Bobba no more

The tightening of measures mean that bubble tea is taken off the list of essential services.


Not quite sure whether this post qualifies as whimsical or just plain rude. Or maybe something very very human that we are all guilty of.


This virus we are dealing with is such an opportunist.

truth and Truth

I share the same thought with Christine about “what is the truth about this menace that has so totally disrupted our lives”.


Public service announcement~ here is the link to the Global Peace Meditation starting in half an hour.

The better part of us

This world is multi-dimensional, and while we feel helpless in this physical realm we lived in, we have no idea that some other aspect of us have been busying ourselves with light work we cannot see and we do not know about.


I had assumed life at home would be alot of spare time to write and to think, but apparently not.


Guess this is Universe still-ing our monkey minds!

Passing time

I have been un-stuck! Today is my 15th day in Singapore.

Looking within

Looking within right now, it is still a mishmash haystack of all kinds of emotions.


I am unofficially on a Stay-At-Home stint, due to my last return from Cambodia on the 12th March.