Today’s RDP is Superstition, and friggatriskaidekaphobia means a phobia of Friday the 13th, so says the wiktionary.



Picked another random page from another not-so-random book today. Universe seems determined for me to work on Reconciliation.


Look at this flower, it is extending its hospitality to the bee from a different kingdom.


Ponds have a way of making me ponder about many things in life.


I originally thought rag-a-bash (taking the meaning of scoundrel) is someone who bashes about ragged people.


Sitcom is a combination of situation and comedy! Who knew? I am in the middle of a one (or many) right now.


How we choose to frame this world view ultimately determines how we see the world, and it really is as simple as that.

Mending broken ties

Coincidentally, today’s prompt has been a recurring conversation at my place the past couple of weeks.


I discovered a very archaic notion today: that the best travel adventures are far far far away.


Awkward is the moment when you open up your Photo Library, and it shows endless photos of South America which you have never stepped in before.


There is the real, and there is the appearance. It appears that my place in the world is in front of plates of food – mostly cakes.


The bull horns is just a case in point that I can now appreciate the beauty of nature as it is, without judgement that this is creepy, that is scary, those are morbid, etc.

Water lines

Took me a while to figure what kind of lines can astonish. I am pleasantly surprised to recall one such line – a Roman aqueduct in Segovia!

Construction lines

Want to watch me throw a tantrum about lines? Fine. Here are the pics of the unhappiest part of my life.

Stealing sand

Here is a picture of us collecting pebbles from the riverbank. Sometimes we swam over to Myanmar, and then quickly back.

The disruptor

My teammates probably found me very disruptive. I could see them frowning, or their eyes squinting, everytime mine lit up with new ideas.

Early awakening

Proud as I could be when I woke up early enough one morning to say hi to someone before he left for work.


Hero hauling haversacks.
Heavy ones!


Life and its meandering journey is surprising and sometimes with enlightening comes the wistfulness of “why didn’t I realise it earlier”.

Wonder III

Final sequel to the trilogy (or so I hope). The most important reason for discovering if you carry the thalassemia trait is this: If two people who each carry the same form of thalassemia trait have a child, there is a 25% chance that this child will be born with a severe form of thalassemia….

Wonder II

Another curious day/night. I woke up with blurry, puffy eyes, and for no reason at all, I cried all morning, so I assumed I must have cried through the night without knowing (what, why). It was not any better that the daily prompt took me to such a touching turn, which was like yanking a…


Daily prompt is being very educational once again. I googled Wonder and saw that there’s a movie, and then ended up buying the book. I will take a while to read, and have a feeling it is going to be a teary-eyed experience, just judging from the author’s interview here. Sounds like a lot on kindness…

Branchie streams

Branching Streams Flow in the Darkness was the first Zen book I owned. It was written by Shunryu Suzuki, the guy who brought Zen teachings into the US.

A typical energy vampire

You know how sometimes we feel suffocated by certain people or suffocated after certain events? You know how we call some people and some environments toxic?

Horror vacui

Took some timeout to play around with perspectives today, and it matches the saying “nature abhors a vacuum” perfectly.

Pushing boundaries

With blinkered eyes, it is easy for many things to be out of this world of ours.


Dimmy-me nodded off during the warmup kriyas and it felt like *lights out* for my consciousness which went off to some still quiet space for a break.

Anon faces

My self-centredness took over, and what stood out in my gallery of photos was my face in a crowd of people I do not know!


The best present is your presence! Thank you for being around  ❤  in the shivering cold, in the sweltering sun, in state of confusion, in state of exhaustion, in state of bliss.

Big familiar

This is my family! Three generations, and we gather at this scale twice a year. It is no surprise that we are unable to recognise one another (for some).

My neighbour Totoro

Oliver always looks very befitting in a Totoro costume. Maybe it is the big white patch that matches the baby tummy perfectly, and it is a “cannot-miss” target for tickling him, especially after his meal.