Inner outer child

Babyboo was already asleep when I got back today. I had promised him this morning that I would come home earlier so he can chill in my room and show me (my) things. Yikes, there was so much going on today, I did not manage to make it back early enough. 😦 oh dear oh…

Love in the first degree

I realise that the worst unrequited love anyone can experience is with oneself. This would be the ultimate Love in the first degree.


This cheeky little thing is now a threenager. How fast time flies! He was born the day I moved to Mae Sot. Really my tick-tock little clock in more ways than one. ❤


I am not a religious person, and have only started getting acquainted with many terms just very recently. It is embarrassing to let leak my ignorance here, but I guess we all learn something new everyday.


The move back to Singapore was a dramatic affair. Considering that I ran away “from home”, it was an amazing feat we pulled off.


I’m supposed to be doing earthly work from 3hours ago, but the words from the “top” are still coming down. 

Our Angels

The angels from his place somehow hung out at my place last night. It was so strange, but definitely welcomed. I recognise the incessant chatter, and the vibration of it, and they were more excited this time.


Just saw Mama Cormier’s photo of a white hydrangea centre piece, and it is such a beautiful picture to wake up to. I used to have these in our back garden.

The Compass within us

I now understand the “current map” a tad bit deeper. Why it is current, and also why time is not linear, is because there are millions of us involved in our own respective story lines, and everyone has Free Will.


Do you have days when life just feels like too much and too much of nothingness that you want to hide in the cocoon for an infinite amount of time? Maybe till the storm blows over, or till things have sorted out enough internally to emerge as a butterfly, or maybe just simply, fossilise.


My alarm clock started working again today. As with good weather. 😀 Some traits just run in the family.