Sweet Spot

Since 2019 began, I embarked on a new quest on a not-so-new journey. I am now working towards a more balanced lifestyle which I have enough rest while also having enough time (the rest is so I also have enough energy) to pursue the meaningful things in life. If I haven’t been writing, it most…


I share the same sentiment with Margaret about a city not being a proper city unless it has a river running through it. Almost all the cities I have planned has river(s) running through them. Those that do not, are cities directly fronting the sea, bay, but not the ocean though. This photo is of Phnom…

Curved ball from left field

Spiky till it hurts, what better image to portray that than the Three of Swords. I have been wanting to write about 3 Swords since last year (haha, trick there ~ since the last day of 2018!) but had gotten distracted here and there by different better topics to blog about. Ah well, but today’s…


I normally do not do awards, but since I am still ringing the new year vibes, and today’s RDP happened to be Mystery… … ❤ So, thank you copypowerblog for the nomination! ❤ I also mysteriously fished your nomination out from the spam folder today (synchronicity is a mysterious magical hand!!!). * * * About…


Started the year with a longggg phone call with a lonnnggggtime friend, just in time to say Happy New Year to the US side of the world. Guess it’s a prelude to the rest of 2019 having meaningful conversations and meaningful relationships with meaningful people. I anticipate positive dynamics for 2019!!!!!! ❤ The last bit…


Wow, crossed over to 2019! Wheehee! Instead of having last year segue into this year, I felt I had to interrupt it, almost like a hard reboot. It feels important to me to sit down, collect myself and look back on the year passed, and then dream new dreams for the year ahead. 2018 had…


The abstract moment of truth when you suddenly see what it means by DNA and the thread that runs through your blood. OMG. Oliver and I look like mirror images (diagonally mirrored in this case) of each other. Totoro and I are spending too much time together. Either that or we are/were dressed by the…


Came home early from work today to hang out with the double O bros. Oliver really had me in fits of laughter from his antics. He was making kungfu noises as he twisted himself around on the ground to tackle me with his flying kicks. Sounded so much like a girl that I called him…


Originally posted on Oh, border!:
On the assumption that life keeps up this momentum, this shall be the view from my office before the end of 2018 ❤


Yay, just completed my final flight for 2018!!! Coincidentally a special day when the western solstice coincides with our eastern version of solstice 冬至. The day of family reunions over a sweet dessert of glutinous rice dumplings. ❤ home sweet home ❤


There is something really cheerful about Monday prompts. It always starts with …. It’s Monday!!! It’s a busy Monday, so much going on. I am seeing the ripple effects of incidents from last week. So I want to send out positive ripples instead. I came home to two babies sleeping, it was very tempting to…

Dreams and Ideals

Such a beautiful prompt for a Sunday. Of course, I am going to find time to blog about about Dreams, even though it is already 1am here, and I have tonnes of work due tomorrow. A senior sent me this today (I’m probably going to start naming them Senior A, Senior B, Senior C at…

Friendship and stuffs

I am actually very tired, but the extended evening of chats was still tolerable, or rather, very enjoyable in fact. This is a really long week in PP, and amazing enough, it was not a long week for just me. All of us are returning only on Saturday, which makes almost a full week here…

Rains pours

When it rains, it pours. I have been very quiet lately because … … it was pouring crazies. The week started out really brilliant, but got worse along the way. I was absolutely stunned when I witnessed a senior being mugged right opposite me in the tuktuk we were on. It was my first (hopefully…


My favourite walk thus far is in a cemetery. Sounds morbid? Nah, just very wistful. This photograph is taken at Bukit Brown – a former jungle, battleground, necropolis – so much history and heritage, but .. not much of it left, and possibly not much hope of it being left in the future to come. I…

Convo with Universe

I am very very thankful for the people that Universe has been bringing into my life. It dawned on me yesterday that whether or not we see and receive what He is waiting to give, depends sooooooo much on how ready and willing we are to receive. I was at the brink of another anxiety…

Mercury dance

So Mercury retrograde has shown its face very early this round. My flight’s delayed 20mins, and the engineer is finally up on board checking the systems, and it’s lights out for now. Then we figure what’s next. And how long. Brilliant that 4G goes on a separate network so I can still whine and ramble…

Sea Snooze

I had a dream of crystal clear waters again, and this time not in the still boundless ocean but in a crowded sea with waves. Out of the blue, I sunk into a space of insecurities on Thursday night, and I could not understand why. At an earthly level, I do know why – piles…


Today is a very weird day. Plane was delayed by half an hour, and arrival was further delayed by another half an hour. It is almost like mercury the air traffic controller is doing some retro dancing, because my sis’ flight is going to be late too! And our flights are a whole day apart….


