My Pattern Reminder

I like fiddling with new apps, because it helps me see/feel what is the frame of mind youngsters are up to these days.

Forgotten Childhood

My primary school memories were collecting dust in my brain storage!! They have just been swept back up from under the carpet, and it is very enlightening.

Healer Boo

Booboos and boohoos to that. Writing about past lives is actually quite fun. I shall document one more story that came up in that last class.

Jenga Layers

The one last night – I wouldn’t exactly call it a dream, cos it affected me so hard that I woke up, sat up and worked through it.

Weird Dreams Collection

Woohoo~ the best part of the eclipse season arrived last night – a compilation of the weirdest dreams that make no sense but cool AF.

Eclipse Season

My short-term memory is currently very eclipsed, “where the heck did all the time go?!”


Mentally and emotionally preparing for class really helps!

Flares III

Good things come in threes. Of course I need a third one.

Flares II

(Flares … continued) Apparently I am meant to just blog this as a separate post.


I have been so deeply immersed in feeling alot of deep profound stuffs that I have not gotten my head around.

The Blame Mechanism

Why it disempowers and we still always want to choose it as an excuse or the default mechanism in our lives.

Raising the bar

So I spent my morning at the doc again. This time at the ENT. The biopsy results turned out great, no biggie and nothing to worry about.

Learning to say No

It is difficult to learn to say No in Mandarin. And I mean that in a literal way, not the figurative abstract concept of difficulty saying No to things, people, etc.

Discerning Signals From Noise

There is so much information out there going on in this world. There is no need to take in every bit of information there is.

Consistent Success

I can, and I am worthy of achieving success again and again and again, and it is possible to still do better each time.


So I went through all kinds of thinking and strategising, in absolute determination to “exhaust all possibilities”.


Past live adventures get more and more interesting. An elephant king of the herd (first time! an animal!).

That Box

I was getting slightly self-congratulatory about maybe I am finally getting to the end of clearing old stories from my past.

Fairytale Island

We live on an island, a very safe one, and a very comfortable (if not, luxurious) one.


“… because if you carry belonging in your heart, it is not negotiated externally with other people.” ~ Brene Brown


We forget that it is/was their situation and that they have their own issues to deal with and their lessons are not ours. We forget that we can do things differently, and that what is their truth is not our truth.

Foundation (or Cage?)

She has set the foundation for how we conduct ourselves, yet it is also like a cage whereby we can only be the person within the bounds of what she has set out.

Imposter Syndrome

I must have been living under a rock. It was only this weekend that I heard / read / watched about Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes!

Meaning / Purpose

I am sharing about ThetaHealing on my friend’s Facebook Live channel! It is exciting new territories in my life.

Fly Together

I couldn’t really tell the difference between a dragon and a dinosaur, which sounded absolutely silly, but to me, both were unreal because I have never physically seen them before.


Omg omg omg. It’s the eclipse. I’m getting so much feels from small little things!


I have the gumption to start my own ThetaHealing practice. I think the context of this sentence ticks everything on the checklist of what the dictionary says. 🙂

Blown away

Am I blowing my own horn/trumpet? Or is it acceptable that I find myself being blown away by my own painting?

Fire Operations

Arghz, not a great word to choose for a prompt! I am in the middle of a fire operation right now.


This is a recurring theme percolating through every human life.

Shoulders (to stand on?)

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”
Where there be no giants, we can build human-towers standing on one another’s shoulders.

Baby’s Shark

I cannot understand the obsession and I do wonder if I met them in Atlantis.

M – what?

With the Night Watch, I had to explain the subject of civic militia, and the first word that came to mind was The Musketeers!


I believe I can fly, soon. In one month’s time, it will be one full year of being grounded.

Weekend slips

I have been sleeping all weekend. I was slipping in and out of consciousnessness / dream state.

Successes and shadows

Have you achieved something so great in your life that you find it impossible to do better than that?


Self-care is a term that popped up like rabbits when I started on a journey gallivanting around my inner world.

Power to 2021

Wresting back power from the blackhole of non-existence.

Counting down

Our achievement is not pegged to the achievement of fellow competitors.

Lost in Translation

Little o could have been confused living in a bilingual environment and takes a while to catch the phonetics AND the intonation for him to articulate himself.


