The move back to Singapore was a dramatic affair. Considering that I ran away “from home”, it was an amazing feat we pulled off.


The story that never came to pass

Another weekend passed. Not a drop of juice written on the past life love story. I made several attempts, but body refused to budge. I guess Soul still has not gotten over it. 😦

Brave beings

Do you know that a group of magpies is called Parliament? We learn something new everyday!

Lessons over lives

The only “thing” one should be loyal to is the God-spark in each and everyone of us.

Wild and Free (II)

I’m a fraudster nature lover. I love flowers and I love them in my vases. I love how they soften the hard walls of a hard home, I love how their fragrance dissolves the smell of frustration.


I shall distract myself from the worries now by discussing the worries passed.


Dailypost is redeeming itself with a guiding marker today! It has aptly prompted me to view from a perspective of (ir)relevancy to the “turmoil” I underwent.

I miss Jean Baudrillard

Spent the afternoon chatting with a friend in hospital, and spent the hours after that pondering about human interaction and communication. Again, this is another repeat situation of “why do we view the same information we are reading so differently?”


I do get curious at the same time, the times when I wonder(ed) if we were really brought up in the same family because our memories and perceptions of events are so different!

Feeling loved

I am feeling soooo loved from how He had kept those three weeks effectively work-free, and gave me so much time-space and platform (although rather forcedly) to look into my inner world.

Heart Space

Why consciousness matters when it comes to communication. 

In Different Forms

Release comes in different forms; healing comes in different forms; guidance comes in different forms. Intent only has to start with a focused one.