longer my monkeys. wheehehe.)

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      1. First in early 2002. I stayed for six months — first three-months for a failed graduate project, next three-months involved some things that I fell into. I usually return each year to maintain connections with an ongoing, long-term project. Indeed… time flies.

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      2. leapingtoes says:

        Yea, my bro returns year after year after year too.
        There are some special places that are like that – tugs on the heartstrings.

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