My broken leaf

It could also well be my prayers for breaking a stalemate, and the divine giving me a generous nudge is this manner.


The constant reminder to exercise her energies, helping me to surf through it and maintain my inner peace. 

Lives from Past

Imagine only realising years and decades later that it was a past life of nearly eighty years together, without speaking to each other. 

Blindly sown

I believe it is important too to watch what we hear, and be careful with what we hear. What we listen to, or what we choose to listen to, sows a kind of seed in our little minds, which then shapes how we perceive the situations in our little lives.

Breaking the curse of Asian values

We are all here to learn our own lessons, and that filial piety is not the utmost priority, because with His Love, is also Self-Love. 

Symptomatic Ego-bloat

I have been shunning away from spiritual practice and people, or maybe the other way round, and wanted to focus on integrating spiritual practice in earthly work.

Spring is Coming!

So I had my first celebration for this year. ❤

In a country of 365 days of summer (outdoors, and winter indoors), I know *when* spring arrives.

Lessons and/from rebirth

I have the best cousin in the world! Or rather, I have the best Light Team in my world! Short span of the first three days of the Lunar New Year, I feel like I have been reborn. So many new perspectives, as though I have been given a fresh new set of eyes to…

New day new concept

Yesterday was Friday the 13th. I actually had a good enough slot of time to go hang out with friends, but just as I was about to leave, the calendar caught my eyes. I got nervous and decided to head home instead. My stomach is tangled in knots of queasiness as I type this. Time…


Crossing. Over or under? I did not intend to post today, I had intended to sleep. But I came across an(other) article today and my heart hurts. Losing hope in Mae La. This was my neighbourhood and this issue had been troubling me for a while. My heart is cramping as I read, and as…

Enthusiasm or the lack thereof

I had been feeling really enthusiastic about upping my game in blogging since work has finally calmed down to a normal pace. Then I saw how I had already missed one grand day, one grand prompt. And so I cheat a little, and tagged both in one post. hehe. Yesterday was a really strange day….


This is an interesting word, because its present tense is the name of one of our foods! Satay, sometimes spelt sate in some foreign lands, is a skewer of sweet marinated meat grilled over charcoal, and dipped in spicy peanut sauce.