Past live adventures get more and more interesting. I ventured into a past when I was an elephant king of the herd (first time! an animal!). Sounds grand? Nope, another wasted lifetime moping too much about the undone. Ouch.

It started with a soreness in my right ankle. I was not able to see at first take. The teacher got me to touch my right ankle, and I saw (felt, then saw). I was chained to my right ankle, I was lying down on the ground, totally zoned out and dejected. I was an elephant!

I was quite pissed off. VERY pissed off in fact. I am chained up, and held away from my family, my herd. I could see images in my mind’s eye, of all the other elephants roaming around the huge massive plantation without me. I was very angry and upset with the Human(s) that locked me up. He/they locked me up because they wanted to protect my herd from me. Apparently, in their eyes, I was an overly aggressive elephant that needed to be kept away from my family to protect them. I was very angry.

Who the heck do they think they are?! They are a different species altogether. What gives them the right or moral authority to decide that I am doing wrong to my very own kind?! We have our own form of communication, they cannot understand, so why are they judging me and taking matters into their own hands? I am doing everything out of my love and the best for my herd. WTH!!!!!!!!!!!

The teacher regressed me to the last day of my life. I died quietly, I didn’t do anything about it. How I felt about it? Poignant memories of yet another wasted life. From the eyes of my soul today, it was another wasted life. Now I understand why a few of the healing sessions have gone around in, “then I waste another life”, and “then I have to come back again”, and “human beings are so terrible/cruel”.

From the eyes of my soul today, I would easily have assumed that I got up and fought hard, and for that, maybe getting even more misunderstood or further reinforcing the Humans’ idea that I am super darn aggressive and needed to be shot (or tranquillised). BUT, no. From the eyes of the soul then, I gave up. I actually gave up and just moped. Can you believe that! How far has my soul evolved to date, you would think. But then again, still No. This event (this lifetime/life-long event!!!!) has created an aspect of me that actually gives up when I see no point in pursuing something. I actually forgot that aspect of me altogether. That was part of the Box I wrote about in the previous post.

There was an aspect of me that just cuts things off and shove them in a corner and pretend they do not exist. How brilliant is that *roll eyes*. Their existence is so denied that I almost didn’t recognise it in me until this session.

Well, it is good to start finding boxes of treasures and opening them up one by one and sorting them out. Throwing out the junk, and archiving, categorising, arranging all the gems into their rightful positions and letting them all shine again.

Other Learnings! (Bookmark!)

  • The body remembers. When one cannot see, touch that spot and ask the body cells to recall.
  • When you feel for a certain event on tv or some video, it may be talking to your soul.
    I felt totally wretched when I saw the clip of a herd of elephants travelling past towns and cities in China. The feeling is real, there was a sense of loss (like, is your chief elephant around? are you looking for him? is he afraid? are you afraid?) and really hoping very hard that they find what they are looking for soon (direction in life, direction to safety, direction to what they are looking for).
  • Send compassion to your past self. Recognise how you have grown as a soul. Know that the young soul then was learning its way, and it was only because of what it has gone through that you can be on your point of this journey today. Everything in your life(times) matter.
  • We are not dumb. We are not stupid. We make the best choice based on the level of consciousness we are at and the circumstances life has dealt us with.
  • Gratitude to Creator, and gratitude to all who has come in to teach us the lessons. Learn the lessons – the virtues and the essence – learn them and let everything else goes. Harbour no hatred or resentment for that only holds us back in that lesson when we could have gone further and wider into a much brighter world we are in and we can be in.
Image credit: AD_Images https://pixabay.com/photos/elephant-mammal-nature-animal-5378760/

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