First Stop: Munich

Singapore airport was very busy when I left. Busier than my last two short trips. Guess this is what happens when operations are confined to one terminal. It is also nice to see that activities have significantly ramped up. But will probably take a while to get everything up to scratch at the clockwork efficiency…

Perception | Projection

“What (do you think) happens when unconditional love meets a viewpoint of conditional love?”

The Blame Mechanism

Why it disempowers and we still always want to choose it as an excuse or the default mechanism in our lives.


We forget that it is/was their situation and that they have their own issues to deal with and their lessons are not ours. We forget that we can do things differently, and that what is their truth is not our truth.

Dollops of Prejudices

Now that the country is finally openING up again, I finally get to attend the World Relations class I have been waiting for!


Not quite sure whether this post qualifies as whimsical or just plain rude. Or maybe something very very human that we are all guilty of.

Looking within

Looking within right now, it is still a mishmash haystack of all kinds of emotions.


No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury the planet is 水星 (shui xing) in Chinese, literally translated to Water (水) Star (星).

Smooth and Flexible

Flexibility and surrender to the greater flow of life just makes life feel sooooooo smooooooth in spite of the bumpy obstacles. 


The bar for my perception of normalcy has been lowered to a new level.


Praying very hard that this episode vaporises like the evanescence of the alcohol content in a hand sanitiser.

Home vacation

It is so good to be back home. Life looks normal here!

Most desirable

If I may dream … what is most desirable right now is some good peaceful sleep without any worries about anybody about anything.


There are still small happy things Mother Nature gives us amidst the rain and gloom clouds. 


You can tell who works in office buildings by the circular little stickers in various colours on their clothes!


Taking a short time-out from my realm of work at the moment. BECAUSE. I suddenly realised how important it is to state the obvious.


Hope we all have a stellar year ahead in 2020, dotted with many twinkly memories and events.


And hence today is the day, I set my resolution (what an odd timing though!!! but I can’t wait a month for this!!!) giving every aspect of my life their respectful times.

Songs of/from Home

Some are songs dad used to sing to us, probably even as lullabies. He still sings them to Oscar, Oliver and Ruirui!

RDP Milestone

Our ragtag community is now 505 people strong! It has just crossed the one year mark (+almost one month~) since we started from seven separate personal sites of the founding ragtaggers, and found our way to one community pool, and slowly grew to this little milestone today. On behalf of the ragtag team, thank you…

Knotty thoughts

I thought I escaped the heat when I made the trip to Europe from the equator.


Many people are off for vacations, but no way am I going to make any trip out of this country. Finally some ground time and I am staying put!!!


There is this photo I took in class one early morning, and it matches the RDP angle! I had nowhere else to show it off, so here would be best!

Friendship and stuffs

I think friendship is a basis, a foundation. Yet, I am very fussy about when I use the term friendship.

Sea Snooze

I had a dream of crystal clear waters again, and this time not in the still boundless ocean but in a crowded sea with waves.

Baskin’ Bangkok

All weekends should be like this. I am now writing on the top floor of a very nice shopping mall, with a double volume space and natural daylight, surrounded by books and pretty decor.

Divine drench

Let’s say in this case, I am the animal, and the divine is administering me a dose of my own medicine. Via a very serendipitous anonymous hand.

Lustrous golden light

One epiphany that stopped me in my tracks was that it takes strength to see strength in another. The other was that it takes love to see love in a situation.


Thanks to the very educational Ragtag Daily Prompt, which is Fabulist today, I realise that it actually means a person who relates tales/fables, or a liar. Ouch!

Contrasts and perspectives

I think how we feel and see the world really depends on how we frame it, and how we tell ourselves what is happening.


Pardon me for my absence, has it been one full week already?

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge

This black and white photo of our little boy wandering the big busy world of cold hard sculptural adults is in response to Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Sculptures, Statues, Carvings.


Today’s RDP is Superstition, and friggatriskaidekaphobia means a phobia of Friday the 13th, so says the wiktionary.


Picked another random page from another not-so-random book today. Universe seems determined for me to work on Reconciliation.


Look at this flower, it is extending its hospitality to the bee from a different kingdom.


Ponds have a way of making me ponder about many things in life.


I originally thought rag-a-bash (taking the meaning of scoundrel) is someone who bashes about ragged people.


