Grainy memories

Suddenly recall the grainy photographs of film cameras in the yester-years. I have not tried digging through my cabinets of stuffs to look at old photo albums. Always thought some monster may be lurking inside. Maybe the monster is the shadow side of me – the side I am unsure whether I am ready to…

Jiggly out in a Jiffy

Was not exactly jiggly, just really shady grey dotted with black.
I had my wisdom tooth extracted today!

Sunday Sleep

One guy at the next table exclaimed to another, “omg, I woke up at 10:46”. My heart laughed a little inside. 


My life today, on a wonderful Friday, all revolved around project delivery deadlines. This sentence alone suffices in holding my breath to a still.


May the long time sun
Shine upon you,
All love surround you,
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on.

Revisiting Deeds

As I picked cards one after another, the past stories flowed into my consciousness one after another. My glaring selfishness starred me in my face, one realisation after another. 


So it’s National Day today.


Today, I am back in office, after a hiatus from a week of coughing fits. Suddenly recalled I may have dropped the very precious rhodochrosite necklace at the massage place a week ago.


I started wondering why I had paid so little attention to this race. Demographics – Singapore is 74.3% Chinese, 13.4% Malays, 9.1% Indians and 3.2% Others.


32degrees Celsius, 61% humidity.

My broken leaf

It could also well be my prayers for breaking a stalemate, and the divine giving me a generous nudge is this manner.

My life on a leaf

Eons ago, a monk in a temple wrote predictions of fellow mortals on bundles of palm leaves.