Weekend slips

I have been sleeping all weekend. I was slipping in and out of consciousnessness / dream state. It is oh-so-curious yet again.

Maybe that is a kind of homecoming. Where home is in that little gap in-between the real and the surreal or maybe even superreal. It was a very comfortable and very safe space where I was getting many questions answered. YET, when I woke up back into the real, I cannot remember the answers, but I knew my many questions have been answered.

I have been reading this book “The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself” by Eric Pearl, and it has been answering my manymanymanymany questions about the healing phenomena, be it in the conscious or the sub/super-conscious states. It has reinforced much of my understanding, and he is not afraid to say “I don’t know” because some things, we really do not. Hence, called Miracles. And hence, a much more Supreme being or a much Higher wisdom is doing his work. I feel very reassured reading the book.

There were quite a few things raised in there that helped me alot – things in life or on the healing journey that I bumped into but was not sure whether my response/reaction was the best approach. He actually put them into a much clearer framework of understanding. I guess that is also why the last page of the book recommends that I read it THREE times, because each time of reading takes my understanding deeper by another layer. (Much like my favourite book The Journey Home.)

The weird part is the sleep/dream/solve questions part. Normally I get answers in short phrases of knowingness (clairsentience). I suppose when my questions come in the form of rationalising the unknown, or getting a logic out of the etheric, short phrases cannot solve the questions (unless it is a yes/no). So I was brought onto a journey of dreams, and I knew in the dreams, I was absolutely convinced of the rationale/logic that I was shown. BUT!!! When I woke up, I cannot remember anything. All I could remember was that it made sense, and I was utterly convinced the logic made sense.

How curious life is!!!

So last night’s phrase came in the form of “host healing circle”. Huh … Not quite sure, I was even given the name of the healing circle. Was just telling my friend that the lecturer in me has the immediate reaction of “what, via Zoom?” Haha, and I was indeed heading in that direction. This morning, we were just chatting and well, maybe a physical space helps in stepping into the real of a healing circle.

What hails, Universe? I am willing and ready to receive! Thank you~ it is done it done it is done! ❤

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