Soaking it all in

This evening, I learnt that I have been basking in esoteric bodies of knowledge.

Fantabulous dreams

The even more fantabulous thing about the vivid dream was that it played out in a series!

Counterintuitive Instincts

I’m an Aries and I’m fiery. At a personal level, my primal instincts take me on a path of brashness and aggression.

Five Stars

The 🇸🇬 NDP 🇸🇬 experience is complete!!

Beachy weekend!

Maybe Universe is really reminding me to get a beach holiday?

Dollops of Prejudices

Now that the country is finally openING up again, I finally get to attend the World Relations class I have been waiting for!

Bobba no more

The tightening of measures mean that bubble tea is taken off the list of essential services.


Not quite sure whether this post qualifies as whimsical or just plain rude. Or maybe something very very human that we are all guilty of.