Conversations past present future. It is very interesting to observe the evolution, or creeping in of adulthood, in our family chats. Or now, the family WeChat. Sometimes, WhatsApp. Mostly logistic arrangements, which reinforces the idea that it really takes a village to raise a child or many children. I was very surprised to see Oscar…

Baby bucket list

Oliver suddenly asked me about Shanghai this morning. He wanted to go to Shanghai. What a strange strange strange bucket list to start. Being the meanie ah-yi I am, I asked him why, “you are already a China baby, why would you still want to go to China?” It was our (sis’ and mine) private…

Asian squirrel

Corniest of all corn in the world:
Q: Why is this an Asian squirrel?

Sowed and reaped

前人种树,后人乘凉 is a Chinese saying for the earlier generation sowing a seed for the future generation to enjoy the shade of the tree.

Baskin’ Bangkok

All weekends should be like this. I am now writing on the top floor of a very nice shopping mall, with a double volume space and natural daylight, surrounded by books and pretty decor.

Divine drench

Let’s say in this case, I am the animal, and the divine is administering me a dose of my own medicine. Via a very serendipitous anonymous hand.

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge

So here is my rendition of (foot)Steps – the happy feet stepping on happy tiles. The tiles did come in black and white, and so did my shoes that day.

Lustrous golden light

One epiphany that stopped me in my tracks was that it takes strength to see strength in another. The other was that it takes love to see love in a situation.

Loving objects

The little ones object to anyone of us feeling blue! I woke up this morning to two chuckling bouncing objects – little bundles of joy.


Thanks to the very educational Ragtag Daily Prompt, which is Fabulist today, I realise that it actually means a person who relates tales/fables, or a liar. Ouch!


Sometimes these things that we do/did/are doing/will do have a wayyyyy bigger picture than we realise, and by definition of serendipity, you don’t exactly know if this happy beneficial occurrence was by chance or by hard work.

(Video!) On fleek

There are so many things we lived with all our lives without questioning, “is that right?”, “is that acceptable?”, “is that fair?”. Or maybe I was just too busy following the “rules” to keep myself as safe as I possibly can.


Here is the herd of our next gen in our ah-ma daycare.

Tarot wideSpread

Just did a superduper extensive, and pretty much impressive (at least to me) spread of tarot. 😀 Look at it!

6am rolling

It’s 6am writing from the airport again. I am feeling like a plump little plum rolling around in a bunch of linguistic obstacle course.


I had a fantastic burble-ing weekend! Sis was away, and I had the double-Os to myself, and relinquishing them for abit to babybro now and then.

Brace for the ride

Something weird is happening. I cannot get my head around it, and the angels keep nudging me to write.


Celebrating the remarkable decision for a comeback.

Contrasts and perspectives

I think how we feel and see the world really depends on how we frame it, and how we tell ourselves what is happening.

Flowers of Fall

It’s a weird feeling, not that it tastes good or bad, but it just tastes so darn interesting because I never thought of eating flowers before.


Falalala feeling inspired by my own life.


Posh is such an apt prompt to write to, this recovery weekend with one full dozen of oysters, a honey sake topped with a pretty purple flower, and two premium sushi rolls!


Featherlightheartedness indulging in the meaningfulness and fullness of life, however grubby I may feel with the hair, face, and skin, dry from dusty roads riding in exposed tuk-tuks.


I am already knee deep in trying to understand the natural world, so I have never looked into this other new realm of robots before.


Guess I have been coddiwompling – travelling in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination – most of the part of my life I have control over.


Pardon me for my absence, has it been one full week already?

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge

This black and white photo of our little boy wandering the big busy world of cold hard sculptural adults is in response to Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Sculptures, Statues, Carvings.


Oh gosh, I’m back (temporarily) into a sane world of normal human pace, and realised I have missed yarn, remember, elder, fluffy, and I shall be early on brio.

Love me tender

This video came around again today, so I thought I’ll share it here.


We had funny names for the dogs – the one who was there with me is called Number Two because it was a second dog there; the first one was called Number One.


Mobility is a huge freedom, and there are so many layers and aspects we can zoom into and examine why it means freedom.

Vaguely blue

I feel vaguely blue today. Vaguely because I don’t exactly know why I feel blue, and totally bewildered with big “Huhhhhhhhsss? What’sss goingsss onsss?”


I can smell the lemony / vinegar-ish zest of the perspiration on their hair, just from looking at this picture!


“Does this fall under the category of 没关系?” This Chinese term means “does not matter”, and in the context of what we were discussing, “fungible” would be the perfect word which I did not know before this RDP.


Unrequited love it was, I really do not like cats.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Attitude

Having an upbeat attitude makes life so much easier to deal with. Here are some pics of crazy shit we do when we are not busy saving the world.