Sitcom is a combination of situation and comedy! Who knew? I am in the middle of one (or many) right now.


How we choose to frame this world view ultimately determines how we see the world, and it really is as simple as that.

Mending broken ties

Coincidentally, today’s prompt has been a recurring conversation at my place the past couple of weeks.


I discovered a very archaic notion today: that the best travel adventures are far far far away.


Awkward is the moment when you open up your Photo Library, and it shows endless photos of South America which you have never stepped in before.


There is the real, and there is the appearance. It appears that my place in the world is in front of plates of food – mostly cakes.


The bull horns is just a case in point that I can now appreciate the beauty of nature as it is, without judgement that this is creepy, that is scary, those are morbid, etc.

Water lines

Took me a while to figure what kind of lines can astonish. I am pleasantly surprised to recall one such line – a Roman aqueduct in Segovia!

Construction lines

Want to watch me throw a tantrum about lines? Fine. Here are the pics of the unhappiest part of my life.

Stealing sand

Here is a picture of us collecting pebbles from the riverbank. Sometimes we swam over to Myanmar, and then quickly back.

The disruptor

My teammates probably found me very disruptive. I could see them frowning, or their eyes squinting, everytime mine lit up with new ideas.

Early awakening

Proud as I could be when I woke up early enough one morning to say hi to someone before he left for work.


Hero hauling haversacks.
Heavy ones!


Life and its meandering journey is surprising and sometimes with enlightening comes the wistfulness of “why didn’t I realise it earlier”.

Wonder III

Final sequel to the trilogy (or so I hope). The most important reason for discovering if you carry the thalassemia trait is this: If two people who each carry the same form of thalassemia trait have a child, there is a 25% chance that this child will be born with a severe form of thalassemia….

Wonder II

Another curious day/night. I woke up with blurry, puffy eyes, and for no reason at all, I cried all morning, so I assumed I must have cried through the night without knowing (what, why). It was not any better that the daily prompt took me to such a touching turn, which was like yanking a…


Daily prompt is being very educational once again. I googled Wonder and saw that there’s a movie, and then ended up buying the book. I will take a while to read, and have a feeling it is going to be a teary-eyed experience, just judging from the author’s interview here. Sounds like a lot on kindness…

Branchie streams

Branching Streams Flow in the Darkness was the first Zen book I owned. It was written by Shunryu Suzuki, the guy who brought Zen teachings into the US.

A typical energy vampire

You know how sometimes we feel suffocated by certain people or suffocated after certain events? You know how we call some people and some environments toxic?

Horror vacui

Took some timeout to play around with perspectives today, and it matches the saying “nature abhors a vacuum” perfectly.

Pushing boundaries

With blinkered eyes, it is easy for many things to be out of this world of ours.


Dimmy-me nodded off during the warmup kriyas and it felt like *lights out* for my consciousness which went off to some still quiet space for a break.

Anon faces

My self-centredness took over, and what stood out in my gallery of photos was my face in a crowd of people I do not know!


The best present is your presence! Thank you for being around  ❤  in the shivering cold, in the sweltering sun, in state of confusion, in state of exhaustion, in state of bliss.

Big familiar

This is my family! Three generations, and we gather at this scale twice a year. It is no surprise that we are unable to recognise one another (for some).

My neighbour Totoro

Oliver always looks very befitting in a Totoro costume. Maybe it is the big white patch that matches the baby tummy perfectly, and it is a “cannot-miss” target for tickling him, especially after his meal.

Some things don’t change

8 years later, I am still doing the same pose at the same place, with the same bunch of people. Some things don’t change.

Times when rest is best

Memories of this place was of very sweet nothingness – it was helluva good respite during the exhausting one month backpacking.


My favourite creatures are the giraffes. For some reason I cannot remember, I have always called them tall blondes.


It is never too early to take the first step, neither is it ever too late. But to capture the best timing, know yourself, plan your time. 


The move back to Singapore was a dramatic affair. Considering that I ran away “from home”, it was an amazing feat we pulled off.

The story that never came to pass

Another weekend passed. Not a drop of juice written on the past life love story. I made several attempts, but body refused to budge. I guess Soul still has not gotten over it. 😦

Brave beings

Do you know that a group of magpies is called Parliament? We learn something new everyday!

Lessons over lives

The only “thing” one should be loyal to is the God-spark in each and everyone of us.

