Pushing boundaries

With blinkered eyes, it is easy for many things to be out of this world of ours. With existentialist eyes, the fun of living in this world is pushing the boundaries outwards little by little, day by day, event by event, such that more things are in our world, and less things are out of this world.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Queueing to attend church with Dad. Absolutely out of this world! Two decades ago, there was much unhappiness when my sis became a Christian, as did my aunt (dad’s younger sis) even more decades ago. Such was the lack of understanding, or misunderstanding, about faith and religion. I showed him from the perspective of history of art, architecture, and city planning, and we visited churches and cathedrals every city we went. Now, I can talk to him very openly about spirituality and ascended masters and angels, and he’s relaxed about it.

Mercat de Santa Caterina, Barcelona

Food in Asia is very very cheap because they are mainly carbohydrates and serving sizes are tiny. In comparison, paying 20 Euros a meal was out of this world, plus we just had to savour the fresh seafood with wonderful wines every meal. By the middle of the trip, we no longer feel the pinch. Food was darn good!

Passing by a coffeeshop at Amsterdam

Haha, this was funny. Completely out of this world. Dad and I strolled down the red light district while breathing in second hand weed smoke. I told him, “this smells like school during exam period”. At the same time, Bro was coaxing us (via phone messages) to drop by a coffeeshop. For logistic reasons (Singapore is very strict), we decided half a day is not enough for us to clear it out of our system. So we didn’t.

Burgundy somewhere

Never had I imagined that one year after the Spain trip, I would be back in Europe, this time France. Neither had I imagined that I would spend a week tasting about 25 types of wine a day (or half a day? I cannot remember). Out of this world! Guess what? Travel-to-Europe is going to be a yearly event. Guess what else? Maybe travelling further is going to be a yearly event too. The world’s mine oyster!

Alright, let’s visit some matters out of this local world now.

Star Wars Premiere

I am so nerdy that I hardly watch movies. I hardly hang out with my happening sis until her move to Shanghai when I was there. We were not on exactly great terms and would reply our colleagues when they ask us about each other, “我们不是很熟” (we don’t really know each other). Ah-ha, she brought me to the Star Wars Premiere, it was out of this world!

Babyboo standing on his own two feet

So many things were out of this world. But once we experienced it, it is worldly and wildly achievable like all other familiar matters. That is how we broaden our minds, our hearts, our horizons. That is how we dissolve the boundaries in this world between the self and the others. That is how we take baby steps towards what feels daunting at first. Just look at Babyboo standing on his own two feet. It was only for a maximum of two seconds that we took this photo before he started crying for us to hold him up. But look at the proud little smile in his eyes! Two years after this photo, he is running (or cycling) faster than anyone of us could chase after him.

Let’s continually strive to push forth our boundaries of understanding and accepting, so that more things are in our world, and less things are out of this world.

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