Catching up

Time flew past like crazy airplanes! I missed so many prompts that I shall attempt to catch up on them right now.

Protected: Cut

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Fiddler on the roof

It was really hot up there on the zinc roof. I remember them pirouetting and singing “hothothothothot … where are my slipperrrssss”.

Passions abide

Reframing and pushing boundaries are way more fun than just sticking to the darn “correct” answers which I had to “abide by” in the previous education system I was in. 

Umbrella novelties

The novel aspect of this six-pack of city umbrellas is that it was the largest wooden structure in the world.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Music

My memories of Andalucian culture was mostly of music and dance – it is after all the home to Flamenco, a dance form that keeps my heart upbeat and fluttery.

Eclipse Challenge

Heck. It has been one full week, and I am still on the Eclipse like it is a never-ending story. Bear with me, I’m sure today’s the last post about this latest pair of eclipses. Tsk.

Pulse of youth

Managed to find a laptop with a CD-reader, and extracted all my old Melbourne photos from 2005!


Metaphorically, there’s a whole quarry of memories in this physical stack of flat circles in front of me. On the other hand, I really want to write about my memories of the gold quarry!


The eclipse put a black shade over my life this weekend, and time flew past without any productive accomplishment, and it scares me.

Can’t do

Can’t do math. Actually. The bonus is that it is something different. 😀 We sometimes need a little jolt to shake things up a little?

Strength | Courage

Originally posted on Oh, border!:
The immediate association with Courage in tarot-speak is VIII Strength. However, I see Courage as only part of what Strength is about, while at the same time, Courage also speaks for more than what Strength is about. Every VIII Strength card comes with a lion, and a very composed human bravely co-existing with…


Clear as sky it is eclipse and blood(y) full moon season. Inner child owned the session this evening, and I just gave her the space to.

Traveling Style

Travel in Style, was my modus operandi for a few years of my life. Of every 30days, I would be spending 10days up in the air and on some foreign land (foreignly China).


I like the sound of today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt Zing! The entire suit of Swords came to mind, Ace of Swords – Zing! Two of Swords – ZingZingggg!


Time and again.
Time and tide wait for no man.
No time already, kthxbye.


The beauty of these mandarin ducks are their colours, but I guess having them in b&w brings out the interesting patterns which would otherwise be overshadowed by their gorgeous attractive colours.

Gold nuggets

It’s raining gold nuggets! Metaphorically~ it appears that wisdom is showering down, and hopefully in terms of material gold equivalent too.


The prompt for today is GOLD. Take gold as your inspiration and create in whatever way inspires you. Share your inspiration with the group with a pingback. If you need directions, they are available here. Today is the 50th day of Ragtag Daily Prompts! We’ve had at least one a day since our inception, which…


A picture paints a thousand words, and this one says, “Welcome home” x 3.


This is what I’m like if I have to do any presentations extempore. It’s so tough, I am having problem even just spelling it out.


For a while, I lived right up in the clouds. ❤

Walking contradictions

Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is Open, and I guess the easiest to write about would be keeping hearts, minds, arms, eyes open.


Me reads:
Kerfuffle = covfefe (curvefurfur); or
Kerfuffle = covfefe (coffeefeefeeefEEee *on a caffeine-high*) + wahffles (high on sugar).


Goofy me oftentimes find I end up spoofing myself in the word prompts. Happily, dappily, I’d take the word of the day and run with it.


Today’s RDP is Superstition, and friggatriskaidekaphobia means a phobia of Friday the 13th, so says the wiktionary.


Always find it enjoyable peeking through grooves and taking photos framed by the foreground from where I take them.


The most classic stylish vintage kitchen I have ever visited. Welcome to Claude Monet’s kitchen and dining room.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

This photo meets most criteria – it has geometry, window, brick (tiny slitty one on top left), and bushes (errmm. tree = tall, spacey bush?)


Learnt a new word the past couple of days. Hooyah!
When I first saw it, I thought it was auto-generated translation from Thai in Facebook.


There’s a saying, “if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him“. Ouch. And maybe a high-five.


Picked another random page from another not-so-random book today. Universe seems determined for me to work on Reconciliation.


In the nerdiest of ways, I flipped a page (my mindful dart) from Thich Nhat Hanh’s Reconciliation: healing the inner child.


Not sure what is wrong with these two days. So much dirt being pulled out from under the carpet again.


Look at this flower, it is extending its hospitality to the bee from a different kingdom.

Trace Train of Thought

My train of thought does not usually run on the same tracks. The magic train leaps and flies up in the air and lands on whichever tracks that is fancy (or it fancies) at the moment.

Come, come

Here goes another Chinese proverb, “既來之,則安之”. It originally meant when people come from afar, settle them down and help make them comfortable.


