On plane to SF! Feeling a quiet kind of excitement. Expecting a thrilling start with an eyeful of cosmic blessings via Orionids. ❤ Advertisements

Hoarder Express

Tsk. Highclass Hoarder Express – the quickest way to own high-value artworks is to force your friends to give to (or exchange with) you. BFFs, yea?

Brave beings

Do you know that a group of magpies is called Parliament? We learn something new everyday!

Lessons over lives

The only “thing” one should be loyal to is the God-spark in each and everyone of us.

Saints Sinners and Slaves

Understanding life / live(s) really takes many layers of peeling, getting in touch, understanding, and then a next deeper layer of peeling, getting in touch, and another level of understanding.

Wild and Free (II)

I’m a fraudster nature lover. I love flowers and I love them in my vases. I love how they soften the hard walls of a hard home, I love how their fragrance dissolves the smell of frustration.

Air you can see

The scale of pollution in China is visibly clear (irony + oxymoron! *slow clap*) from this photo of a national park that is 9,500sqkm in size.

Wild and Free

That was the time I understood that wild life is happy out in the wild, and that human beings should not always be so selfish in wanting to domesticate them.

Imagination vs Truthfulness

I got carried away by my own imagination and decided to extract snippets of his truths, unsure whether I have taken them out of context.

Do you believe?

I am (still) half-hearted about whether I believe in divine intervention. I remember this topic very vividly when I packed and ran away, and it turned out to be true-er than true how the divine has intervened to put me in the right place for my highest good.


Ah well, I guess we are on different leagues, and who am I to call it superficial. There is, in fact, so much complexity to the way their prices are determined.