Wild and Free (II)

I’m a fraudster nature lover. I love flowers and I love them in my vases. I love how they soften the hard walls of a hard home, I love how their fragrance dissolves the smell of frustration.


I shall distract myself from the worries now by discussing the worries passed.


Dailypost is redeeming itself with a guiding marker today! It has aptly prompted me to view from a perspective of (ir)relevancy to the “turmoil” I underwent.

I miss Jean Baudrillard

Spent the afternoon chatting with a friend in hospital, and spent the hours after that pondering about human interaction and communication. Again, this is another repeat situation of “why do we view the same information we are reading so differently?”


I do get curious at the same time, the times when I wonder(ed) if we were really brought up in the same family because our memories and perceptions of events are so different!

Feeling loved

I am feeling soooo loved from how He had kept those three weeks effectively work-free, and gave me so much time-space and platform (although rather forcedly) to look into my inner world.

Heart Space

Why consciousness matters when it comes to communication. 

In Different Forms

Release comes in different forms; healing comes in different forms; guidance comes in different forms. Intent only has to start with a focused one.


Today, I am back in office, after a hiatus due to a week of coughing fits. Suddenly recalled I may have dropped the very precious rhodochrosite necklace at the massage place a week ago.

My broken leaf

It could also well be my prayers for breaking a stalemate, and the divine giving me a generous nudge is this manner.


The constant reminder to exercise her energies, helping me to surf through it and maintain my inner peace. 

Lives from Past

Imagine only realising years and decades later that it was a past life of nearly eighty years together, without speaking to each other. 

Blindly sown

I believe it is important too to watch what we hear, and be careful with what we hear. What we listen to, or what we choose to listen to, sows a kind of seed in our little minds, which then shapes how we perceive the situations in our little lives.

Breaking the curse of Asian values

We are all here to learn our own lessons, and that filial piety is not the utmost priority, because with His Love, is also Self-Love. 

Symptomatic Ego-bloat

I have been shunning away from spiritual practice and people, or maybe the other way round, and wanted to focus on integrating spiritual practice in earthly work.

Spring is Coming!

So I had my first celebration for this year. ❤

In a country of 365 days of summer (outdoors, and winter indoors), I know *when* spring arrives.


February is making a good run. Maybe it is because I have swung past the Monkey year! You know life is good when: There is huge load of work and you still feel “oh man, I really love what I do for a living”. Haha. One point is good enough made. ❤

Lessons and/from rebirth

Reborn. Yes, hovering between the figurative and literal sense of the word. I chose the death door on the first day of new year, not sure if it was out of spite or out of a total sense of loss.

Gift of Giving

Just bought two tins of pineapple tarts and I feel extremely happy. Satisfaction from the continuous whiffs of rich buttery and egg-infused tarts with the sweetness of natural pineapples and their fibrous textures. I loved it! There were different kinds on sale, so I asked the sales ladies what the differences are, and one pointed…

Of Secrets and Lies

This definitely attributed to my family upbringing, where we were brought up to know “there are no secrets in our family” and I have parents opening my letters from young. There you go.

New day new concept

Yesterday was Friday the 13th. I actually had a good enough slot of time to go hang out with friends, but just as I was about to leave, the calendar caught my eyes. I got nervous and decided to head home instead. My stomach is tangled in knots of queasiness as I type this. Time…


Crossing. Over or under? I did not intend to post today, I had intended to sleep. But I came across an(other) article today and my heart hurts. Losing hope in Mae La. This was my neighbourhood and this issue had been troubling me for a while. My heart is cramping as I read, and as…

Little rewards

The Universe rewards honesty in little little magical ways. I found a little error and thought we were overpaid for a certain thingy. A part of me wanted to just shelf it, but that really wouldn’t be my style. So I raised the issue and .. *drum roll* turned out that we were underpaid for…

Enthusiasm or the lack thereof

I had been feeling really enthusiastic about upping my game in blogging since work has finally calmed down to a normal pace. Then I saw how I had already missed one grand day, one grand prompt. And so I cheat a little, and tagged both in one post. hehe. Yesterday was a really strange day….


This is an interesting word, because its present tense is the name of one of our foods! Satay, sometimes spelt sate in some foreign lands, is a skewer of sweet marinated meat grilled over charcoal, and dipped in spicy peanut sauce.


