Perception | Projection

Alright, I have finally emerged from my cave after moping for a day *beam bright lights*. I am now ready to vent about all that has pissed me off so big time, and being able to do that from a high flying disc of a higher more loving perspective (or so I hope, we shall see).

I like how Vianna wrote in the manual, “We are a perception of ourselves interpreted by others’ perceptions”. 😀 what a great start, right?! 😀

Let me break this down into what really flipped me over yesterday, placed in the context of the above. I needed a human voice to help me retain a earthly perspective on wtf that boggles me about it, so I asked my students:

“What (do you think) happens when unconditional love meets a viewpoint of conditional love?”

I got one reply that said, “Unconditional will thank conditional love for all that she/he has done. And it is time for Him to take over.” Beautiful reply, right? This is why I love ThetaHealing because everything we do, we ask for the Higher Perspective. I am very grateful to be put back in place and view from this set of lens in spite of fuming inside. ❤ ❤

So, let’s go to the perception | projection part. A person who sees from the P.O.V of greater higher service and unconditional love will look, see where help can be rendered, and step in to offer a helping hand. With that being the focus.

Now, let us look at the person receiving help. A person can appreciate the help for what it is, or a person can …… …… start thinking from the P.O.V of, “what is she gaining from helping me?” “She cannot possibly just be helping me for no reason, there must be some underlying motive.” And with that kind of frame, one can really find all kinds of reasons to fit into the “motivating factors”. Then, one can start looking at, “what can I get out of her?” “what can I gain back from her?” “how can I make sure that she doesn’t get to make use of me?” “why is she making use of me?” and … it can really spiral.

It is really sh*tty because while the “normal human conversation” was happening, I could see a whole tallying process going on in the person’s mind. !@#$@#$!@#%$#@%^@$^@$% and the sh*t thing is, “how the f**k do I process this while still maintaining the “decent human conversation” as though I am not watching the tally process in her mind? #@!E@#$!#$!#@$~ OMG

[ So, I was babbling to my dear beloved cousin about the not-so-great part about being clairvoyant – it is that you really get to see inside the hearts and minds of some. On the other side of the coin, I am very grateful that for my genetic line of clairvoyants, for my cousin who has seen such happenings herself over time, was able to empathise with me and put things into perspective (she was also very troubled by similar incidents in her earlier days). ]

Well, of course there is the brilliantly great part – I know who/how/when to start watching my back from now. Gasp. Goodness gracious me. Breathe.

I have always been counselling the person about seeing from another’s perspective – instead of seeing how/where people’s weaknesses and triggers are, see where their strengths are and tap into their strengths – and to appreciate where they have been so helpful and supportive in whatever she’s doing, instead of just seeing where they fell short. OMG. I am now seeing myself in that shoe of “those other people”. OMG.

Sidenote: I do not fault her for her being who she is, because we all carry baggage from whatever that shaped us to be who we are today. And of course that there is possibility for change, which is ultimately why we are into healing work, right? BUT, my point is really that, this is not something I should be engaged nor involved in, because it is really just clear as day that the vibrations / vortices are so vastly different. 

Honestly, it does not come as a surprise. Just the pure logic and application of this idea of perception and projection, whatever that is perceived/projected on others will sooner of later be perceived/projected onto me (of course, because I am “other” too). And stupidly enough, it has always been something I talked through with my very supportive and understanding sis, cos I get very affected and constantly trying to gain a diplomatic approach to solve any of her “calculative / motivating” viewpoints/thoughts. It is great training though, cos in a way, it really helped me work out a system that addresses how to deal with the darker side of humans.

Anyhow, enough is enough. Get myself out of this vibration please. I’m really going to stay farrrr farrrr farrrr away from now on. No more being helpful, it really doesn’t “pay”. Not that I crave for any appreciation, etc, but it really boggles my mind when a person starts applying this kind of nonsense onto the anonymous helpful passerby. Alright, friend-turned-anonymous-helpful-passerby. Yay, end of this nonsense. Good resolution / conclusion.. hahah. Fly away NOW…

Alright, now about the solution. Or, more of why it is better to be surrounded by loving light illuminating wisdom. I woke up feeling really pissed and irritated, and also with a “wth do I do now, moving forward?!” I am so thankful for all the light light light around me.

First feed I read this morning was one of Vianna’s downloads, “I know how to live without gossiping about others, without causing them damage with my words. I pick my friends wisely.” Wow wow wow, it is almost as though she is talking to me in person. Alternatively, the current world vibration is reverberating around similar issues at this moment. Heh heh. Either way, it is clarifying, and it is a really good reminder on the step forward. 🙂 ❤

Next was my lovely teacher’s re-post, “You will always win when you move with love and genuine intentions. ALWAYS.” OMG. Two consecutive reminders of Love Always Wins, and never lowering our vibration to that of another’s. I feel so loved and supported. Not that the post was like a personal message, but it really felt like a personal message of love and support there and then.

YES, SO, that is why it is so important to be surrounded by people resonating Love and Wisdom. It just snapped me out of my crabby vibes and made me sit and think through it before I “spiral downwards” gravitating into the heaviness of all the WTFs and WTHs.

Alrighty, I feel bright and shiny now.

❤ Remember, Love Always Wins. ❤

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  1. I’m not trying to be facetious with this comment, but does “humor” fit into this anywhere? In those moments of absurdity, can finding an excuse to dismiss the angst and smile instead, perhaps for no particular reason at all be the answer?

    When I was but a first grade sprout still struggling with Engrish, I read a short book at school about a grouchy dad who made mom grouchy, who made sis grouchy who made bro grouchy who took it out on the dog… who just licked the kid in the face and made him laugh, and back on up the chain to dad. Just a thought… and please feel free to laugh at me if I’m just blathering. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. leapingtoes says:

      Heheh thanks!!! 💕
      Humour always helps!!! I feel happy reading your Engrish reading story 🤣

      I managed to keep a very straight face!!! ✌️ I think doing enough client sessions have helped me with the calm straight face with whatever surfaces in the moment!!

      Liked by 1 person

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