Weird Dreams Collection

Woohoo~ the best part of the eclipse season arrived last night. Haha, a compilation of the weirdest dreams that make no sense but cool AF. I cannot remember the sequence, but will just share whatever I can remember.

The magical rubbish chute. It is very Harry Potter-like, and moves just like their staircases. This rubbish chute was in my apartment (in Singapore, the rubbish chutes are communal, per floor). For some weird reason, I opened it up and was observing it (!!!!!!!!!???????), and it was pink and sweet looking, I probably realised it’s a rubbish chute much later in the dream. It was a pneumatic one, probably why I was so intrigued and staring into it, and then the plastic (or whatever material that pneumatic pipe was made of) get sucked away and disappeared. I was so in awe of it! Took a while of wondering before the pipe got sucked back in place. Oh my, it is so amazing. The image of it blew my mind, because this weirdass rubbish chute is so weird it had my toiletries (and other stuffs) hanging on it. It is amazing that it could get sucked out while the hanging contraptions remained in place, and the pipe came right back in without toppling anything! Mind-bending.

I was totally glued to watching it work, and then suddenly the contraptions start to move on their own, and I lost my balance and fell into the chute. (Luckily it’s a fresh new pipe that is clean … hahahahahah… OCD even in my dreams.) I scrambled to hold on to whatever I could, and then find myself crawling out into the floor six below mine (funny I even knew the number of storeys… tsk). It was an amazing place!!! There were people I knew .. just really random people in my neighbourhood that I chat with when we cross paths. It was a pink and fluffy place, and it was an entire floor! Very happening, and everyone was enjoying myself. Why had I not known this place earlier?

We then switched scenes to another dream.

I was walking around another neighbourhood, and there was some event going on. I thought it was a library event or something (it looks very institutional on the outside) and I went in to have a look. (If you are in a dream, and there’s a entrance, you would definitely enter, right? hahahah) I saw my college hockey friends resting on the floor, laid down flat on the floor. Seemed like they just finished a match, and that is an image of them in our current timeline, not them in their younger days. That is such a nice heartwarming view – that we are all still together hanging out, and that they are still playing hockey (omg! how much energy do they have!) I love this dream!!! First person I saw was Cel, and of course Rumi, and Agatha, and Yao, and Weiling, and Joyce (cannot remember her name exactly) and everyone just laying flat on the floor and talking to me as I looked around to see what-the-heck-is-going-on. Such a heartsome dream! ❤

There was another one with my sister in it. I cannot remember at all, but it was a lot of counselling and healing revolving human/family relationships. Maybe this entire series of dreams is about healing human/family/friend/community relationships. It is cool nonetheless!

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  1. I love your dreams! Field hockey was my HS sport!

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