Today’s prompt brings to mind the serried mountains of Guilin that felt somewhat jostled and awkward, however beautiful.


Posting pics of zen gardens brought me back to the memories of my silly venture into zen-ness few years ago. The level of zen can be viewed at different scales of how a person does/sees/thinks things.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Drawing straight lines on sand must have been tremendous focus training. Diagonal lines without a strict line of reference – does it make it easier or harder?

Congratulations Ragtag~

The Ragtag Daily Prompt crossed the one-month Milestone as we now enter July. Congratulations ragtaggers and the ragtag community!


By some fluke encounter, I ventured into the heart of Paris Fashion Week last year, dressed in the sloppiest attire ever.


Good morning. Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is MILESTONE. As we approach the milestone of providing prompts for one month, I invite you to use milestone as an inspiration for a post of your own. Writing of any sort or a photo or an illustration. Go wherever it takes you. When you’re ready to post, include…

Reduced to reflection

Sorry to take you this far with no conclusion of any kind. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, it is just a long long rant post.

Glutenny | Gluttony

Here are foodie pics of the yummy toxins fed into my body, they are sheer indulgence for my heart and soul.


It feels very iffy to be navigating life with this intangible compass. However, this intangible compass has proven to be extremely reliable, even at times when it sounds extremely ridiculous to be following it.

Kin and Gin

Kinkaku-ji is the precedent for ginkaku-ji.


Hm… A word. Letters grouped together that have meaning. Or so we have been taught. A word that makes one think. A word that makes one feel. Is the meaning the same for you? or you? or you? or me? Let’s find out. Today’s prompt is…… REJUVENATE! I dare you to surprise me! You know…


Here is a twitterpated Bambi looking out for Faline, whilst she tries to sniff out his tracks.


Catching up on this prompt almost one week late would be considered pretty antediluvian, no?


Ponds have a way of making me ponder about many things in life.


The most Italian of this trip is the omu-rice without the omu (omelette) – my last meal before leaving Kyoto.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Light the Night

Okay, I cheat again, here is a moving photo. It is more magical this way. 🙂 Twinkle the lanterns At Kasuga-taisha, Nara. In response to Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week Challenge: Light the Night.


Since today’s prompt is Check, here’s a photo of spidermen checking on our food.


I was caught in the Osaka earthquake yesterday, causing me to miss my flight but I was lucky enough to grab a seat on today’s flight.

Targetless maybe

There are times in our lives where we are target-less. Or maybe I have just relinquished control to a higher wisdom up there which has managed every day of my past two weeks of travel.


Went through all my foodie pics and there was absolutely no sign of anything julienne.


Wow, I didn’t know that cataract also means downpour, shower, waterfall, etc! I was waddling in a series of different cataracts today.


Do you really want to see what I have been eating the past two weeks? ❤ ❤


What difference is that from unrequited love, and how does one differentiate that from real but unspoken deep connection with another?


I originally thought rag-a-bash (taking the meaning of scoundrel) is someone who bashes about ragged people.

Ragtag Daily Prompt #8: PICKLE

Today is June 8, and the Ragtag Daily Prompt is Pickle. Use it any way you like, link it back to this page and enjoy. To link, copy this:   https://wordpress.com/post/ragtagcommunity.wordpress.com/129    and then paste it into your post with the link tool. If you put Ragtag Daily Prompt and RDP as tags, it will also…


Today’s prompt is Pickle! From this set of photos, can you guess which ones are pickled?


So many photos of flowers in different shades of purple today. From the light to the bright to the intense shades of midnight.


Welcome to the Ragtag Community Blog.  This is the place where all our Ragtag Daily Prompts will be located, so it should be much easier for everyone to play along.  We are indebted to Leaping Toes from Oh Border! for establishing the Ragtag Community Blog for us and for you. Without further ado, here is…


The biggest one for me would be the butterflies everywhere – on the ground, along the walls, hovering the colourful flowers.


Sitcom is a combination of situation and comedy! Who knew? I am in the middle of one (or many) right now.


I am flummoxed by how affected I am by the summer heat. Or by how I have forgotten how affected I was by summer heat.


Meditating with a crystal ball when a WhatsApp message comes in. Checking to see WhatsUp.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

Here is a photo of a transitory ground of sometimes sand, sometimes water, sometimes foam. All three states of being can be seen within this photo.


How we choose to frame this world view ultimately determines how we see the world, and it really is as simple as that.

Rural Redux

Welcome the rural life redux and here I am back in the farming scene for a breather.

Missing Grid

It is strange when the clock strikes twelve (or whichever time depending on whichever location) and there is nothing to look forward to, cos time has come to a standstill on 31st May.


The finality of things. Today is the last of Daily Prompt. Ouch!