Back at home with two noisy kids on quarantine and a shouting grandma.

Strange days

Today is the strangest day of this strange year, yet not atypical of 2020.


With excitement about the upcoming semester.


Having bloodsuckers around us is more than them taxing our blood and breath.

Soaking it all in

This evening, I learnt that I have been basking in esoteric bodies of knowledge.

Fantabulous dreams

The even more fantabulous thing about the vivid dream was that it played out in a series!

Counterintuitive Instincts

I’m an Aries and I’m fiery. At a personal level, my primal instincts take me on a path of brashness and aggression.

Five Stars

The 🇸🇬 NDP 🇸🇬 experience is complete!!

Beachy weekend!

Maybe Universe is really reminding me to get a beach holiday?

Dollops of Prejudices

Now that the country is finally openING up again, I finally get to attend the World Relations class I have been waiting for!

Bobba no more

The tightening of measures mean that bubble tea is taken off the list of essential services.


Not quite sure whether this post qualifies as whimsical or just plain rude. Or maybe something very very human that we are all guilty of.


This virus we are dealing with is such an opportunist.

truth and Truth

I share the same thought with Christine about “what is the truth about this menace that has so totally disrupted our lives”.


Public service announcement~ here is the link to the Global Peace Meditation starting in half an hour.

The better part of us

This world is multi-dimensional, and while we feel helpless in this physical realm we lived in, we have no idea that some other aspect of us have been busying ourselves with light work we cannot see and we do not know about.


I had assumed life at home would be alot of spare time to write and to think, but apparently not.


Guess this is Universe still-ing our monkey minds!

Passing time

I have been un-stuck! Today is my 15th day in Singapore.

Looking within

Looking within right now, it is still a mishmash haystack of all kinds of emotions.


I am unofficially on a Stay-At-Home stint, due to my last return from Cambodia on the 12th March.


No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.

Sunshine and Shade

I have decided to treat myself better amidst the stress for crossing geographical borders during such strenuous times.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury the planet is 水星 (shui xing) in Chinese, literally translated to Water (水) Star (星).

Smooth and Flexible

Flexibility and surrender to the greater flow of life just makes life feel sooooooo smooooooth in spite of the bumpy obstacles. 


Slid the little penguin down the pile of roadside slushie. 


When we let go of the material self, admit and accept that the flow in life is a greater energy than our thoughts, does it allow us to be more resilient?


The bar for my perception of normalcy has been lowered to a new level.


Praying very hard that this episode vaporises like the evanescence of the alcohol content in a hand sanitiser.

Home vacation

It is so good to be back home. Life looks normal here!

Most desirable

If I may dream … what is most desirable right now is some good peaceful sleep without any worries about anybody about anything.


There are still small happy things Mother Nature gives us amidst the rain and gloom clouds. 


Maelstrom sounds like the feeling in my gut right now.


You can tell who works in office buildings by the circular little stickers in various colours on their clothes!

Quiet is scary

Quiet day on the news front! No news is good news, says the positive side of me.

Orange Jive

Our DORSCON got raised to the same level as SARS now 😦 apparently because there was some untraceability in the new cases.

15 Days of CNY

It takes so many decades for me to realise we celebrate 15 days of Chinese New Year!


The tiny blunder to kick myself over was that I threw out my stash of N95s just last week, during spring cleaning.

Macro angpow

Happy New Year! The perfect macro pic for Chinese New Year greetings! 鸿运当头、花开富贵、双双对对、十全十美.


Looking out of my backdoor – RDP Photo Challenge! I don’t have a backdoor where I live, because if I do, it will open up into 18 storeys of plain atmosphere.


I can’t focus when my mom is free!

Life’s knowns and unknowns

I saw the animal, it was a very beautiful, majestic hoofed animal, looking much like a humongous deer with gorgeous antlers.


Here is a photo of my favourite street sign / favourite street name.

Pop Juice

I’ve been making kefir for three months now! Exactly three months today. 😀


Taking a short time-out from my realm of work at the moment. BECAUSE. I suddenly realised how important it is to state the obvious.

New … World ?

I am having very mixed feelings about this New Beginning as we enter the first week of the decade.


Hope we all have a stellar year ahead in 2020, dotted with many twinkly memories and events.