Had a brief but very good chat with my cousin today. She was helping me with the environmental science analysis (aka fengshui) of my new office, and explained certain concepts to me.


I finally understood the ordeal via a dream last night. When we download divine messages, we have to unpack them, and in the process of unpacking, a lot of energies are released in the process, hence all the heatiness and fever.


Daily prompt seems to be stuck at Second Thoughts. I think this is an appropriate prompt to be held at, following today’s results. Or, time has already come to a standstill, when we can just freeze ourselves and wake up four years later.

That irksome cough

I have never used irksome as an adjective for coughs! They have either been mild or murderous.

Expansionism is my blood

As a trained urban planner, there is an innate tendency to spot patterns and gaps on any kind of plans. From”Oh, so there is such a place in this world”, to “wow, I want to go there!”, “too much concentration on Europe”, “you mean there’s nothing in Africa yet?” and “we really need to build up Asia”.

Reading between lines and pages

I cannot believe a grand two hours later, I am still caught up in a this way or that way even though I have cleanly written it as a conclusion in the last post.
Today is not meant to be an indecisive day.


Knowledge|Wisdom; Time|World; Wthin|Without; Trial|Error.

Artificial | Authentic

I do not usually like fake stuff, but this space is surreal, and really beautiful. In a way, biomimicry is a beautiful approach in its way of imitating or drawing inspiration of how Mother Nature works, so why should I be so judgmental about man-made stuff?

Making Sense

So I suppose, the authenticity here is, to not just project what is “acceptable” to the society (or to myself), but to project the “truth”, as long as I properly address it afterward. It is good to surface these questions, so that I can look for the answers.

Doing God’s Work

Started the day with a meeting at the embassy. I overslept this morning, and took a taxi there but got there early instead. What better thing to do than to send love and healing to the meeting prior? So I did, but felt so darn sick. The ground spun beneath my feet, I could feel pressure at…

Released from Duty

I had always assumed that when I am called to do so, I will just (have to) do so. However, having the choice to is a different story altogether. Now I have the freedom to exercise my choice.


Why would anyone want to experience sadness? Heaviness? Pain? Imagine if we are all indifferent to these. How then would we know if we are, in fact, enjoying happiness, freedom, lightness, etc?

Cracks, Chips and Crystals

I know there must be a lesson behind. I feel it is teaching to me about dealing with perfectionism, or maybe how to be less careless. But I am a very careful person, so this carelessness is definitely symptomatic to the root cause that I have to address.

God wants you to be happy~

No story today, but that message just popped in. Zing! ❤ Great directive to hold on to, applies to all situations.

Melody of Advice

Sometimes they assure, sometimes they hurt, sometimes they are rudely abrupt. Sometimes they flow from one to another, sometimes they are played staccato. All in all, they are meant to strike a chord, a certain chord in the heart.

Intelligence From the First Plane

Been spending too much time up on the Seventh, finally exploring and getting to know the inhabitants of the Fifth, working (physically) on the Second, and obviously living on the Third.


Some beliefs are like stubborn stains, no matter how many times you scrub at it, or how long you leave it to rest before scrubbing again, or how long you soak it, they just rise to the surface and remain.

The Profundity in Us

God has created us to be profound beings, as with all His other creations. There is so much magic in all of us, and so much magic in the journey of exploring what is within all of us.

Dangers of Channelling

My mind must have been pretty worked up last night, that even Spirit stepped in to give me a card Humour. Thanks, mate. I Trust You. That card was picked in the darkness of the night, my light was already off, ready for bed.

The hunt for an elusive peace

I nearly fainted. I went out for a drink and then came back with a reinforced idea that this is truly a room filled with chaotic angers. That smell. I am not just talking about sweaty bodies, it is a smell of frustration. Pungent, acute smell of exasperation.

Deer me

“And remember… never mistake gentleness for weakness in yourself or others.”

The hands that built

Two mentors, one on each side – I am so blessed. And three whiskeys later … Here I am ~

A matter of perspective

So I finally resonate with the daily prompt. Does a storm in a teacup imply that something is overblown – that however big it appears, it is no more than a teacup? Or that it is undermined – the storm is too hard for a tiny teacup to bear?

Masses | Messes?

Not sure what to make of this, but the world is really different today. All around the world, and in my own backyard. Whether it is good or bad, that is how things shall churn out, we will just have to learn to live in this new world.