My fugacious desire to sing has arisen again when this music video popped up on my YouTube feed while I was busy catching up on 2020 horoscope readings.


My favourite candle is from WoodWick, the mint leaf and basil is very fragrant and fresh, yet light enough to not overwhelm.

Feathers are back!

It looks like a white plume has been deliberately planted on it! Gahaha. What heralds?! ❤ ❤ ❤


Nothing enchants me nowadays other than watching the innocence of a little almost-two-year being enchanted by everything in the world.


And hence today is the day, I set my resolution (what an odd timing though!!! but I can’t wait a month for this!!!) giving every aspect of my life their respectful times.


Getting back into the swing of things~ I love horses!

Thankful much!!

I am so so so thankful for the good Creator has brought, and how Creator has taught and brought me to do good.


New word in my vocabulary! One thing I am very fervid about is language.


I do get infuriated, maybe anger is one thing that keeps me sane and knowing that I am not all that emotionless.

Childhood Firsts

Originally posted on Sgeoil:
the markers of childhood are filled with firsts rights of passage to be celebrated, first birthdays first tooth lost first knee scraped first day of kindergarten if you are lucky born on the right side of freedom and make it to your first birthday for some the markers of childhood contain…

Intangible markers

When Universe leaves us invisible markers that feels and clicks, as guide posts along the way.

Law of Wisdom

I woke up very early this morning to attend a webinar on Wisdom.


We eventually have to grow up.
We eventually have to move.

Grasses galore

I have to cross many of them on my way to work, because my office is surrounded by empty parcels of land.

Pinggles and the Shark

The intrepid adventure of an unknown diver / snorkeler beside a tame but stern shark in the middle of the ocean with crystal clear waters and a sandy undulating seabed has come to a conclusion today.

Songs of/from Home

Some are songs dad used to sing to us, probably even as lullabies. He still sings them to Oscar, Oliver and Ruirui!

Fair and Just

This eclipse brought my eyes to a focus on things I have lived with, although much has been boiling inside. Possibly also gaining momentum and pressure in my little cauldron.

RDP Milestone

Our ragtag community is now 505 people strong! It has just crossed the one year mark (+almost one month~) since we started from seven separate personal sites of the founding ragtaggers, and found our way to one community pool, and slowly grew to this little milestone today. On behalf of the ragtag team, thank you…


Inuits believed them to be the frozen embers from the aurora borealis.

Suburban Paris

So we moved to Triel-sur-Seine for the final weekend.


My Mini Me joined me in Paris!


Stopped over at Cologne to break the long train journey from Berlin back to Paris.


My mind is now flowing backwards against time. I shall update all the photos that I so ambitiously promised to post.

Tokyo II

Ahh sooo sooo sooo is the commonly recognisable phrase I hear in the izakaya.


Tokyo is not at all what I imagined it to be. Even where Godzilla was probably was not where I am staying at.

Knotty thoughts

I thought I escaped the heat when I made the trip to Europe from the equator.

Morning blabber

Oh my, I am very surprised I have not blogged about Cologne yet! Been too busy rabbiting around that I lost track!


Delays for every public transport service I planned to take!

Berlin (West)

So … today I just sauntered and roamed around the other city of the Berlin, and indeed it had a lot more character.


We stopped over at Frankfurt for lunch.


I was expecting to enter an older(er) city of masonry buildings dotted with quaint wobbly-looking wooden facades.

Mont Saint Michel

Why are abbeys always built into such breathtaking naturalistic elements?


Surprise, I’m back at ohborder! Will probably be posting everyday for the next two weeks!


I survived a year of teaching!!!

Bread monster

I recently discovered we have a bread monster in the house. 

May the

… pingbacks start working again.


I am more like melt…ing. It’s crazy hot in Phnom Penh.


Lil’O is the smallest and youngest being this Chinese New Year, and was thus the centre of attention for the huge family gathering.

Kungfu fighting

It’s Chinese New Year and it seems like a costume party galore for the little ones.

Lil’ O

I hardly write about Oscar, so today I shall put in some effort to introduce the other O to the blogosphere.


Babysharkdooodoodododooo. Quite a job. Not sure whether his camouflage is for the baby/mummy/daddysharkfamily, or for the Chinese New Year red packets. Vain boy in winter jacket on the equator. Getting ready for japan!